Jim Cramer on Microsoft's Earnings
Jim Cramer on Microsoft's Earnings

Microsoft is Real Money's Stock of the Day after reporting strong earnings last night, but the stock hasn't moved much.

Jim Cramer thinks the headlines got it wrong and pointed to exciting things happening with LinkedIn, gaming, Github and Office 365, but what really has Cramer excited is of course Azure: "When you look at the artificial intelligence notion of what they're doing with, with Azure, you have to say, you know what, Amazon, run for the money.

And I'd like to hear what Google cloud services has, because what's happened here is that Microsoft has just accelerated and accelerated.

And by the way, the gross margins for cloud, for Azure are staggering.

So there's going to be a lot of return capital, a lot of double digit gains..." Watch the video above to see what else Cramer had to say about Microsoft's earnings.

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