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Monday, March 8, 2021


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Good evening everyone... a ground breaking today is a sign of things to come and more jobs in montgomery county.

Stribling equipment and empire truck sales is building a one-shop construction equipment store.

Not too long ago the town's economy took two big hits, losing walmart and fred's pharmacy.

Our stephanie poole joins us in the studio with more on what this new business means to winona.

Economic development is vital for a small town like winona... with stribling equipment setting up shop , city leaders are ready to get the town back on it's feet... in a couple of months, winona will open it's door to a new business.

This will be the future home of stribling equipment and empire truck sales.

One of the owners jason greener says customers are able to rent or purchase new and used construction equipment.

" it's about taking care or being in the area where the customers are, whether they're on the interstate or in these communities.

And just to have this presence here and to make this investment here.

To see it finally breaking ground and to see it coming up is exciting."

Mayor jerry flowers says the goal is to create more jobs for those in town or living nearby.

" it's very important for the local economy.

They're going to hire quite a number of people that's going to help our sales tax, our revenue in the city of winona.

This right here will show the community and people who are traveling through we still are here and we're going to survive."

An economic boost is just what the city of winona needs after suffering two big losses.

Director of economic development sue stidham is hopeful this will put winona back on a steady finanical path.

" we are not only are we looking at the sales tax, that means property taxes and taxes from the businesses or the people they will bring to town to buy our gas so it's a plus all the way around for us."

And with more businesses coming in, there's an opportunity for more companies to be interested in the area.

" it's just the fact that it's bringing attention to this part of the state.

I think it'll draw the attention of other vendors and businesses to want to move here.

" take vo in monitor project construction is set to be finished in the spring of 2020.

Take developing story stinger leave anchor mic up new developments tonight in a noxubee county capital murder case.

District attorney scott colom wants a continuance in the trial against jonathan shumaker.

Shumaker is accused of shooting macon store clerk kristopher haywood during a robbery in march of 2015.

Investigators say there's new evidence.

Only our cameras were present during today's press conference.

For more we go to quentin smith who is live at the noxubee county courthouse... aundrea, the case against jonathan shumaker was supposed to take place this monday.

But according to district attorney scott colom, a recording discovered on one of the other suspect's phone indicates shumaker may not have been at the store when the crime allegedly happened.

Colom says the murder happened at the local express store around 10:30 at night.

The recording places shumaker and the other three suspects charged in this crime, at a home making a rap song 5 minutes after the crime allegedly happened.

The da says all three witnesses recanted their statements and at this time, there's no physical evidence connecting shumaker to the crime.

Colom says he's asking for a continuance until march 2020.

"i got a voice recording at 10:2 where a witness says this person was with me 13 miles away from the murder scene, so there's a good chance that if we go to trial next week, johnthan shumaker will be acquitted.

If he is, that's it.s over.

If i find other evidence n the future i cant use it.

So the only reason he agree to the continuance was on the condition that he gets let out on bail.

He maintains his innocence, he maintains his innocence.

His position is i've been in jail for four years for something i didn't do."

As you heard colom just mention, shoemaker will be released on bond but he must wear an ankle monitor.

Elizabeth reed and brothers justin and joshua reed were also charged with capital murder in this crime, they will also be released on bond and must also wear ankle monitors.

Colom says he will now hire a private investigator to look into this recording, look for new evidence and also look to see if there are other people who might have been involved.

All jurors who were summoned to court for the trial this upcoming monday won't have to report to the court house.

Reporting live in noxubee county quentin smith wcbi news// first look stinger first look summary: a developing storm system along the gulf coast will spread clouds our way thursday but the chance of any measurable moisture in our area is very low.

The best chance of any showers will be along and south of us 82.

Sunny skies return friday and fair weather is slated to continue through the weekend and into next week.

Temperatures will slowly moderate going through the next 7 days.

Wednesday night: increasing clouds, not as cool.

Lows in the upper 20s to lower 30s.

Light winds.

Thursday: mostly cloudy.

While some showers are possible south of us 82 the best chance of rain will be along and south of i-20.

Highs top out in the mid to upper 40s.

Winds veer to the nw between 2-8 mph.

With temperatures in the teens and 20's many of us bundle up in our warm homes... others don't have that luxury.

Our cash matlock talks with experts on the front lines of what some are calling a "homeless epidemic."

He joins us live from the columbus police department with more on the story.

Aundrea, fortunately the columbus police department has opened up a 24 hour warming station for those in need.

As you can see, there are several cots and blankets for folks.

There's also plenty of food for anyone who's hungry.

But even with the mercury is dropping and that means fire stations around the area go on alert.

People trying to find ways to stay warm often end up starting house fires..

Our rylie livingston takes a look at the potential safety hazards.

She joins us live in the studio with more.

It's that time of year again... the nights are getting colder and for many that means breaking out the space heaters.

But firefighters say that's not always the best idea.

When the cold air make it's debut firefighters start preparing for the calls of fires sparked by space heaters.

Billy clark says the danger often comes from improper use.

"some of the big things is, people try to heat a large area or heat a whole house with space heaters.

They're not designed for extended use the heater gets hotter the surrounding environment."

But it's not just the heater - well, turning up the heat..

"the cord heats up first obviously the extension cord heats up, and then the plug itself the receptacle in the wall heats up, and then you'll also find that the wire which you don't you don't see the wire because it's inside the wall, the wire heats up that resistance."

Space heaters aren't the only culprits..

As temperatures plummet, some people get creative, and that's not always a good thing..

"we go into a lot of houses where people have the oven on or even their stove.

That is very dangerous matter of fact, few years ago we had a fire, just outside of the city limit where they had done this as a practice every day.

And they had a cabinet two three foot across from this oven heater and it eventually just dried it out to the point where it just ignited, one day, and that's where the fire started from."

Some of the biggest dangers aren't the heaters but the items near them..

"you need make sure it's clear furniture, clothes, don't be using to dry clothes.

Make sure it's not where it should be a workable space heater that has a safety mechanism that if it turns over it turns off."

"if you can't stand between it and whatever is next to it, it's too close.

If you're too hot it's too hot to be close to your furniture, always plugged them directly into the wall or directly into a power strip.

Do not use them for your primary source of heat they're only used for small areas."

Another good tip is to never leave your heater unattended.

Stinger a teacher in ackerman is making sure her students aren't ?all talk?

We find out how she's getting them to back up their words when we come back... we can probably all agree--most 5th graders love to talk.

But in one classroom if you do, you have to back up what you say.

Miller teaches 5th grade at ackerman elementary school.

Her students are learning how to write 5 paragraph essays.

They have to pick an argument and they also have to find text to support it.

Right now their subject is the pilgrims' voyage to america.

"we are actually reading passages about the history of the pilgrims because eventually we are going to write an essay about the hardships that the pilgrims faced so i am trying to get them to think about the issues they had to get through to get here to america" butted sot "the best part is they come in every morning..

They come in they love on you...they hug you so i look forward to seeing them every morning" if you want to see your favorite teacher in the spotlight...visit wcbi dot com centred up a new partnership between louisville high school and east central community college is giving students a jump start on their career paths..

The pre- apprenticeship program will allow students to get on the job training and learn skills in manufacturing careers// winston plywood and veneer will host the job training.

Students will also take classes in safety practices and soft skills development at no cost through e-c-c-c.

It's a win win for the students and the the state of mississippi.

"our idea is that we want to show students that there is viable opportunity for employment here in winston county and this is one of the ways we can do that and we can help shape the minds of our future leaders here."

Butted to "the earlier we can get young folks involved, the better.

Our economy depends on it and productivity for business and industry, i mean that hinges on workforce."

For more information on the program visit ms- apprentice-dot- works// stinger take educator of the week billboard wx open sunny, drier, and cooler weather will continue for the end of the week now that the cold front has pushed through the area.

Rain chances slowly increase through the weekend and into early next week as our next cold front approaches.

Monday will be our best chance for showers and storms. wednesday night: cooler air will continue to move in overnight tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s.

Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 mph.

Thursday-friday: we'll see plenty of sun for the end of the week with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

A nice breeze out of the north will help to keep us comfortable through the day.

Morning lows will be in the 40s, so you may have to add an extra layer as you head out the door.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will return to the mid to upper 70s for the weekend as a few showers slowly creep back into the area.

We'll keep rain chances lower for saturday, but there could be a few more showers on sunday as a cold front approaches.

Either way, the weekend overall will be pretty nice as many of us won't see rainfall and will see plenty of sunshine.

Monday: showers and storms will develop through the day and will likely last into the evening.

Some storms could produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

Temperatures will top out in the mid 70s by the afternoon stinger more than 2300 votes to decide our game of the week....the decision separated by just 15 votes find out where we'll be friday, next in sports... spx spx open we took to social media to decide what our game of the week would be for week 13 of the endzone..

A lot of great playoff matchups between area teams....and after 2300 votes....we'll be heading to r-e heinz stadium a 4a playoff rematch between the reigning state champion louisville wildcats, and the pontotoc warriors... we meet again....these two meeting in the third round a season ago...the wildcats winning 56-7 will it be revenge for pontotoc?

Or will the powercats continue their quest for a repeat we'll find out friday , as we kick off week 13 live from louisville at 5 & 6 a huge shoutout...the biggest turnout for a poll we've had all year!

2- thousand 3- hundred and 79 votes pontotoc at louisville is your winner by 15 votes!

But no worries, we'll still be at all of these game for highlights, as well as a ton of other great matchups... this week's athlete of the week stepped up when his team needed him the most...putting on a performance he may tell his kids about one day.... new albany's cj hill had the game of his life versus shannon....rackin g up 299 total yards of offense...and not one....not two...but seven touchdowns in the bulldogs's 54-32 win the sophomore has burst onto the scene this year, the first round playoff matchup being his 3rd straight game with at least 200 yards rushing.

Hill says the best stat at the end of a friday night is adding one to the win column "yeah.

It's my first time having 7, but we just worked on it all week.

We came through with it.

I wasn't really worried about the stats so much as getting the win.

Moving on to the 2nd round of the playoffs, this is the first time new albany has done that in a while i've heard so it's a good thing for us.

Just a big thank you to our running back's coach, coach kirbo, and our o-line for helping me out" hill has scored 12 touchdowns in his last 3 games.

New albany visits greenwood for its round two matchup big day for area athletes signing on to the next level as part of the early signing period tupelo's peyton puckett makes his commitment to mississippi state official as he signs to go play for the bulldogs.

The stud infielder has been a long time commit for msu dating back to 10th grade...a career 360 hitter and a championship ring with the golden wave "it's nothing but home.

Everyone there is so welcoming and the program is amazing.

Their academics is amazing and it's just the place for me.

I've always grown up being a state fan so i grew up visiting there so the first time i actually got brought in and take a visit, i knew it was the place for me."

Starkville academy senior garrett lewis signs with tennessee martin baseball... lewis battled through a torn labrum a season ago, but impressed the coaching staff from the skyhawks during an appearance in travel baseball lewis becomes the first volunteer athlete to go division one in quite some time, and hopes to set an example for future vols athletes "i don't really think it's hit e yet, but i'm definitely trying o set an example to hold everyone to a higer standard, especially since this is my last year and everything.

It's definitely a weight off my shoulders.

Especially coming back from that and everything, to where i'm at now, it's definitely a weight off my shoulders."

When we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news at six.

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