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Saturday, September 30, 2023


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Breaking tonight at ten?

We're following the covi?19 crisis as it spreads across the region.

There are at least 24 positive new cases of coronavirus tonight across the tr?state?

And lawmakers are hoping to help americans with a new stimulus package.

There are at least 365 positive cases in indiana?

But only five have been confirmed so far in the southern part of the state.

There's one in warrick, dubois, and vanderburgh county with at least two in gibson county.

In kentucky?

The state jumps to at least 163 cases?

With 14 in daviess county.

Henderson and muhlenberg counties are each dealing with two cases?

With webster county reporting their first case in the last 24 hours.

There are more than 1?

Hundred positive cases in illinois and 16 reported deaths so far.

Most of those cases are popping up in the chicago area.

As a reminder?

We are all in this together as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the region.

Erran huber explains what changes we've experienced in the last t t t t hours?

And what we can expect in the next few days.



As you can se?with just a matter of hours until the indiana governors orders to stay at home come into place.

The streets of evansville are quie?as cases across the tr?state continue to grow.

Daviess count?hit harder by cases of covi?19 than anywhere else in the tr?


With positive diagnoses far and above any other county.

And tonigh?

Community spread being pointed to as to why.

The governor of kentuck?

Hammering the point of social distancing across the state.

We have a positive case today from someone who attended a coronavirus party.

And this is the part where i, the person who has to tell everyone to remain calm, have to remain calm myself.

"we ought to be much better than that.

This is one that makes me mad."

The number of cases in the tr?state surpassing 20 and climbing.

And no?

Governor andy beshear has expanded past his previous order of closing "no?

Essential businesses" ordering all businesses that are not "life sustaining" to clos?

Effective 8 pm thursday.

"these kind of stores will stay open: groceries, drug stores, pharmacies, banks, agriculture.

None of those will close.

Drug stores won't close.

Gas stations won't close.

Manufacturing key to our national interest or life sustaining goods will remain open."

Across the rive?

Warrick county in indian?

Now confirmed through the state's website as having its first case amid the final day before the governor's stay at home or?set to go into effect at 11:59 tonight.

With hoosier leaders calling for eration and togetherness among police and the greater public.

"while law enforcement officers have enormous powers afforded to them by our constitution and state statutes, we must and we will use discretion with any enforcement during this unprecedented time."


The tr?state counties in illinois remain without any case?so far.

We'll continue to keep you updated on all you need to know for the fight against covi?19.

We're all in this together.

Eh 44news health officials in indiana announced they're setting up a secure location to care for homeless people affected by the covi?19 outbreak.

Homeless people have no place to quarantine?

And some have medical conditions?

Putting them at a higher risk.

Doctor jennifer sullivan said the secure location will provide safe accommodatio ns for homeless residents to recover and it will also create a relief on emergency rooms. that location will be ready to accept people in the next few days in indy.

Today we are announcing we have secured a location to allow for self care and quarantine for those in this vulnerable population affected by covi?19.

This will allow for safe accomodations for recovery and it will also free emergency department beds across the city.

The indiana health commissioner reported that five more people died from the coronavirus tuesday.

With more than 100 positive new cases reported today?

Medical experts encourage people to observe that sta?a?home order?

Going into place next week.


The president says he wants business owners to r?

Open as soon as possible to help boost the economy.

This comes as more than 5?

Thousand people have tested positive for covi?19.

Congress is now racing to finalize a massive spending bill to help ever?

Day americans?

Impacted by the pandemic.

Skyler henry explains how you could be affected.



Trump walk up) president trump double?down on his stated desire to send americans back to work in less than 3 weeks.

"easter is our timeline.

What a great timeline that would be.//but rest assured, every decision that we make is grounded solely on the health, safety, and wel?being of our citizens."

The president and his top infectious disease expertãdoctor anthony fauci cautioned that timeline is "flexible" and may not affect the country as a whole.

"there are areas that are very different from other areas of the country.

You may not want to want to essential treat it as one force for the entire country, but look at flexibility in different areas."

The white house also says fema is shipping thousands of ventilators and millions of masks and other personal protection equipment to hard hit areas.

"president trump touted his administration's work with congress, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle push legislation to help soften the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic."

The senate and the administratio n say they're close to a nearly ?

Trillion dollar phase three coronavirus stimulus bill.

"last night i thought we were on the ?yard line.

Right now we're on the two."

"folks at home don't need we're close, they need this done."

The proposed bill will put checks directly in the hands of many ovide more funding for health care needs and unemployment insurance... and give loans to businesses large and small.

Skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill.

With several thousand businesses closed across the tristate?

People are starting to panic over how they'll feed their families and pay the bills.

Almost every industry is feeling the financial burden?

After governor eric holcomb recommended all no?

Essential businesses to close.

That's even affecting people who take care of animals.

There not really anything that i know what to do right now.

Over twenty years ie worked monumentally hard to get this business.

It just gone?

Governor eric holcomb issued a stay at home order for all hoosiers this week.

That's set to take effect next week.

A record number of people are filing for unemployment benefits this week.

This comes after nearly three and a half million filed last week.

Joylyn bukovac takes a closer look at the process many hoosiers are having to deal with.

"it's a frightening time for many families who no longer have a stream of incom?

This is leaving tens of thousands hoosiers and kentuckians scramblin?

While hoping unemployment insurance is available during the surge of claims."

Mandy todd works for a chiropractor in hopkins county that had to close.

"it's been a hardship for r r us and our patients.

We miss them terribly.

They are like family to us."

Not only has this closure been emotionally taxin?

It was putting her family in a tough spot financially.

"i'm a single mother so i rely on my paycheck.

It's how i pay my mortgage, it's how i make sure avery is taken care of."

Todd filed for unemployment last wee?

Hoping to get ahead of the curv?

As she continues providing for herself and her daughter.

"the website was having issues where it was crashing, couldn't get in."

The website and phone lin?

Used to file claim?

Was already inundated with kentuckians.

"i got up at 6:30 in the morning thinking i was going to get ahead of everybody else on the call."

Todd was on hold for more than 4 hours.

"i set my phone down on speaker, went ahead my daily chores and finally, after somebody picked up, i really couldn't believe it.

I was like 'i actually hear a voice on the other end right now.'" after this grueling mornin?

The education and workforce development cabinet responded by increasing it's staff during the u?tick in unemployment insurance claims. "the govovovnor and the state are working really hd to make sure that we all are taken care of."

Todd says a wave of relief w w whed over her when she realized she would be given a portion of her salary during this pandemic.

"i don't know what we would do if i wasn't able to get that unemployment and i feel terrible for friends all around that aren't as fortunate."

In kentuck?

Jb 44news.


Health care providers are dealing with a spike in patients... and a shortage of supplies.

Many hospitals are taking advantage of their tel?

Medicine options across the tr?state?

To limit perso?


Pson contact.

Doctors are urging people to stay safe?

And they're doing this to also protect their workers.

"it starts with our visitor restrictions, really trying to limit traffic and foot traffic in the building, not only in the hospitals but across our out patient facilities as well, what telehealth is, it gives us the abilit to reach out to our patients in their homes" doctors say they're also dealing with a bad flu season this year?

So they're encouraging everyone to be patient and take preventative measures to keep yourself healthy.

And please stay with 44news on air and online as we continue to track the spread of covi?19 across the region.

You can also follow us on social media?

Or download the 44news app to your smartphone or tablet.

Tonight at ten?

A growing concern over the silent killer.

The hidden dangers for people infected by the coronavirus?

But*not showing any symptoms. and a bombshell to the world of sports.s.s.he summer games postponed.

Reaction from athletes.

We're learning new information about the potentially deadly coronavirus pandemic tonight.

Covi?19 can live in the air for about three hours?

On metal surfaces for four?

Cardboard for a day?

And plastic shopping bags for at least three days.

If you have any stainless steel appliances make sure to wipe them down right away?

Because it can live there for at least three days as well.


There's a growing concern about s?

Called silent spreaders.

Those are people who are infected?

But they don't have any symptoms. however?

There's one big clue that might be able to alert doctors that a person is infected.

Rylee carlson explains.


No one knows the symptoms of coronavirus better than those who are living with it.

Like 39 year old tara langston whose in intensive care in london.

Please none of you take any chances?

I mean it.

But while people have been asked to watch for a fever, cough and body aches?

Doctors in the uk say there's something else to look out for.

Many of us across the globe in areas with rising rate of covid 19 are seeing a big spike in patients who are otherwise completely fit and well, often under 40, presenting with relatively sudden onset and complete loss of smell and taste.

Professor claire hopkins says ear nose and throat doctors worldwide have reported more patients with the condition over the last few weeks.

Doctors caution these symptoms can be common with other viruses too and in the majority of cases?

Both senses should come back on their own.

Utah jazz star rudy gobert was the first nba player confirmed to have covid 19... he tweeted he hadn't been able to smell anything for 4 days.

And a british health minister who also tested positive... says she lost 100 percent of her taste and smell... doctors hope these possible clues to help diagnose covi?19 will encourage more people to self isolate.

I do believe it has the potential to make a difference" a new marker?

Health experts hope may help slow the spread.

Rylee carlson cbs news london.

Doctors also hope this can act as a warning to health care workers to make sure they use the right equipment when treating patients who've lost their sense of smell and taste.

There's an odd sight across the united states as people line up to get into stores.

People are standing at least six feet apart as they wait for stores to open.

Businesses in oregon are allowed to remain open but they have to adjust to stricter social distancing guidelines.

Although many state's tight social distancing rules are currently only in place for retail stores?

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and health care facilities are urged to follow similar guidelines.

The number of confirmed covi?19 cases in marion county jumped by almost fifty percent this morning?

From 110 yesterday to 161 today?

And medical experts across the circle city*only expect the trend to get worse.

As russ mcquaid reports?

Governor eric holcomb is putting marion county's medical community at the center of indiana's covi?19 medical response efforts.

When the covid 19 patient surge begins spiking in indiana& indianapolismajor hospitals will be on the front line for the state.


Eric holcomb:in order to expand capacity and enhance coordination and save lives, wee activating a concentrated health care oriented emergency operations center jointly run by marion county, our capitol city and the state.

This center will centrally inventory and provide support for personnel, supplies like ventilators, masks, goggles, gloves and gowns and space as we move into the patient surge for covi?19 phase.

At marion county emergency operations center on indianapolis eastside&the medical community is represented 24/7 by mesh& the managed emergency surge for healthcare coalition.the cooperative is a leader in this kind of public/private coordination in the united states.

Jennifer pitcher/ mesh coalition executive directorthe mesh coalition, even barring a public health emergency or pandemic is always doing bed tracking and the availability of the hospitals, diversion status and equipment so we are always in the know with the marion county hospitals that you mentioned there are five big hospital chains in indianapolis& and between their main facilities& they have approximately 3700 in patient beds.

Peter beering/ emergency preparedness consultantwe have a lot of medical capacity and we have a lot of medical capacity here in central indiana that people have thought about that could be placed into service to help deal with the surge this hybrid approach will be replicated across the state to insure that we are the best prepared to address the spread in each quadrant of our state by supporting movement and coordination among all hospital systems, we will not leave any health care delivery system alone in their struggle to take care of hoosiers, both those affected by the pandemic and those with other illnesses.

The coronavirus has crushed plans around the world?

And now the summer olympics are on hold.

The games have officially been postponed until next year?

Leading to disappointmen t.

Elise preston has this story.

It's been a long road for two time olympian hig?

Jumper erik kynard.

The 2012 silver medalist ruptured his achilles... sidelining his training for 21 months... but at the beginning of the year kynard was back on track...preparing for another chance at olympic victor?

Until tuesday's announcement..

That this year's games are off.

It took me quite a while to get back her?

So essentially i am going to look to continue as though the games are going to taking place.

The 2020 olympics have now fallen victim to the global coronavirus pandemic...outsid e of wartim?

The games have never been canceled before.

That was the socially responsible thing to d?

To focus the worlds efforts on the pandemic a joint statement from the organizers reads in par?

"the leaders agreed that the olympic games in tokyo could stand as a beacon of hope to the world during these troubled times and that the olympic flame could become the light at the end of the tunnel..."

The decision to postpone followed canada's announcemen t on monday that it was pulling out of the games.

I know this is heartbreaking for many people: athletes, coaches, staff and fans, but this was absolutely the right call" kynard had been calling for the games to be postponed for much as he wants another medal... safety is just too important.

I want to be in an environment where my family has the opportunity to view the games and i don have to worry about their safety so kynar?

Like athletes around the world... will continue to train under strict social distancing...focusi ng on the now anticipated 2021 olympic games.

Elise presto?

Cbs new?

New york.

Still to come on 44news ten?

Challenging the generations.

How volunteers are helping first responders?

Directly affected by covi?19.

What you can do to help when we come back.

The coronavirus coverage continues?

As we watch the spread of covi?19 across the tr?state.

Those medical masks have been in short supply?

Ever since this pandemic was announced.

As those stores shelves begin to thin out?

Volunteers are starting to get creative.

Erran huber explains.

Sewin* i had a friend whose mother was one of the rosie the riveters.

And when she found out we were doing this, she said, 'oh, my god.

That's your war effort."

But for jennifer raben and laura schrader?

This battle is fought with the flash of scissors and the punch of a needle.

It feels really good that we can do something for the community that is needed."

"since we saw that nee?we though?

How can we not help, having a sewing shop?"

A mother daughter tea?and their employee?

Turning their local sewing shop into an assembly line for the front lines.

Using their tools of the trade to make mask?and help keep covi?19 at bay.

"we've donated some to the local hospitals.

We've also donated to a few nursing homes and other companies that service the elderly."

Working to protect the most vulnerabl?n ot just healthcare workers, but seniors.

It's really important to protect our seniors.

Their ability to contract different diseases.

Different infections.

It's a lot harder for the body to process it and basically move it out."

A brightly colored defens?

Against an invisible and deadly enemy.

This is our job.

This is the challenge of this generation.

We are going to rise to it, and we are going to have to encourage everyone else to do it along the way."

It's their answer to the call of tr?

State leader?no matter where they may be.

We've made close t?after today it'll be about 300.

With no intent to sto?so long as they can continue to get their battle gear.

"we are making as many as we can, as long as we have the elastic."

And joining a long line of women doing their part at home.

So that those in the trenche?can do theirs.

We'll continue to share with you the ways the community is making a difference during a time of uncertanty.

We're all in this together.

Eh 44news hope, faith, and unity tonight as the pandemic spreads across the region.

Listen to this.

""as a chaplin we care for people of all faiths or no faiths, but one things i take great comfort in, during theses times of fear and anxiety, all the major religions traditions are focused on hope, even in the midst of difficult times, hope light, life always win, i just hope in the middle of all these challenges we can remember to be hopeful people" we're working around the clock to bring you the latest details as that information comes into our newsroom.

As a reminder?

We are all in this together.

Thanks for joining us tonight at ten.

For all the latest news weather and sports?

You can visit our website at wevv

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