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Friday, August 12, 2022

Reaching students through music

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Reaching students through music
Reaching students through music
Charlotte Deleste joins us with this month's Topnotch Teacher.

"music speaks to people and can speak for you when words can't."

That's a direct quote from this month's topnotch teacher.

Charlotte deleste is here with mark saltzman's story.


And never has that been more true for the class, photojournalist kathy king and i attended at east high school last week.

We didn't quite know what we were walking into but i can positively say that it washed over us - just like the waves of an ocean.

Music that moves us... moves too.

It rises and falls... ebbs and flows... much like the ocean.

Nats of ocean music on class speakers mark saltzmann has been immersed in music his entire life.

It started with his mom.

29:14 "she's 87 soon to be 88, and we all, my sisters and i, had to take piano lessons 21."

First piano... then trumpet... which he proudly played under the instruction of the legendary mike leckrone.

32:21 he would always pride himself on thursday of reg week he would know all the freshmen's names.

25 that's like 200 people.

And he did.

It was amazing 29.

And the first time i met he's like 'you're saltzman right, from janesville?'

And i'm like howd you know that 35 33:33 people want that one on one connection, human connection 38 nats (high school band) that respect for connection led him to rooms like this.

31 years of leading pep bands, marching bands, orchestras, you name it... but it always came back to connection with students... any student who wanted to play.

38: 36 music is for everyone 38 and everyone can take part 42 that's why i enjoy this class so much ,44.

(nats of addressing student by name.) this class gets all musicians involved.

Some are non verbal and have some physical limitations.

It doesn't matter.

39:29 it's finding them where they're at, and getting them to enjoy making some music.

35 and they do.

38:00 he felt those vibrations, 02 it just brought him alive 03 and that's the moment when i realized that's the power of music 08 which brings us back to the ocean... powerful... mysterious (show ocean drum)... rough (show student banging drum)... stormy at times (show student banging symbol)... but also magical (show student with chimes).

Nats 45:56 if somebody wants to be part of what you're doing find a place for them.

Find a place for them 46:02 a career teacher who's learned the value of going with the flow... moving all his kids... like music moves him.

56:3 i was a band director.

And now i'm a teacher who and music is the vehicle 45 if you know of a topnotch teacher, please nominate him or her at

Click on the "news" tab, then "educatio - that's where you can find topnotch teachers.

Stay with us.... we're

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