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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Missouri Faith Voices Peacefully Protests

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Missouri Faith Voices Peacefully Protests
Missouri Faith Voices Peacefully Protests


- Hundreds of people gathered today to protest President Trump's travel ban all across the country, some right here in Springfield.

David hundreds of people gathered today to protest president trump's travel ban all across the country - some right here in springfield.

Good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm david oliver.

Jennifer i'm jennifer kielman.

The local protests against the ban for seven-muslim majority countries have been peaceful thus far.

They started this morning before 8 and are still going on.

David that's where we find kolr ten's callie rainey.


Callie david and jennifer - i'm at park central square... (talk about the protest going on - peaceful, amount of attendees, signs) throughout the day people attended a handful of protests starting this morning at senator roy blunt's office, then later on at representative billy long's, senator claire mccaskill's and again at blunt's office.

Along with discussing their concerns on trump's travel ban protestors with missouri faith voices - a multi-faith statewide social justice group - also discussed concerns for chief strategist steve bannon's presence in the white house - asking that he be removed completely.

Protestors also asked that the lawmakers oppose the attorney general appointment of jeff sessions.

Dr. cassandra gould, executive director of missouri faith voices "we oppose the nominations of jeff sessions because of his history of racism and bigotry.

We oppose steve bannon doing anything in this administration so that's why we're here today."

"even in our deceleration of independence all people are created equal.

So when we start to isolate people we're saying they're not created equal."

Callie tonight at 10 our jennifer abreu

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