Historically low interest rates

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Historically low interest rates
Rochester housing still turning

Historically low interest rates

If you're looking to buy?


Or refinance your home or business... now is a great time to do it.

???t news three's?

Kaleb gillock?

Is live with why mortgage rates are so low?


Live katie and george?

I'm here at sterling state bank where the lobby may still be closed but business is booming when it comes to mortgage financing.

I spoke with the assistant vice president of commercial and home lending earlier today and she says the low rates are a result of the impact covi?19 is having on the economy.... noting that the stock market has slowly started to pick back up... but mortgage rates in the rochester area are still slightly dropping to keep the economy going.

She says homes on the market are still turning the great thing about it is that real estate sales are not slowing down.

The issue is that there are a little bit less of homes on the market.

Because of covi?19 people are just a little bit afraid to open up their homes right now.

Heather says those rates are at al?time historic lows.

George and katie?

Tonight at ten i'll talk more about some of the challenges posed because of the low rates.

Live in rochester?

Kaleb gillock?

???t news three./// thanks?


Heather says 15 year mortgage rates are astronomicall y low which is benefcial for those sitting above four percent.///

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