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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Amory Speeders

Credit: WCBI
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Amory Speeders
Amory Speeders

If you're driving through Amory, you may want to pay extra attention to the road and your speedometer.

Police are stepping up patrols.

If you're driving through amory, you may want to pay extra attention to the road and your speedometer..

Police are stepping up patrols..

Allie martin tells us why, and has a look at the results..

Amory police officer matt flippo is parked along hatley road, running radar in clear view of motorists.

Nats amory police chief ronnie bowen says his department has received a high number of complaints about people driving well above the 30 mile an hour posted speed limit along hatley road, and other residential areas in the city.

The chief posted a warning on facebook that officers would be conducting increased patrols in the problem areas.

"we issued the notice we wer going out to start cracking down on speeding violators."

Chief bowen says the stepped up enforcement is making a difference.

Last week, there were 23 tickets written for speeding.

The chief says during a typical week, six to seven speeding citations are written.

"speeding is not a big problem unless it;s in front of your house and your kids are playing and you're concerned about their safety.

So, what we do is out of respect for others, obey speed law, especially through residential areas, we have some thoroughfares but there's houses all along those streets in the city."

Standup bridge amory schools start back in a couple of weeks.

Chief bowen is hopeful the stepped up patrols will have a positive impact when students start back to school.

"we're fixing to introduc school buses into traffic flow in mornings and evenings, kids getting out, we don't want a tragedy, we are going to not only continue to look at speeding real close, especially school zones, there are 15 mile an hour school zones.

" chief bowen says the increased patrols will continue as long as they are need.

In amory, allie martin, wcbi news chief bowen also points out that all of the traffic details will involve marked

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