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Thursday, March 4, 2021

State Creates Shooting Investigation Board

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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State Creates Shooting Investigation Board
State Creates Shooting Investigation Board

A new independent shooting review advisory counsel was formed by the US attorney's office after a recent investigation into the shooting of Dana Fletcher.

As we first reported, today the madison police department cleared all 5 officers involved in a shooting in the planet fitness parking lot where dana fletcher died.

The police department said its internal review board determined all 5 officers acted according to department police and procedures.

Waay 31's sydney martin learned about a new independent shooting review advisory counsel formed by the u-s attorney's office.

Jay town "this service might actually provide the transparency that is unquestionable or unquestioned by those who might be the most critical.

And that's why i thought it's so important to provide those services to law enforcement agencies" u-s attorney jay town for the northern district of alabama told me he's worked on creating an independent review counsel for agencies to use for about a year.

De'breon williams, lives in madison co , "it would possibly give it a different eye.

A more unbiased approach."

A madison county man told me he likes the idea that another agency could take a look at a shooting involving police..

De'breon williams, lives in madison co "i'm not sure if it's going to completely calm public concern, but i think it's a good step in a direction to alleviate certain mishaps " town explained the advisory counsel is made up of numerous active and retired law enforcement.

Town said depending on where the case was only 5 to 9 members would be called into to review.

Currently, agencies have the decision to make if they want to use it or not.

And this board doesn't change that.

"it would be done as a substitute as the shooting agency's own shooting review but it can be redundant and that's perfectly fine.

We will do whatever we are asked to do" town explained shooting review boards never do any investigating and they only review evidence from shooting incidents.

Jay town, "a shooting review board at any agency is not an investigative body or tool.

They are reviewing the evidence as it currently is at that moment."

And williams told me he hopes it helps the community find trust in law enforcement.

"you do have some cops that are very good follow the law as they should.

And you have others who a badge and gun is all they need to really do whatever they want."

In madison county sm waay 31 news.

The new independent review board hasn't been called in for use by any agencies just yet..

Two members of the new board include chief trial attorney at the d-a's office, tim gann and chief


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