What Sanders, Biden, And Trump Want To Do About Health Insurance

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What Sanders, Biden, And Trump Want To Do About Health Insurance

What Sanders, Biden, And Trump Want To Do About Health Insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs.

And according to Business Insider, that means those same Americans are likely to lose their health insurance, too.

Around half of Americans get their insurance through employers.

Candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and incumbent President Donald Trump have very different visions for expanding insurance.


Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wants a single-payer, universal, Medicare for all system.


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Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator from Vermont

How Will Biden Stop Oil And Gas Production? [Video]

How Will Biden Stop Oil And Gas Production?

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders sent Joe Biden and the DNC a 110 page documentary policy document. The document includes 14 pages of climate proposals. The recommendations still leave Biden and national Democrats with no plan to phase out U.S. fossil fuel production. Sanders attempt to "address fossil energy production were ... woefully insufficient.” Collin Rees, a campaigner with Oil Change International, told Earther.

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6 Takeaways From the Biden-Sanders Joint Policy Proposals

Signature progressive programs like “Medicare for all” and the Green New Deal did not make it into the recommendations. But Senator Bernie Sanders’s allies..

Biden and Bernie, United (at Least Briefly)

Democratic unity materializes in a long set of policy proposals: This is your morning tip sheet.

Biden-Sanders unity task forces release proposals to overhaul criminal justice, immigration

The document resulted from a half-dozen task forces appointed by Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders to unify the party's moderate and progressive wings.
Sanders Losing Battle For Future Of The Left [Video]

Sanders Losing Battle For Future Of The Left

In March, Bernie Sanders lost his second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. According to the NY Times the George Floyd protests and their cultural repercussions, may have destroyed Sanders entire case for a socialist America. The paper posits that this summer he may lose his battle for the future of the left, his legacy gone up in smoke. Cultural battles, pro business and pro Wall Street programs have over shadowed Sanders "millionaires and billionaires are evil" narrative.

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Joe Biden Joe Biden Former U.S. vice president, presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee

Chance the Rapper supports Kanye West running for president [Video]

Chance the Rapper supports Kanye West running for president

On Monday morning, Chance retweeted West's new song, "Donda," saying, "And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh".

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Go big or play it safe? Electoral map widens for Joe Biden and Democrats, but with risk

As Democrats push for Joe Biden to make plays in big states like Texas, Ohio and Georgia, the lessons of 2016 linger.

Biden vs. Trump: Live Updates for the 2020 Election

But the Texas Supreme Court said the state Republican Party could not force a Houston venue to host its convention. A new poll in Texas, meanwhile, showed Joe..

Biden is winning the young and the old in Wisconsin. Trump is winning the middle-aged.

Despite the stereotype that Donald Trump's political base is "old," the president has drawn negative ratings from seniors in Wisconsin throughout his term.

Donald Trump Donald Trump 45th president of the United States

The QAnon Candidates Are Coming. Are Republicans Ready?

The conspiracy theorists accuse Democrats and even fellow Republicans of being beholden to a cabal of bureaucrats, pedophiles and Satanists. President Trump has..

G.A.O.: Trump Boosts Deregulation by Undervaluing Cost of Climate Change

The Government Accountability Office has found that the Trump administration is undervaluing the cost of climate change to boost its deregulatory efforts.

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Mary L. Trump's new book gives the history of the Trump family and insight into why her uncle, Donald Trump, is the way he is.

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President Trump's former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is battling against the president's preferred candidate in Alabama's Senate race. The race is one of..

President Donald Trump erroneously refers to Alabama coach Nick Saban as Lou Saban

President Donald Trump erroneously referred to Alabama coach Nick Saban as "Lou Saban" while endorsing ex-Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville for Senate.

Business Insider Business Insider Financial and business news website published by Insider Inc.

Devos Pushes For School Reopenings [Video]

Devos Pushes For School Reopenings

The Trump Administration is pushing to reopen schools in the fall of 2020. Business Insider reports the US is dealing with record spike in cases of the novel coronavirus. Education Secretary Betsy Devos on Sunday doubled down on the Trump administration's position. "There is going to be the exception to the rule. But the rule should be that kids go back to school this fall." Children are at low risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19.

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Fauci Says Trump's Wrong About Coronavirus [Video]

Fauci Says Trump's Wrong About Coronavirus

President Donald Trump said "99%" of coronavirus cases in the US are "totally harmless." Dr. Anthony Fauci is the nation's top infectious-disease expert. Fauci said Trump's claim is "false." "I'm trying to figure out where the president got that number," Fauci said in a Financial Times interview published Friday. Business Insider reports that there is overwhelming evidence of COVID-19's effects contradicts Trump's statement.

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Walgreens Puts Stock Buybacks On Hold [Video]

Walgreens Puts Stock Buybacks On Hold

Business Insider reports that Walgreens has halted its share buyback program. The pharmacy chain revealed it plans to cut 4,000 jobs after reporting worse-than-expected third-quarter figures. The drugstore giant lost $1.95 per share over the period. Thats $1.71 billion overall. The company's Boots UK division saw same-store sales nosedive 48% over the period. The reason? Walgreens says quarantine orders "compelled consumers to consolidate shopping into grocers.

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Netflix Predicted To Go Up 32% [Video]

Netflix Predicted To Go Up 32%

Netflix is on the verge of reporting a blockbuster second quarter earnings report, according to Goldman Sachs. Business Insider reports that Goldman Sachs is basing their judgement on strong app download trends On Friday, Goldman raised its Netflix price target to $670, representing upside potential of 32% from Thursday's close. The firm said COVID-19 continues to accelerate the trend towards video streaming services. Goldman Sachs said Netflix is a prime beneficiary of that trend.

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Chelsea Clinton To Open Venture Capital Firm [Video]

Chelsea Clinton To Open Venture Capital Firm

Business Insider reports that Chelsea Clinton is forming her own venture capital firm. The firm will be called Metrodora Ventures. It was registered in April and has its own Twitter account. Clinton hasn't decided whether to commit to the firm full-time, Axios reports. On Twitter, Metrodora Ventures describes itself as "a values conscious venture capital firm focused on health and learning businesses.

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