Grayson's Ladder

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Grayson's Ladder

Grayson's Ladder

In this week's edition of What's Right With Our Schools, Ooltewah Elementary raises money for Alexander Disease, which hit one of their students, Grayson Ledbetter.

Elementary students are raising money to help one of their own.

Grayson ledbetter is suffering from alexander's disease.

It's a disease that affects his mobility and speech.

Today, students at the school wore blue to support him, and raised money to fight the problem.

News 12's david moore has another example of what's right with our schools.

Natural: today is a good day everybody's say with me, " today is a good day" karen: we have an awesome opportunity and we're honored to get to do this.

Is to bring light to a cause that's very worthy.

One of our students here grayson, he is has been diagnosed with alexander disease which is a very rare genetic disease.

Laura: alexander disease is a type of luca dystrophy and it's a regressive disease.

It's a neurological disease that affects the white matter of the brain and it's a very cruel disease.

It actually steals abilities from the effective patient.

So the patient will lose the ability to walk and to talk and to breathe.

Unfortunately it remains a terminal diagnosis.

So that's why we're doing this right here; it's just not okay with that.

And we want to be a part of the research and get to the clinical trial as soon as possible.

Karen: we've also are collecting donations for the cause.

And his mom who is the founder of grayson's ladder they are sending the money directly to research, that they are doing to find a cure for this disease.

Laura: i hope that he changes their lives but the impact that they have made on him is priceless.

What they do for him every day, we're extremely grateful.

Natural sound: we all love you so much.

Yes we do.


Laura: this month is all about educating people.

And for them to be aware of a rare disease.

And to join us on the climb as we're disease.

Natural sound: grayson we have something special for you.

From all of our school district school board members and i am hamilton shirt.

You are a role model for us.

Laura: you know we're gonna keep pushing.

With all the therapies that he does, does so many here at ooltewah elementary school and they've been amazing, so we're gonna keep pushing him and he until he tells us he can't.

You know we're gonna fight the disease off of therapies until hopefully we're in a clinical trial next year.

Natural sound: today is a good day.

And you are a good young man.

A good day.

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