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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Local Voters Talk About Impact Of Candidate Visits to Alabama

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Local Voters Talk About Impact Of Candidate Visits to Alabama
Local Voters Talk About Impact Of Candidate Visits to Alabama
Not All of the Presidential Candidates Have Made Stops in Alabama


I'm will robinson-smith.

And i'm megan reyna.

As the field of democratic candidates vying for the white house shrinks, we wanted to look at how in-state visits impact how people feel about a candidate.

Waay-31s alexis scott is live in downtown huntsville after speaking with people about why they feel presidential candidates should come to states with smaller numbers of delegates like alabama.

Alexis what'd you find out today?

Many people i spoke with told me they've been paying close attention to the democratic presidential candidates on tv rather than being able to rally with them in person.

They told me they wish more people would come to alabama... but are keeping up with them however they can.

Paige martin, lives in huntsville "absolutely.

It's about all i think about lately," paige martin told me shes rooting for democratic candidate bernie sanders but has been watching the election very closely.

And its like several others in huntsville.

Daniel loric, lives in huntsville "it's really big.

Every time there's an election year, there's typically some stock movement around and it has huge implications for the economy and huge implications for everyday people," we found out 5 out of the 8 democratic candidates either are coming or have already been to alabama.

And even though it seems as though they are focused on states with more pledged delegates like california or texas... some voters say they're paying attention to other things during this election year.

Daniel loric, lives in huntsville "one thing i'm keeping my eye on is how the effects of cyber-security, right now, are going to impact the election coming up this cycle," waay-31s political analyst says even though candidates haven't physically been to alabama as much... their campaign teams have put in effort to canvass areas and put out ads.

And while that may be enough for some... others think having that in-person interaction with supporters brings an entirely kind of energy to a campaign.

Paige martin, lives in huntsville "if the politicians would come here and pay more attention to the real suffering that goes on here, i think it would really help our country," 14 states and one territory will be voting this tuesday.

If you find yourself in selma tomorrow though..

You may be able to speak with a candidate or two.

Reporting in huntsville, alexis scott


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