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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

071220 sun 11

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071220 sun 11
071220 sun 11
071220 sun 11

C1 3 week...but that's small compared to the grim coronavirus record florida just smashed.

And a high powered day on two kentucky tracks as keeneland finishes the first ever summer meet...and a rookie wins the quaker state 400 weekend open good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

We hope you and your family are healthy and safe tonight.

Some of you saw strong storms today...wind, rain...maybe even some hail.

It's starting to clear it out now.

Let's get the latest from chief meteorologist jason lindsey.

### live hd radar here's a look at live hd radar where we are using the power of 5 live radars to track precipitation.

Storm damage here's a look at storm damage, in harrodsburg, ky, from storms this weekend.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

In our top story at 11... c1 3 protesters were back out in downtown lexington tonight...lodging new complaints against police.

They say officers showed violence and racism when arresting protesters saturday.

We have our own video of some of those arrests.

Police say the protesters were blocking traffic...standing in the street when the traffic light was green.

Protesters say two black women were arrested in a crosswalk...while two white men doing the same thing... weren't arrested.

Police released more than 20 minutes today of body camera video from the arrests.

Here's that moment shown on body camera.

Police body cam: 14:12-14:26 it's green.

It's green.


No no no.

Protesters also say officers used a c1 3 chokehold yesterday during a peaceful protest when police have promised chokeholds are only used in life or death situations.

They shared these photos showing that moment.

Now, here it is from the police perspective.

You see officers heading to arrest another woman when a man tries to interfere.

Police say officers did not use a choke hold on that man...instead they say an officer wrapped his arm around the man to pull him away from another officer...they then took him to the ground and arrested him.

We tried to talk to protesters tonight about the newly released body camera video.

They not only wouldn't talk to us...but also blocked our reporter as she tried to exercise her first amendment document them exercising theirs.

As protesters did another group rallying this afternoon...but with a different approach...calling on the community to protect black men.

Advocacy group...the black males working academy...hosted the "save our sons" rally as ab 36's bobbi mcswine tells us...the program is about motivating black men and helping change negative perceptions.

##### "educated not incarcerated."

Educate...motivate... and activate the potential for excellence that lies within every african american man...that's the black males working academy's mission statement...and founders roszalyn akins and roger cleveland say it's been doing just that for nearly 16 years.

"we teach them and tonight is just a way of coming together to our community to say this is the future of lexington" singing...spoken word...and a powerful moment as young men lined up with photos of black people killed by police in recent history.

Nat they say the to young men from kindergarten through 12th grade... offers academic lessons...trips abroad...and even classes on how to handle encounters with police.

"we teach them where to put their hands if they're pulled over.

Where their license should be all those kinds of things we teach our young men because we want them to stay alive."

Cleveland says the group meets with lexington police every year to discuss expectations.

Trayvon mason is a sophomore in high school...he says he built more character through the academy.

"what i'm going to take away is just be responsible for what you do.

If you see something say something.

Eighth grader corey peoples says he's learned how to handle tough situations.

"they've taught me how to be a king as your own person and staying positive as you go along in life."

Akins and cleveland say more than 1,000 men have graduated...and 40 are currently in college.

Cleveland says the program has changed many lives...and he hopes society shifts its attitudes.

'not the perception that you have and the stereotypes you have about young black men."

In lexington, bobbi mcswine, abc 36 news.

#### there's a cluster of positive coronavirus cases in somerset, according to the health department that covers a ten- county area in that part of the state.

The lake cumberland district health department issued an alert about the cluster to everyone in its coverage area.

One of the outbreak clusters is among people who work at the cracker barrel in somerset.

The health department says it's seeing outbreaks in long-term care facilities, factories, churches, restaurants and among people who have traveled.

That cluster is part of a rising number of cases statewide.

...governor andy beshear reporting three more deaths today...including two men from fayette county ages 71 and 87... ...and a 100-year-old woman from shelby county.

That means 625 kentuckians have now died.

The governor also reported 277 new cases...putting us at at least 19,389 cases in kentucky.

The governor says there's been an almost 50-percent increase in positive cases since last week ....and yesterday he announced the second highest one day increase in cases...for the second time in a week.

If you think our totals sound like a lot...florida has shattered a national covid-19 record.

The state's recording the highest single day of coronavirus cases in any state...15,299.

Florida has been posting record high numbers for several weeks now.

Several beaches have closed and some areas are pausing their planned phased re- opening.

The sunshine state is just one of 33 seeing cases increase.

### organizations all over kentucky are trying to avoid those kinds of numbers.

For public transportation in lexington...for example... new health safety measures go into effect monday for lextran riders and employees.

Fs vo bullets:no lextran covid-19 safety changes ..




-beginning monday: july 13 ..


- face ... all passengers and employees are required to wear face masks on the bus and in lextran facilities.

Ridership capacity will be increased to 50-percent.... with social distancing encouraged.

Lextran is already doing daily health screenings of drivers and employees and regularly cleaning the buses and facilities.

Passengers are also required to continue to use the rear door entrance.

In case you didn't catch the news this past week...the madison county board of education voted to push back the start of classes by two weeks.

The new start date is august 26th.

And, the new start date for teachers is august 12th....two days later than originally scheduled.

It still hasn't been decided if students will be in the classroom or learning online or a mix of both.

Both fall and spring breaks are still scheduled to be a week long.

The board also voted to create 36 student support specialist positions that would be funded through the federal 'cares act' money.

And, the board voted to use some of that money to buy two-thousand chromebooks for students.

The search is on for a runaway teen in laurel county who disappeared a week and a half ago.

The sheriff's office says 17-year old chris melder was last seen july second off dog branch school road....about seven miles west of london.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the laurel county sheriff's office.

We have the numbers to call on our on the story at

Some people in lexington had to find another place to stay tonight and a firefighter was overcome by heat while fighting a fire.

Investigators say a two-story home that is made up of four apartments on east loudon avenue near idlewild court caught fire shortly after two-thirty this afternoon.

At one point, twenty fire units were on the scene so the fire department could rotate firefighters in and out because of the heat.

We're told only one person was home at the time of the fire and they got out safely.

The cause is under investigation.

Some places got hit hard today by'll see the latest radar and find out what to expect

And later...a dramatic finish in the feature race at keeneland on the final day of racing in an historic summer meet in july.

Break 1 toss to weather what caused an explosion and fire on board a ship at a naval c1 3 when the weekend with some scattered showers and storms some of those did turn severe earlier this evening it's about 1113 on a sunday night out your family are safe and well looking live right now there were four pink sky view this is a read spray foam insulation camera overlooking the hamburg area client here in the lexington area tonight let's go back about ... four hours and show you what was going on with this same image here will notice some clouds we had a bunch of them today a scattered shower or two ... mainly drying the lexington area though i did try the line of storms they pushed across central and eastern kentucky an there's a look at that sunset a it set here on the fayette county area not to ... outstanding but still it was okay here's a look at current c1 3 as of the 11 o'clock hour 66 and mount sterling our friends and neighbors in london 69 and 66 i danville and lexington at the bluegrass airport 69 monticello you're coming in at 700 live hd radar as a use the power of five live radar's i show you where the rains left over and that's right here from hazard over toward whitesburg it's really raining intent here in letcher county will notice the red the oranges all indications of the intense rain a lightning bolt showing up in this area expect the intense rain that angers lightning ... and wild when and maybe ... small hail here's the track of that line of storms i'd mention that i was tracking earlier thi evening there it goes right there off to the south and ease close the kentucky as well as west virginia and virginia borders across the great state of kentucky that's all the left of that weather maker right there is a look at futurecast stop at a breakfast time tomorrow here's a look at lunch time staying dry same thing by dinner time expecting some dry weather as we start the new workweek here's a look at my seven day forecast you'll see just that small chance of rain by wednesday better chance there's a running into the weekend temperatures above normal for this time of the yea right around 90 on wednesday 92 on entity overnight lows ... in the 60s and 70s you're z3z3r5r5 z1z z1616fz r5y3r51y1y16 y16fyfy r5y3r51y1y16 y16fyfy z3z3wewe zqz z1616fz wey3weqyqy16 y16fyfy wey3weqyqy16 y16fyfy a fire on board a naval ship in san diego...could go on for days...according a fire on board a naval ship in san diego...could go on for days...according c1 3 to the city's fire department.

Seventeen sailors and four civilians are hurt after the three alarm fire on the u-s-s bonhomme richard.

Investigators aren't sure what caused the fire...but a witness reported hearing an explosion before it started.

#### a lexington family is finally back home and together again after a two-month ordeal none of them could have imagined or prepared for... nicole hopper took her daughter to the hospital on may 10th...because she was having severe stomach pains and vomiting that wouldn't go away.

Then came the diagnosis that changed the family's lives forever...six- year old leorah had stage-four leukenia.

Her mom says thankfully after surgeries, chemotherapy and a lot of prayers...leorah is now cancer-free and as a result...received a hero's send-off from the hospital on saturday.

But, her fight is not over...she still has six more months of chemo...which most likely will cause her to lose the rest of her hair.

Her mom says leorah wasnt phased when she told her that was about to start happening.

"we sat down and had this big ol thing like honey, this medicine is gonna make you lose your hair, but it'll grow back.

She shrugged her shoulders she said it's okay mommy, it'll grow back.

And, she was perfectly fine.

And when it first came out, and you pulled out a piece of her hand.

She handed it to me watched my reaction.

She said mommy it's okay.

I'm okay.

And she's so strong.

She is so strong."

Leorah's dad, brent, let her shave some of his they would both have a similar hairstyle.

There are they would both have a similar hairstyle.

There are fundraisers leorah's dad, brent, let her shave some of his they would both have a similar hairstyle.

There are fundraisers set-up to help the hopper family with some of the medical expenses.

If you'd like to donate or want more information, click on the story at

This is a good time to remind you too you can help other children fighting cancer by buying a ticket to win the st.

Jude dream home.

Call 1-800-382-7512 or go to dreamhome- dot-org today to buy your $100 ticket for a chance at the $400 thousand dollar valued home.

The money goes to st.

Jude children's reserch hospital, where families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.

### when steven spielberg needed an authentic sound for his movie about president abraham lincoln...he kentucky.

We'll show you the reason why.

Plus...later...a nascar driver's ingenuity matches his high speeds at kentucky speedway.

What he did when his gear shift stopped working at 200 miles an hour.

Break 3 only two poc c1 3 still exist.

One is in the smithsonian in washington, d.c... the here...and it has a lot of fans from kentucky families...all the way to hollywood.

Doug high shows us in kentucky history treasures.

### doug high: one of the most treasured items in our archive at the kentucky historical society is abraham lincoln's pocket watch.

You can hear it tick.

From school kids to spielberg, it definitely is a crowd pleaser, but what does it tell us about our 16th president who proclaimed, "i, too, am a kentuckian."

Julie kemper: the kentucky historical society has some really special objects with great stories of kentuckians of note, but probably on the top of that list is a pocket watch that was owned by abraham lincoln.

Julie kemper: our watch is in pristine condition.

It was actually made in copenhagen, and we believe it was sold by tiffany & company.

So in addition to the watch, we actually have the watch chain as well with a fob on the end, and carved and onyx are the initials a.


Julie kemper: no one knows how many watches lincoln owned in his lifetime.

We do know that there are two still existing today.

One is at the smithsonian institution and was very well used.

It has a lot of damage to it.

The watch here at the kentucky historical society looks like something that was either purchased by lincoln or given to him later in his life.

Julie kemper: at the time the movie lincoln was being created, we were actually approached by skywalker sound.

They were searching out authentic sounds to go into the movie lincoln.

It was very important to steven spielberg to have really authentic sounds, to have the tick of the watch.

It's a major part of one of the scenes, and they really wanted not just a watch from the 19th century, but lincoln's watch.

Julie kemper: certainly a lot of museums would be thrilled to have an iconic piece like this that belonged to lincoln, and we're so fortunate that we have it on display in our permanent gallery.

Julie kemper: even though we don't know how lincoln came to own this watch, it must have been special because it was passed down to his only son, robert.

Doug high: to learn more about abraham lincoln's pocket watch, visit us online at

From the kentucky history centers and museums in downtown frankfort, i'm doug high.

### horsepower on display in the bluegrass keeneland... and, a different kind at kentucky speedway....we're going to go in sports.

Break 4 c1 3 meet due to the coronavirus.

And, even though there weren't any fans in the stands...the track says people still bet more than 63-million dollars over the five days.

The feature was the 175-thousand dollar 't-v-g elkhorn'...a grade two mile and a half race on the turf for four year old and up....and it was a come-from- behind thriller.

Keep your eye on the outside.

Here's the stretch call.

"zulu alpha is coming down the outside to try to catch postulation.

Zulu alpha, nakamura between horses, postulation still there to the inside.

Zulu alpha rallying for tyler gaffalione to win the tvg elkhorn stakes."

Zulu alpha...trained my mike maker...who won three races today...comes from off the pace and runs down long shot postulation who ran a game race...nakamura was third.

But it was zulu alpha showing his class picking up the win and giving jockey tyler gaffalione the summer meet riding title.

There weren't any fans in the stands to see it...but the nascar cup series drivers put on a show this afternoon at kentucky speedway with a drama-filled late race restart as one of the driver's did something he's never done before in his career.

Seven-time champion jimmie johnson back in the car after missing last week with the coronavirus.

He finished 18th after being spun-out late in the race...but was having a great run.

What do you do when your gear shift won't stay in gear at nearly 200- miles per hour?

If you're ryan try to use a bungy- cord...while you're racing....are you kidding me?

He finished sixth.

Watch this...last lap....four- wide...beating and banging and rookie cole custer in the number 41 on the outside takes the lead and would hold-on for his first cup victory.

What a finish.

Multiple reports say sec commissioner greg sankey is set to meet with the leagues athletic directors this week.

The topic will obviously be the upcoming season.

Last week the big 10 announced their schools will only play against big 10 opponents.

Most believe this will be a domino affect and other conferences will do the same.

While the decision hasn't been made and details are far from complete, this could mean the cats governors cup game against louisville could be put on hold for one year.

On friday, the khsaa made it official fall sports activities will stay the same through august 2nd.

Right now fall sport athletes have been allowed to attend voluntary workouts, but they must practice social distancing and can only workout in groups of 10.

Khsaa commissioner julian tackett was optimistic about the fall saying fall sports, including football, will happen this fall, but they will look different.

He's tackett during the khsaa board of control meeting on continuing the current guidelines, but also looking ahead.

"i think if we do extend segment 3, it's exactly as it is now.

We need no ambiguity about that.

There is not opportunity for additional pads to beheld and people bump against it.

There's no opportunity.

It's just segment 3 continuing.

I think what we would look at doing based on again a tremendous amount of feedback from you all and our schools, we would look at what date we decide to start then we can start that acceleration.

That may then drive the start of the season.

You there may be some domino effect here."

Former georgetown college point guard eljay cowherd is the all-time assists leader in program history.

Last weekend he had his skills on full display at tbt.

Cowherd finished with 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists he played for the peoria all-stars in a loss against herd that.

Even though they lost, the tournament was huge in cowherd's career going forward.

"this really helped me.

I was close to a triple double and my agent called me directly after the game and let me know some different updates.

And i myself i think has 276 notification when i got back to my phone.

This is great.

And we've got some things in the works for sure."

For abc 36 sports, i'm bryan kennedy.

After a stormy sunday...get ready for a nice monday.


"ok, so, magnificent mile for me!"

I thought i was managing... moderate to severe crohn's disease.


Until i realized something was missing...

You ok, sis?

My symptoms kept me?

?from being there for my sisters.

"...flight boarding for flight 2007 to chicago..."

So i talked to my doctor and learned?

...humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications.

And the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief... ?and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks.

Humira can lower your ability to fight infections.

Serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,?

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Tell your doctor... ...if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections... ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores.

Don't start humira if you have an infection.

Be there for you, and them.

Ask your doctor about humira.

With humira, remission is possible.

If you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help.

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