Evo Morales Steps Down as President of Bolivia
Evo Morales Steps Down as President of Bolivia

Bolivian President Evo Morales to Step Down.

His resignation comes amid protests in the Latin American country over results in its latest election.

Discord began after a voting system audit found that there were "manipulations" .

The unrest started last month on October 20 and has resulted in three casualties.

Clashes between supporters of Morales and opponents have led to hundreds of reported injuries.

Morales' decision comes after Bolivia's military had requested he leave the post.

The country's police force had also turned against the president, who had led the country for almost 14 years.

In his announcement, Morales accused his opposition of orchestrating a "coup.".

The country of Mexico has said it will offer him political asylum.

Besides Morales, Vice President Alvaro García Linera has also stepped down