Denise Richards' alleged affair and more 'Housewives' news

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Denise Richards' alleged affair and more 'Housewives' news

Denise Richards' alleged affair and more 'Housewives' news

On this week's episode of "Housewives Hangover," Page Six dives into that weird moment on "The Wendy Williams Show" where Williams reads a text from Nene Leakes that implies she is leaving "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." 


Hey there.I'm Maggie Coughlan, Editorial Director of,and this is our first episode of 2020.Yes, the New Year has just started,but the "Housewives" drama never ends.What is going on with NeNe?I can't.I don't know, Jerry, but let's find out.This is "Housewives Hangover."(jazzy music)So let's break it down.These are the six hottest housewife stories of the week.Number one: Let's start with the ladies of Beverly Hillswho took a trip to NYC to cheer on castmate, Erika Jayne,for her Broadway debut in "Chicago."Everyone was there, even pregnant Teddi Mellencamp,and they even brought her flowers on stage at the end,and I'm talking Beverly Hills flowers,not the $10 bunch of carnation your man gets youwhen he messes up from the Bodega.These are quality blooms.Thank you, girl.One housewife who was not in attendance was Denise Richards.Now, the recent drama surrounding certain rumorscould've been the reason why.Richards is believed to have had an affairwith former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star,Brandi Glanville.The duo's reported rendezvous was brought upduring a cast trip to Rome,when they allegedly confronted her.Denise hasn't confirmed or denied these allegations,but the season is still filming,so we're hoping to see more of the truth come to light.In bonus Beverly Hills news,Andy Cohen made a plea for Megan Markle to join the cast,as if she doesn't already have enough drama in her life.What would Megan's tagline be?Maybe something like, "I gave up the crown,but I should still be treated like royalty."Over to Atlanta news,where there's a lot going on with NeNe Leakes.First, there was some saliva swapping on the show,but not the kind you're used to.NeNe appears to have spit on Kenya Moorein the wild, mid-season trailer.Let's take a look.You is a dumbass bitch.You are a big ass (beep).And you are geettin' (beep).(fighting)Everybody stop!Atlanta fans know OG cast member, NeNe, has been at oddswith returning favorite, Kenya, throughout season 12.The extended promo also hinted at NeNe's shaky relationshipswith a few of her fellow co-stars,including Porsha Williams, with whom NeNe reconcilesafter months of shade being thrown between them.Then, Wendy Williams got involved, as she does,and sparked concern for NeNeafter receiving a text from her that read, "I'm quitting,"and then, announced it on her show.NeNe text,"I'm quitting."(gasps)Though Wendy made it seemlike NeNe was certainly quitting the Bravo show,the reality star's rep told Page Sixthat nothing is set in stone.Wendy, who reconciled with her friend, NeNe,over the Summer, also said NeNe had a heartbreaking secretshe's been keeping inside.I know something about NeNe that you all willcry,be sad, feel bad for her.Don't tease us, Wendy.All those secrets come out eventually.Now, onto the OC,where this ex-housewife keeps making headlines.Meghan King Edmonds is slammingher estranged husband, Jim Edmonds,after he accused her of telling lies for publicity,when she revealed on her "Intimate Knowledge" podcastthat the couple had a threesome while they were married.He claims their threesomes were initiated by Meghan,but Meghan spoke to us and said,"I never initiated anything.I went along with thingsbecause I thought that's what he wanted.I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible.We only had one threesome and only once during our marriage,and that was with his current girlfriend."Yikes.So they brought a girl into the bedroom,and now he's in a relationship with her.What have we learned on this show?Threesomes are never drama-free.Can we stop having me talk about threesomes so much?Maybe I would like to talk about other stuff.Climate change, State of the Union.More OC news, because Braunwyn has a new faceand a tighter vagina.We have luckily only seen one of these.The "Real Housewives of Orange County" starunderwent Body Tite and Votiva,which actually sounds like active cultures in my yogurt,but hey, what works for you works for you, Braunwyn.That was a head of Face Tite and Morpheus 8 procedures,because I'm dying for another "Matrix," aren't you?I know exactly what you mean.Body Tite is a minimally invasivebody contouring procedure,and Votiva is a form of vaginal rejuvenation,or the sound of a candle you give someonewhen you can't come up with a better gift.She claimed she just wanted to restore some of the fullnessshe lost over the years."Having babies takes its toll,"she captioned a before-shot on Instagram.Yay.In New Jersey news, and also Italy news,Teresa and Joe celebrated daughter Gia's 19th birthday,but not together, just on social media.Teresa and Joe may be on different pages,but they both shared very heartfelt postsabout their daughter, Gia,and speaking of Teresa and Joe's relationship,here's a bonus for you.Jerry O'Connell revealed that he and wife, Rebecca Romijn,roleplay in the bedroom as Teresa and Joe.You're welcome.Check it out.I like to play a husband who's maybe been deported(laughing)and comes back.And comes back,(cheering)maybe just for a quick visit,you know what I'm talking about, Tre?You only got a couple minutes before ICE is in here.Come on, let's do this.Well, that's it for this episode of "Housewives Hangover."Don't forget to stick with Page Sixfor your "Housewives" fix,and you can also listen and subscribe to this video seriesas a podcast, exclusively on Spotify, and give us a rating.Remember, you can find more of the hottest celebrity newsand gossip every day by visiting for watching.Bye.

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