WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, September 15th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, September 15th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm cash matlock.

Emergency officials responded to a car crash on hwy 45 alternate near the highway 82 exit just moments ago.

It appears a car and 18-wheeler were both traveling north when the two collided.

Mississippi highway patrol and lowndes county district 5 fire responded to the scene.

It's unclear how many people were in the car or if there were any injuries.

The crash is currently under investigation.

The streets of downtown columbus were filled with smoke this afternoon as firefighters responded to a call from a local restaurant.

Columbus fire and rescue battalion chief mike gibson said his crew responded to a call from caf?

On main around 5:45 this afternoon.

The restaurant is located at the intersection of 5th street and main street.

You can see in the video smoke seems to be rising from the basement of the cafe, where firefighters say the kitchen is located.

"we got dispatched here to the basement of cafe on main for a possible fire in the basement.

Once we got crews inside, they done their investigations.

We found out that there was a fire in the oven previously and it's all contained to the oven its self."

No one was injured in the fire.

Firefighters say the incident is still under investigation.

A tupelo organization is hoping to put an end to bullying.

Our stephanie poole has more on the story... sunday, wear it well organization hosted the 2nd- annual "bullying is banned" event.

Founder katina holland c onreated the program to promote anti-bullying, suicidal awareness, and diversity inclusion.

" it's plain and simple, bullyig is banned.

There's no room for it, there's no reason for it and it happens everywhere not just in the schools.

This even is so the community at wide can realize how it affects others."

Her organization travels to schools and churches throughout the county, speaking to teens and young adults.

" it costs you nothing to be kind to others, don't bother anybody and if someone bothers you that's it's okay to tell someone.

We want to spread that message that you're not in this alone, you don't have to deal with this alone there are outlets and you can tell someone."

During the event, guest speaker anthony bowdry spoke to the youth about life skills and shared his story on how he combatted bullying.

" focus on the things you can control, don't worry about falling into peer pressure because at the end of the day, you got to live with those results, got to live with those actions."

Holland adds, it's her mission to promote confidence, self- esteem, and self-love to the youth.

She says it's important the youth in the community are aware of their resources if they need help.

" i tell that regardless to anyone if it's cancer,bullying, if you're having suicidal thoughts ,just love you and just know that there's someone else that loves you."

Reporting in lee county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

This was the second year for the bullying is banned project.

Holland says she plans to host another one next year.

First look hot weather is going to continue for the start of the week with highs in the mid to upper 90s.

Heat index values will be close to 100?.

About 49- thousand general motors employees say they will go on strike just before midnight.

Their contract expired yesterday and new contract talks broke down.

Meg oliver has the story.

"u-a-w" outside a gm auto assembly building in detroit, a handful of picketers carried signs and chanted u-a- w.

The united auto workers is the union that represents roughly 49- thousand gm employees who've promised to strike.

"the price of living is going up, everything is off our paychecks, so this strike is necessary."

Union members say they're fighting for fair wages, no word on when both sides will be back at the bargaining table.

The last u-a-w national strike was in 2007.

The golden triangle comic con officially wraps up it's second and final day.

The 4th annual convention was held at emcc's new communiversity center.

The event included everything from classic comic books to hand made arts and crafts by artists around the country.

Attendees say comic con is a great place to express yourself, no matter who you are.

Organizers estimate about fifteen to seventeen hundred people attended the event over the weekend.

It may still be 90 degrees outside, but local businesses in columbus have already started preparing for the upcoming holiday season... our tyler hull has more on the story.

Halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas are months away, but that's not stopping columbus stores from preparing..

If you notice stores around the city already have decorations up for the upcoming holidays... pumpkins, skeletons, autumn colors, and santa clause are just some of the examples that you see... shirley mcadams, a manager at hallmark, says setting up early can be helpful to area residents.

And setting up early gives people a taste of fall ....even in this summer heat... "well people are looking for specials it's so hot outside now, people are coming in and they're looking for fall so if we have fall set up for christmas then they come in and want to buy" mcadams says that for them christmas and the other holidays come as early as july... "we've set up for halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas already, because our christmas starts in july so we have to get preparations for the next seasons because that's when our people start coming in to shop, in july and october again so we have to be geared up for all holidays" the store says that no matter the holiday.... there is alwaysa great deal..

"even with all of our holidays we have several specials that we do" tyler hull wcbi news... the columbus hallmark is open monday through saturday from 9:30 to 6 and sundays from 1 to 5.

Coming up after the break... the fall season is upon us... and that means so are your seasonal allergies..

Mom to mom is next.

Stay with us.

It's almost time for fall and that means it's also almost time for those pesky seasonal allergies to kick in.

This week on mom to mom, they have a few tips and tricks that could help.

Sarah: it's fall y'all and we're going to allergy proof your house.

Fall is on its way and i'm tryig to allergy proof my house.

My son has terrible seasonal allergies and i'm trying to make it a little bit better for him.

The one major things that we all have to remember is dust.

That is the source of indoor seasonal allergies.

What i always forget to do is change the filters.

So i've made it on every first day of summer, fall, sprint or winter i change my filters.

The other thing is you want to dust your house really good.

Start from top to bottom, that way the dust falls and then you want to vacuum it up real good.

You don't want to leave it laying around in the carpet especially.

While you're vacuuming and dusting, a good thing to do is to open your windows.

That lets some fresh air in, get a good cross breeze going.

But make sure you do this before allergy season is in full gear and the trees and the grass aren't drying out because that just puts everything right back in your home.

Another thing that i have invested in are mattress covers and pillow covers.

They keep the allergens inside.

The cool thing is you can wash the covers.

It's an easy fix, yu take it off, plop it in the washer and dryer and it's ready to go clean.

So moms, if i've missed anything i would love to hear what you guys do to allergy proof your home for fall.

So go to the mom to mom facebook page and put your comment in.

I'll see y'all next week.

The horror sequel that dominated the box office last weekend got an unexpected challenge for the title this time around.

David daniel has the early estimates for the weekend top five.

"the lion king" made the top five for a ninth straight weekend: three-point-six million dollars gave the remake a domestic total of 534-million.

Four-point-three million dollars put the pre- teen comedy "good boys" in fourth place.

"angel has fallen" crossed 60-million in domestic ticket sales with a third-place weekend worth four-point-four million dollars.

"hey, these are my sisters!"

"hustlers" took the experts by surprise!

The drama, inspired by a true story, debuted in second place with a better- than-expected 33-point-two million dollars.

"this meeting of the losers club has officially begun!"

Hot weather is going to continue for the start of the week with highs in the mid to upper 90s.

Heat index values will be close to 100?.

Slightly more comfortable air returns to the area by the end of the week with highs dropping a few degrees.

Rain chances will remain limited over the next few days, but a shower or storm here or there isn't out of the question.

Sunday night: another mostly clear and quiet night.

We'll be staying pretty mild and muggy with temperatures staying in the 70s overnight.

Monday- wednesday: temperatures are going to stay hot for the first half of the week.

Highs will be in the mid to upper 90s across the area with heat index values between 100?-105?

In the afternoon.

If you plan to be outside, be sure former rebels and bulldogs continue to week two of the n-f-l season did not dissapoint for quarterback dak prescott dallas' road match to washington...pre scott completing 26 of 30 for 269 yards and 3 t-ds... without one interception, the game was ?almost?

Perfect... prescott and company in d--c to take on the washington redskins 1st quarter no score...adrian peterson waltzing in for the 1 yd touchdown..

Redskins take a 7- 0 lead.

2nd quarter...redski ns still in the lead dak prescott completes it to devin smi8th for a 51 yd touchdown ties the game up at 7 2nd quarter...tied at 7... prescott finds jason witten for the 2 yard touchdown that gets dallas the 14-7 lead..

3rd quarter, cowboys still up by a t-d prescott connects with amari cooper for a 10 yard touchdown the cowboys go up 21-7... washington trying to catch up...keenum finds paul richardson who takes it in for a 9 yard touchdown...cut s the lead back to just one touchdown cowboys would tack on a fg....leading 24-14 in the fourth... ezekiel elliot extending the lead even more with another cowboys t-d..

And the cowboys will take the win, 31-21... former bulldogs aren't the only one's showing out on n-f-l sunday...former ole miss w-r d-k metcalf continues to ball for seattle in pittsburgh we start in the 2nd quarter...tied at 7....ben roethlisberger suffers an injury to his throwing elbow and is forced to leave the game 3rd 10- 7 pittsburgh in the lead... russell wilson goes to will dissly with the 12 yard t-d pass..dissly's second t-d catch of the game... seahawks take the lead 14-10... 3rd quarter...the steelers cut it to a one pt game...rashaad penny bounces out of the pack finds some room and goes 37 yards to the house to tack on another t-d... seattle up now 21-13... 4th quarter...pittsbu rgh's mason rudolph in for roethlisberger... rudolph finds vance mcdonald with the 8 yard touchown pass..they go for the 2 pt conversion but it fails... seahawks hanging onto the lead...and that's where d-k metcalf comes in... 4th quarter...russel l wilson throwing an absolute dime to metcalf...and the former rebel goes 28 yards for the touchdown to the tennessee titans hosting the indianapolis colts for week number two..

Colts walk away with the win, 19- 17..

Titans quarterback marcus mariota finishing with 19- 28 for 154 yds and 1 td and 32 rushing yds also former ole miss w-r aj brown with 3 receptions for 25 yds in the loss the titans fall to 1-1 on the season...they play the jaguars next on thursday if you're a saints fan...things aren't looking too good quarterback drew brees injuring his right hand during the saints game against the rams... brees back to pass throws incomplete...and the a tough day to be a saints orleans in los angeles to face off against the rams score: ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 07-18 item: opening drive saints' drew brees throws to the saints' jared cook, who gets blasted by the rams' eric weddle, knocking the ball loose, and the rams' john johnson iii grabs the ball before it hits the ground, for the interception... score: 0-0 ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 18-31item: 1st qtr, 0-0 on 3rd & 16, the rams' jared goff throws deep and its on the money to the rams' brandin cooks for the 57-yard gain...led to a rams fg... score: 3-0 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 31-51 item: 1st qtr, 3-0 rams brees back to pass and throws incomplete, but the bigger concern is brees' right hand...he hits it on the hand of the rams' aaron donald...brees would have the hand looked at, taped up and he did not return to the game... score: 3-0 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 51-1:03item: 2nd qtr, 3-0 rams teddy bridgewater now at qb for the saints, and on 3rd & 7, bridgewater finds cook who picks up 18- yards...led to a saints fg... score: tied at 3 ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 1:03-1:14 item: 2nd qtr, tied at 3 saints go on 4th & 1 from their own 48, and the saints' alvin kamara is stopped for no gain...the rams would convert into a fg... score: 6-3 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 1:14-1:21item: 3rd qtr, 6-3 rams just before the saints got their first possession of the 2nd half, brees comes out of the lockerroom, with no wrap on his right hand...but it was still bridgewater at qb... score: 6-3 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 1:21-1:32 item: 3rd qtr, tied at 6 rams' todd gurley goes around left end and gurley gets in for the 4-yard touchdown... score: 13-6 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 1:32-1:42item: 3rd qtr, 13-6 rams rams' jojo natson takes the punt at his own 43, and natson finds some room and returns it 32- yards, to the saints' 26... score: 13-6 rams ================= ================= ================= ================= time: 1:42-1:51 item: 3rd qtr, 13-6 rams we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a

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