Madelaine Petsch Crashes Her Own Fan Watch Party

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Madelaine Petsch Crashes Her Own Fan Watch Party

Madelaine Petsch Crashes Her Own Fan Watch Party

Actress and YouTuber Madelaine Petsch surprises 5 Riverdale super fans by crashing their weekly virtual watch party of the hit show.

The group of friends are stunned when Madelaine joins their call and spills the tea on what it's like on set and behind the scenes of the show.

She also shares playing their favorite character —Cheryl Blossom.

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- Hi, I'm Madelaine Petsch.I play Cheryl Blossom on CW's Riverdale.And, today I'm going to surprise some fansduring their weekly Riverdale watch party.I'm so excited.[dramatic music]- Hey, I'm Abby.- Hi, I'm Kenicha.- Hey, I'm Alyssa.- I'm Amanda.- My name is Fabien.- Okay, I just changed my name on Zoomto Sandra for some reason,and I'm going to turn my video offso that people don't know I'm there.- Well, we all met on Twitter,because we all hadRiverdale Twitter accounts.So, we saw each other's tweets andwe started DM'ing each other and thenwe started talking alltogether like a group chata couple months ago and nowwe do stuff every day ever since.- So, we're gonna be watchingseason three, episode 16,Big Fun.And, this is all one ofour favorite episodesbecause there is so much goingon and we love all the musicand the singing, dancing, acting.I'm just gonna spy on their calluntil Cheryl enters the episode.- Heathers The Musical?Now how in god's name isa play about teen violenceand suicide a good idea in Riverdale?♪ We were so tiny ♪- 30 seconds in andthey're already singing.[laughing]♪ Then we got bigger ♪♪ and I was the trigger ♪- Casey is so good.- Oh my goodness, they're so cute.- There is Cheryl Blossomfloating above it all.- This is the big reveal!I'm nervous.♪ Heather Heather ♪- Cheryl is a perfect Heather Chandler.- Oh my god!- Shut up!- Oh my god I'm gonna cry.- Hi.- [Fabien] This is so cool.- We love you.- I'm having anxiety with you.I'm nervous, too.Look at my chest.- I'm like hyperventilating.- I've been saying I know mycheeks are gonna turn red.- Oh my gosh,my heart is racing right now.- Did you guys knowI was coming?- It's like 10:30p.m.

Right now.- I'm not gonna sleep after this.- Oh my god.Do you guys love this episode?- Yes.- Favorite.All time favorite episode.- Very much so.♪ Maybe some lip gloss ♪♪ And we're on our way ♪- We actually had to do rehearsalbefore we even shot the scene,like three or four times.And then when we walked the scenewe probably shot it40 times-ish.40-ish times.- My gosh.- And actually we have thebest A camera operator, Steve,who did it all in one shot.So, it was all meant to be donecontinuously, whichmeant that we had to doa lot of takes of it, obviously,'cause there's a lot ofdifferent pieces moving.But, this was still my favoritemusical we've ever done.It's so fun.I feel like Heather Chandlermade so much sense for Cheryl.And also, I love that therewere the three Heathers soI got to, Betty andVeronica, which I feel likeI never get to do very much, at least.- You guys nailed it.- Yeah, 40th time's the tryis what they say usually.- So, can you tell us a little bit abouthow the rehearsals and everythingfor the musical episodesare different than just your normal daysof filming the show.- We don't actually, typicallyrehearse for normal scenes.We'll just do a blocking, whichmeans right before we roll,then they'll set up the shotand then we'll just go to shoot.When it comes to musical episodeswe have to do dance rehearsals,we have to go to the studio,we have to work with our vocal coaches.We have to do so much more.So it's like, we go to work,and then we go to more workwhen we're done with the set.So it's a lot of constant going at it.But it's so worth it.This scene was really coolbecause they had a red lightcoming out of her locker,which is obviously so Cherylto have that.And in general, just reveal of Cheryl,the slow turn, the hair down,like it's all very,she's a very dramatic character.We all know her, and we love her for that.And so I feel like that's justkind of leans into her drama.But it also brings Betty and Veronicainto the drama in a weird way.Also, this is so random,but I've always wonder this.Did you guys think whenyou first watched it,when Veronica was in Pop's in her uniform,and then all of a suddenshe's in the hallway,were you like, "How isthat even possible?"- Yes.- That's what shewas saying, too.- That was one of my big questions was,oh, Betty and Jughead were just at home,and Veronica was at Pop's.But now they're in costumein the school hallway.- They can do a very quickchange in Riverdale, apparently.- Okay, so, Cheryl'smakeup is really iconicand a really big part of her character.So, what is her everyday makeup look.- Cheryl's makeup is coolbecause I feel like sheshows how she's feeling.She shows her experiencesthrough her face.So, when her makeup is on pointand it's the same as always,she's kind of in one mood.But it kind of shifts throughout her moodand what's going on in the storyline.Because I do it myself.That's probably why.I think if it's a moreemotional, vulnerable sceneand she's at home I try to go morenatural for Cheryl, whichis like Betty's done up.But, other than that, I usually justgo with the flow and whateverCheryl's feeling in the day.- I was wondering who do you thinkis the best singer in the cast.- Oh, I mean, well we all knowLili's voice is like god sent.♪ I pray for a better way ♪But I think Casey is theone that surprised us all.I mean, I knew he was in musical theaterbut this was the first timethat they really let him shine.♪ It's a beautiful frickin day ♪And in the new one.In the new musical, as well.- Yeah.- In a different way, completely.♪ Day ♪- I don't really remember exactlybut someone tripped over someone's feetand they just kept it inand I was so surprisedthat they did that becauseit was a mistake, I guess.- Well, I mean, thisis a fun fact for you.That whole number, we didn't get one takewithout someone messing up.We all messed up so much that honestlythey just had to keep it in.We had no choice.We had to move on.♪ I like killer clothes ♪♪ Kickin nerds in the nose ♪- That leg, girl.- So I was just wondering what it was liketo rehearse all the dance numbers.- It's more fun when you get to work withyour friends doing it.It's very stressful whenyou've got a million dancersbehind you, though.That's when it gets really stressfulbecause they're all over the place.But they're so professional and great.I have this weirdre-occurring knee injury.This is so random and no one knows this,from ballet six or seven years ago.And so, there are certainthings and certain dancesthat I can't do.There's actually a part in this numberthat some people noticed on Twitterwhere the two other girls go downand I have to stay up anddo that little number.I don't know how to explain it.But I'm moving my knees or something,and everyone's down on thefloor and I just can't do it.So that kind of stuff is difficultwhen my knee likes to act up.But it's always fun todance with my friends.I feel like I have theworld's coolest job.I can't complain, honestly.- So, Vanessa whipping youin the face with her hair.Did y'all have to rehearse that?- Honestly, that wasn't even scripted.She just did it.The thing I find so weird isthat they added the soundsinto the song.♪ You bitch and moan ♪did you guys notice that?- That and "Dead Man Walking",too, there's so much whoosh,and it's so funny.- Also, I was just wondering how you guysbecame such close friends.- We met during the testingprocess for Riverdale.She went out for Josie.And then, I booked it,and she took me out,after she didn't book it.And that to me is such adifferent thing for L.A.

People.Like, everyone's out to get each otherand it's very competitive.And she was so kind and supportiveand she was there for me.And we just became instant besties.And then I finished shooting the pilotand moved in with her for two months.Right after the pilot.Um, did you have a lobotomy for breakfast?You're wearing my signature color.- Cheryl has a lot of one-liners,but which one is your favorite.- I am Cheryl's number one one-liner fan.I think she has the best lines.I just think she's the best.And I honestly channel a lot of thatin my life when I need it.I think my favorite is always going to be,"I'm in the mood for chaos".It's such a Cheryl line.- Yeah, that's iconic.It's like a sexy walk withexactly who she is as a person.What about you guys?Do you guys have any favoriteone liners of Cheryl's?- Well, it's not really a one liner, but,I really like when she said in season one,there was hobo and bride ofhobo, to Betty and Jughead.- That's one of my favorites.- Mine is in the pilot.Kevin was like, "Ischeerleading still a thing?"You're like, "Is being a gaybest friend still a thing?"it was like one of the firstthings you hear her say.And then that just setsthe tone for her character.- I'm gonna tell you alittle behind the sceneseven though I'm notsupposed to, but whatever.Casey had never been on the set beforeand that was the first scenewe had all shot togetherwas the lunch table scene.- Is cheerleading still a thing?- Is being the gay bestfriend still a thing?We did the big wide shotwhere you see all of usand then obviously we go on for coverageto get solo shots of us sothey can punch in on those.After the big wide, hegoes, "Okay, are we done?"Next scene?"Then we had six or sevenmore hours to shoot.It was really cute.♪ I could be good with you ♪to wear the crazy, embroidered outfit,and do you know where theinspiration came from?- That embroideredpiece that I was wearingin the 17 number was a doozy.It's beautiful, but it was a doozy.I cannot imagine anyone eversleeping in that outfit.But it's actually anotherhomage to the original Heatherswhen, I think it's HeatherChandler's lying in her bed.It's kind of an homage to that.It's very uncomfortable.It's incredibly tight.But we have the most amazingcostume designer on our show,Who just comes up with these crazy outfitsand executes them to a T.Oh, and the buttons.The buttons are so hard to button.Fun.- Does it help to get you into characterto put on her clothes?- Yeah, Cheryl's wardrobe is one of myfavorite things about her.I think she has such aniconic sense of styleand she's so true to herself.And it definitely helpsto get me into character.I mean, the more different she is,the easier it is for me as an actor.So, putting on those red heels.I mean, she even wearsheels in bed sometimes,which is bizarre to me.I don't even really wearheels in my personal life.My feet don't like Cherylvery much, but I do.It's really fun.Putting on those red heels is kind of likea moment to step into Cheryl.- What is the weirdest thingyou ever had to wear as Cheryl?- The strangest outfit Iever had to wear as Cheryl.I mean, I'll tell youwhich one I hate the most.That white dress that I wearall the time from season one.Whoo.- Oh god.- I want to take that and burn it.- Why?- Cheryl's wardrobe is so goodand so iconic and thatdress to me is like, eh.But then we recreate itin season four, episode 9,when I get rid of Jason's body finally,into a more mature versionof Cheryl, and I like that.- So what's the most awkwardpart of kissing scenes.- This is so weird.I already know the answer.So, Vanessa loves to havelip gloss on her lips.That's what Tony always has lip gloss on.And so I have to argue with herover whether or not she'sgonna put lip gloss onbefore our kissing scenes,every time we do kissing scenes.I'm like, "Do you haveto put lip gloss on?"'Cause then I have totake off my lipstick"every time that we kiss,"and then put it back on".And she's like, "I want lip gloss".And I'm like, "Take it off".So, it's just like, trying to figure out,and then we'll kiss the back of our handto see if the lipstick willcome off on each other.Trying to make sure that our lips match upso we don't get lipstick everywhere.Once it gets to the kissing partthat's not awkward for us.Season 2, episode 17.I think that's the episode when Cherylis getting saved by Tony andthey have their first kiss.I mean, that poor girlhas been through it.In that scene, if you guys noticethat I have a lot of snotcoming out of my nose.She had to ingest that.Ew!Is your best friendreally your best friendif they haven't eaten your snot yet?- True.- Good question.- Are there any specialskills that you had to pick upto film the show?- Roberto asked me in the pilotif there was anything I wanted to do.And I was like, "I thinkCheryl would be an archer."Let's do archery."And so he put me through monthsof rigorous archery trainingand now I am a mediocre archer.- So if you had to rateseasons one through four,how would you rate thembased on how much funyou had filming?- Gah!Um.Two, one,four, three.Best to worst.Season one is my favorite, mostly.But season two is myfavorite because she came outand started living more authentically.And because Tony came, whichis one of my favorite partsof the whole series is Tony.And then one, obviously, because it's justso focused on the relationshippart, and I really love that.Big question.Who's your favoriteteen couple on the show?No pressure or anything.- Bughead.- Okay.- And Choni.- We'll give you the Choni.I'm also a big Choni.But we'll go Choni.- 100%.- If it was someone else sitting hereit wouldn't be Choni, I get it.Guys, can we take a selfie?- Yeah.- Absolutely.- You know how stupid I am?I almost just went like thiswhich makes no sense.- I did that earlier.- Just know we're all in the same boat.All right guys, we'regonna take a couple, ready?First one.Second one.Now silly.Okay well that was great.Unfortunately, I have togo and shoot another video.But I am so happy tohave met all of you guys.You're all so sweet and Iwish this could go on forever.Honestly, you guys really made my day.I'm not saying that.You really did.- Aw.It was very sweet.- Aw.- You made our day, too.- Thank you.- Bye.- Thank you so much.[upbeat music]

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