A new way to play with Foam Warriorz

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A new way to play with Foam Warriorz

A new way to play with Foam Warriorz

Foam Warriorz is an indoor foam combat experience where you use blasters to fire nerf pieces at your opponents.

Patrick and Lauren are here to tell us more, and they also brought a few different blasters for us to try.

3 ... you are a solid at the beginnin of the show there here, the foam balls and then in your phone,.

Reusable are in either big-box are you fire the is your opponent here to tell us more and you brought you and your different blasters to try with from your guns earlier this week yourself the devil is is for ages 5 to 85 so really anybody can play so i we go to your lady we take out dine out of this work, so lauren runs the lexington facility you'll most likely see her there will have you florida waiver and then we split you up on teams we get everybody i where and then the referee in there and take you t games like capture the flag and medic commander free-for-all was so different game just i like it's it's it's not like laser to reduce i pretended to be done this is hour-long it's serious cardio you you you will clooney go down at our location the other david the slave benefit bit on she did like was for the steps for out okay read issues in relation you have healed is is i i think that way to we're talking you do a lot of work to three okay all the people you work with this and you're shooting there all people you work with just a passive aggressive really the some of the feelings of the boss usually good shot a lot from what we notice your more than the other actually the guy is just some of teambuilding events would you feel troops bachelor parties muslim partners would will to we got like to the people that of inquired about weddings weddings so which is all daily having the family at our facility.

This any kind of damage think i interesting is that shot him a good way to i know to be are certain about the to hearing on you and this year were so the o last year yes we the war in september of the kentucky aroma is you that they want because you then all is set you just th community absolutely were going this route from here we are going to was is the rascals to put some of their as well as a squid on the for growth all over i brightly let and she wanted to what we do and what we do so is first western are this is holds five room it's up basic single shot systems were ushered in th body you need that anyway you you all and is will you dollars per so job is will works is you joe a majority of the for the authority to how i put pressure is online you as well your talk about i gave me derrihre will watch out you you you will wish i will so this is a cool better because you can run with the us of this aside on the arena will you will you morning blacker than one with you is is is an you know if you will be bluster we going to baldness.

This is a popular one for us.

This is a spring-loaded ... you back in the same for before for you is limits over a with is 30 well five of the time you the spiral this will delete you know the is not camshaft the ... you know pullback really for you you area you you you you pullback will for can you you all you're going then i is you i you will going there soul thi news number this is the bigger version of this 60 rounds the same exact concept which is it's a lot bigger single you out a squid okay right to actually refer to i ... you need to do it this far you you you you body laying will so usually are able for person to target so the user side you kno the is the world done and i for everybody's different you so people like the will one so people small will is you i was sidearm of the primary those i you and 32nd was when would you you meet during the if you're a is you your is terrible you wil and tell me you you you you you you like of the great now i was you the bottom you by appointment so was carlos so for this on facebook you find us on

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