Scientists create slippery toilet coating that stops deuces sticking
Scientists create slippery toilet coating that stops deuces sticking

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA — Some scientists at Penn State University have been working on some serious crap.

According to the BBC, Nittany Lion researchers have created a super slippery toilet coating that could potentially help save massive amounts of water in crappers around the world.

The team from Penn State say the coating cuts the amount of water needed to get rid of those man-made logs by 90 percent.

They say it also prevents bacteria from taking over toilet bowls and helps cut down those ultra-fragrant odors associated with destroying the can.

The spray is more slippery than Teflon, but doesn't really like getting pissed on, so it needs to be reapplied after around 50 flushes.

The scientists hope this new crap will help cut back on all the perfectly good water we flush down the john every day.

Every day, more than 141 billion liters of water are used to get rid of those ones and twos.

According to their findings, which were published in the journal Nature Sustainability, the amount of fresh water needed to flush the world's toilets every day is six times Africa's total water consumption.

Think about THAT your next visit to the can when you do your business.