bars reopen 50 percent monday

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bars reopen 50 percent monday
bars reopen 50 percent monday


As bars in arizona, california and texas shut down again after more coronavirus cases...kentucky bars are re-opening tonight.

Maybe you noticed a lot of bars adapted to restrictions by offering food so they could open up early.

Not the case for some lexington bars that chose to wait.

Abc 36's monica harkins was there...waiting with customers right as the "we're open" sign blinked on...again.

### "cocktail shaking sound" it truly was a happy "bar sound."

Hour for whiskey bear when the clock hit four monday afternoon.

Owner daniel marlowe and his wife say they built their bar at the summit on connecting with customers.

"daniel marlowe, owner whiskey bear: just pure excitement, right now, to be honest."

And customers feel the same.

"jana, customer: it's great to be back here."

"we wanted to be among the first in the door when they opened up just to show our support for them and for small business."

Some changes include the now familiar tape marking 6 feet, sanitation stations...and "monica: to give the bartenders some social distancing space between patrons whiskey bear says it's not allowing customers to sit back on the barstools."

Health experts have encouraged outdoor seating if you're going to head back out.

One study in japan says the risk of infection indoors is almost 19 times higher than outside...making a crowded bar a big no-no.

"nat pop??"

Daniel marlowe says thankfully whiskey bear already had pandemic-friendly features.

"daniel: folks don't actually have to come inside the space if they don't want to.

They can just walk right up to our outdoor window and order there," across lexington at west 6th brewery..a similar outdoor approach...with closed off bar seating.

"kelly, marketing west 6th: we've been focused on sanitization, creating distance and having some fresh air flow for wherever you're seated here in the taproom."

A mixture james bilan and emily reynolds says made them feel comfortable to come back...that and good beer.

"emily: i love the new changes they've made out here with the tables and everything.

Fun is just getting out after being inside for so long, you just kinda get stir crazy a little bit and getting back to the mild routine of daily life and what it was before the coronavirus, covid-19 hit.

Get that taste of normalcy."

And while rye here, was named after rye whiskey...she seemed to enjoy hanging at the brewery too.

In lexington, monica harkins abc 36 news.


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