New Details Emerge in Evansville Double Homicide

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New Details Emerge in Evansville Double Homicide

New Details Emerge in Evansville Double Homicide

A woman accused of killing two family members appeared in court for the first time on Monday.


An argument over*money - turning deadly.

A woman -- now accused killing two of her family members -- appearing in court for the first time on monday.

A judge denied bond for - siddigga allen..... she is being held in the vanderburgh county jail... some in the community are tired of the senseless killings - and want to see change.... 44news reporter megan diventi is in evansville -- with the latest on -- the deadly shooting and cries from the community to put the guns down and stop the violence.

Operator: "who is the shooter?"

Unlike many homicide investigation in evansville right now -- police have a suspect.

According to epd -- 24- year old siddiga allen admits to shooting to two close family members caller: "i don't know ma'am.

I'm in my bathroom because she pointed a gun over across the street where i live at."

Operator: "who did she shoot?"

Caller: "her mama and her sister inaudible she just shot her mama out in the car."

The chilling moments of a neighbor's 9-1-1 call.

In custody -- following a car crash blocks away from the scene -- allen -- telling investigators she was angry at the pair -- believing they were stealing her checks.

The victims -- 53-year-old bobbie rice and 23-year-old whitney allen -- joining 9 others the river city has lost to violence this year.

A number of those remain unsolved.... "i mean it is really heartbreaking and what is even more heartbreaking is to see not only the parents having to bury their children--alot of my kids know these kids that they are having to go to funeral, after funeral, after funeral."

Mask evansville president mariama wilson along with boss inc--holding a stop the violence: march for change walk this fourth of july--- asking those who have lost a loved one to violence to join: let's just show our communtiy our evansville area how much these senseless killings have hurt our community--what it has done."

To help with the cause--evansville resident erin spurlin making these car decals just recently---100 percent of the proceeds going to mask ---a fund for unsolved murders.... "put the guns down...nobody wins in these situations."

The "stop the violence -- march for change" will be the "stop the violence -- march for change" will be held this saturday at bayard park.

The march starts at five.

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