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Monday, May 23, 2022

JT Davis Asset Management

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JT Davis Asset Management
JT Davis Asset Management

Our friends from JT Davis Asset Management stopped by today to give us some advice on steps for planning when becoming interested in investing in the stock market.

Turbluent swings...joining me today to tell us exactly whats happening and what we can expect to see in the near future is tom heitz and johnathon davis from jt davis asset management.

Welcome to the show gentlemen what you need to be doing now and going forward with your money during these turbulent market swings.


Should we panic?


What part has president trump played in this market drop?


Are we looking at a downturn in the market similar to 2007-2008?

C1 3 4.

What are you advising clients to do now?

C1 3 5.

What would you advise someone who is not your client to do?

C1 3 you do have a solid plan workin with the goodbyes your workout will i think you regardless all what is going on i believe always ossie advised ... i ... dictate and get very so this leads into the question is if i want to become a client what's what i you doing to to help them what are you doing advising them in what way ... while the debate think towards the does 100 the rub what the goals and needs are.

For more you use of the money part of hi lease can least most important consideration will talk about doing a mental plan between their thoughts and goals and feelings and all the soft thing go along with that little things offers the money with the group so you know i'm i'm getting scared we know i think about all the time know how much i ... you scary but utilized arbitrary number troy because people consider you need this maximum of a few years ago ther was a conference and here's you number resave of the number of what you're going to be comfortable with right now and start living your your lifestyle course want to plan for the lon- term but the really is body number do adequate clearance about your advisor and that that number is relevant ... about his role watching at home you any advice ... or not your client right now ... jessamine if you decide the were not the people for you to talk to you to figure out some bide someone that you trust that you feel like their opinions able t you about the person and make a plan to have a plan for you and for first you said that a lot making the plan yeah thinking t your plan you plan around the client know great team everyone game without know what is that you you everyone find out more information about jt davis is admitted that is all very information that guys a reusing integrated was an you great team that the got in the opposite i do that i everyone else the banquet headed

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