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Thanks for joing us tonight... lawyers to be in mississippi may soon be facing new rules that could send them back to the books if they can't pass the bar exam... courtney ann jackson has reactions from some attorneys and one of the law school deans.

When it comes to the bar exam---if the third time's not the charm--the new rule approved by the supreme court says you'll have to go back to law school.

For 12 semester hours, that is.

And some---including one of the justices---thinks it should be three strikes and you're out.

"three times and you flunk th bar?

And you're going to get out and represent people who are charged with crimes and who get hurt in accidents and they're depending on you?

My goodness, who wants a flunked out lawyer?"

Attorney john reeves thinks a drop in law school class size nationwide is partly to blame.

"the field is saturated.

There' too many lawyers out there and people know that.

Consequently, the law schools are dependent on the money.

They need the money to pay their bills.

And they're allowing people to apply to law school and letting them in that otherwise wouldn't get in.

That may sound not good to say but it's just the cold hard truth."

Other attorneys say there could be some other benefits to the rule change.

"having a safety valve-1 additional hours is frankly a small price to pay versus the alternative of nothing.

I mean, if it's three strikes you're out, everything that you thought you'd worked towards in your adult life, it's not going to be practicing law."

The dean of the mississippi college school of law says they support limiting the number of attempts before meeting additional requirements.

But they had recommended four attempts and don't think 12 additional hours of coursework is the answer.

They instead would rather see requirement of a bar prep course or working with a practicing attorney.

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news the rule change was requested by the mississippi board of bar admissions.

It was prompted by a dramatic drop in the bar exam pass rate..

It went from 79 percent in 2014 to 48 percent in 2018..

Take developing story stinger the university of alabama law school has returned to its original name, and it's returned a large donation..

University trustees say hugh culverhouse was making numerous demands on the operation of the school.

Culverhouse says the move is tied to his political opinions.

Tim reid of cbs affiliate w-i-a-t has more from tuscaloosa..

Just moments after the university of alabama trustees decided to return the 21 million dollar donation to hugh culverhouse junior nats drilling work crews began the process of taking his name off the sign at the university of alabama school of law.

The culverhouse portrait was also removed from inside the building :24-:34 chancellor finis st.

John/university of alabama system for these reasons and these reasons alone, it is my recommendation that we return this donors gift in its entirety plus earnings and restore the name of the law school to the university of alabama school of law just eight months ago culverhouse made the largest donation ever at alabama.

But the 70-year old real estate investor and lawyer months later called for a boycott after the state passed a hardline anti- abortion law.

: 54-1:04 shelley parks/ua student i'm not sure how it will affect the university but i certainly don't want one person trying to interject their opinion and their authority over the entire university 1:03-1:08 madeline miller/ua student "i think its a big mess an everything"?

Chancellor finis st.

John "we will learn from thi experience and will always remember that we cannot and will not compromise those values of academic integrity and independent administration at any price" take new at 10 stinger the search is on tonight for a missing desoto county teenager.

13-year-old makalah brooks was last seen this morning in the 7-thousand block of broken hickory drive in walls.

The mississippi bureau of investigation issued an endangered- missing child alert late this evening.

She was wearing black framed glasses, a grey t-shirt and grey hoodie with black leggings and grey converse shoes.

If you have any information call the desoto county sheriff's office.

That number 662-469- 8027.

A two-county pursuit ends with the car in a ditch and the driver on the run.

The chase started on the tenn-tom waterway bridge in lowndes county.

Chief deputy greg wright says a deputy saw the driver of a ford mustang speeding and nearly hit another vehicle.

The chase went down frontage road to artesia and over to crawford.

Deputies pursued the car down crawford road before turning on robinson road.

The driver ditched the car, literally, and took off on foot..

A passenger was released at the scene by law enforcement.

Investigators have not released the name of the driver, who is not in custody.

First look stinger first look a few strong storms are possible this evening.

Storms may bring heavy rain, gusty winds and even a low- end chance of a tornado.

The main threats both this evening and friday generally look to be along and south of us-82, but we can't rule out a strong storm anywhere in the area.

Tonight: scattered the democratic candidate for commissioner of agriculture says his farming background qualifies him for the position.

Rickey cole was in tupelo today, speaking to lee county democrats..

Cole is a longtime farmer from jones county and believes mississippi farmers should be able to sell more of their produce and food in the state.

He says it is a huge economic development issue.

"all i am asking is for us t return to our roots, corporate farming is not sustainable in the long run, i believe local producers, feeding local people is going to be the wave of the future, we're seeing it in other states, for every dollar we spend in state, we create jobs."

Cole faces republican incumbent andy gipson in the general election on november fifth.

For weeks, parents of children who attend msu's tk martin center have been on edge.

That's because of social media speculation and staffing changes..

Today mississippi state announced a new director for the center.

Rylie livingston was at msu today..

She has an update on t k martin, and introduces us to the center's new leader..

It's the start of something new for mississippi state's t.k.

Martin center.

"the future is positive.

Assistant professor kasee stratton-gadke takes over next month as director.

No stranger to people with special needs, she works with the university's autism and developmental disabilities clinic.

But, it's the fate of some of tk martin's programs that worries parents.

Some instructors are retiring.

Others are moving to part- time.

And, parents say they are concerned that critical therapies and need programs like camp jabber jaw, project impact, and express yourself!

Art have reached the end of the line.

Stratton-gadke says not to worry.

"all the great services an programs it has in place will continue to remain in place under my leadership we are very excited about that and we know many families and children and individuals in the community are very worried about that and whether or not their kids will have somewhere to come and they will we don't plan to have any of those services move away and i hope that will be able to add new services as we move forward."?

That takes money.

"as we move forward fundin is always a priority and that certainly will be a top priority for me i'm really excited that with what funding the center has at the moment i have some great relationships with those partners already.

" she will also look at staffing.

"as we move forward i hop that we would be able to maintain staff that we have and be able to keep expanding the center."

Stratton-gadke will take over as director on july 1st.

Stinger a few strong storms are possible this evening.

Storms may bring heavy rain, gusty winds and even a low- end chance of a tornado.

The main threats both this evening and friday generally look to be along and south of us-82, but we can't rule out a strong storm anywhere in the area.

Tonight: scattered storms remain on tap with a mostly cloudy to overcast sky.

Things may trend towards partly cloudy by morning.

A strong storm can't be ruled out.

Lows dip into the upper 60s and low 70s with winds variable between 5-10 mph at times.

Saturday: temperatures will be in the low 80s with scattered downpours again expected.

A strong storm can't be ruled out.

Rainfall totals could add another 1-2?

In localized areas.

Sunday/monday: scattered showers and storms will "they are the unsung heroe of the tupelo elvis fest.

We'll tell you about the blue team.

We have that story coming welcome back... people from across the nation and the world are in tupelo for that city's annual elvis presley festival.

It is one of the city's biggest events and as allie martin reports, it takes a dedicated team of volunteers to make it all work.

As contestants are on stage for tupelo's ultimate elvis tribute artist competion.

Nats bobby geno is making sure everything is running smoothly.

"i make sure they guys get u there, stay in line, stay in order, do their song, kind of say, here are the rules, don't make me come find you."

Bobby is a member of the group of volunteers known as "the blue team."

They cov every aspect of the festival, helping manage other volunteers, doing whatever needs to be done.

Nats people cheering whenever bobby goes on stage to change out a microphone, the audience cheers for him.

"bobby is just an amazing guy this is one of our favorite, if not our favorite because once you're here and you come that many years, you're family, it's not just a cliche, you're really a family."

Standup bridge volunteers also get to know the artists.

A longtime blue team member even acts as a tupelo tour guide while trying to keep everyone on schedule.

"it's a lot of work, gettin people where they are, especially when you are dealing with performers, but herding elvis' or elvi as we like to call them, is probably one of the most rewarding , fun things that i get to do."

Nick perkins won the tupelo contest last year and says the blue team members are special for many reasons.

"it's very family oriented, ver respectful, they always are there to lend a helping hand, no matter if you need help getting in a jump suit , or whatever it is, they're always there to help."

Volunteers will be through sunday when the festival wraps up..

In tupelo allie organizers say volunteers are always needed.

All you have to do is contact the downtown tupelo main street association.

A longtime elvis fest volunteer who passed away recently is being honored in a special way.

Carr sams was a fixture on the blue team through the years.

The northeast mississippi businessman suffered a fatal heart attack in april.

Blue team members are wearing blue bracelets that say "carr sams and "blue tea forever."

"carr was a hard worker and lovable guy, we all thought a lot of carr and we miss him, he would have been here."

Sams owned "bop's froze custard" i tupelo.

Stinger there's a new face directing the amory panthers baseball the new head spx open the super regionals begin saturday in starkvegas...the first time the city has hosted a super since 2016 state prepping to play stanford in a best of three series if you're curious as to how the pac-12 team performs, head coach chris lemonis had a good comparison earlier this afternoon he called stanford the mississippi state on the west coast and of course, stanford been scouting state too, here's the team's thoughts on the bulldogs "i mean, i watch a good amoun of college baseball so i knew who he was.

He's had a great season.

He's got really good stuff, he's your typical friday night guy."

"you've got to play a complet ball game to beat them, and maybe even complete plus if you're going to beat them at home.

You've got a lot of things, you've got to play really well, and you've got to bring a team that's capable of handling a hostile environment and playing a great baseball game.

I'm anxious to see what our guys have."

Meanwhile, further out west ole miss is getting ready for an sec west super regional crossover in fayetteville the rebels getting ready for the hogs...a familiar match- up we've seen this season ole miss taking the series in fayetteville 2-1 earlier in the season, and the two meeting twice in hoover wcbi sports reporter chirs bolton talked with the rebels today and reports from fayetteville with more chris bolton: courtney...we're less than 24 hours away, 24's almost here between game 1 of ole miss and arkansas in the super regional.

Ole miss comes into this matchup extremely confident.

We're talking about a team that made a run to the sec championship game in the tournament, swept through their regional, had no problems there.

And here we are back in arkansas where if you remember earlier in the regular season ole miss won a series here.

The only team to do so this season.

And then before they did so this season the last team to win a series in arkansas was none of than ole miss in 2017 so it's safe to say the rebs enjoy playing ball here but they know arkansas is not going to lay down easily.

Cole zabowski: "just trying t stay focused.

There's a lot of stuff going around us.

Everybody is like oh they're 2 wins away but the big thing for me is to focus on what's going on right now."

Thomas dillard: "i'm excited t be matched up with arkansas.

It's always a fun time playing here.

The hog pen always gives you a hard time out there, but they're a really good team and i think it's going to be a really exciting series to be a part of and to watch."

Will ethridge: we like competing very hard and that's what adds to the fun of this game and rivalry.

I think you can almost compare it to the yankees red sox with how much competiveness it's going to be."

Chris bolton: now also for the rebs, will ethridge, your normal day one starter is getting the nod to go in this game.

I'll be here all weekend.

I'll be tweeting out updates throughout the game so if you're not able to watch lookout for me there.

But for now reporting in fayetteville, chris bolton wcbi sports.

Here's how to watch the games tomorrow msu and stanford play at one, ole miss and arkansas at 11 am now you might notice it says subject to change, well that's because each team is watching the weather so start times may get changed up we'll keep an eye on it and let you know of any changes to come tomorrow amory officially announcing cade hoggard as its newest baseball coach.... hoggard replaces longtime head coach chad williams..

The new skipper has spent the past five years as head coach of olive branch....and excelled in his playing career, winning a state championship at oxford before spending two years at mississippi state and delta state hoggard says when he got the cam panthers baseball, he was immediately interested "you've always known abou the program here, and the type of baseball that they play, so when coach williams called me, it was a no-doubter to come down and hear what he had to say."

"one coach specifically stuc out when he said he's a great ball coach, but i think he may be a better fella than he is a coach.

In a small town, being a great person is a big thing also.

He's going to know everyone here.

Everyone is going to know who he is.

That means a lot to last look stinger last look a few strong storms are possible this evening.

Storms may bring heavy rain, gusty winds and even a low- end chance of a tornado.

The main threats both this evening and friday generally look to be along and south of us-82, but

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