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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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081120 11 PM
081120 11 PM
081120 11 PM

Good night and z3z3yoyo z8z z1616fz yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy kentucky lottery scratch-a-4cast for the next three days.

Thank you for watching.

We hope you'll switch over to abc 36....tom kenny and i will have more news coming up at eleven.

Now at 11...the leader of a group that distributed racist, anti-semitic flyers in lexington...says he doesn't think those flyers are hateful.

Sherry ballard/cb pkg: "i've begged for this.

Why crystal rogers' mom says she's so thankful the f-b-i is taking over her daughter's case.

Jason: summerlike weather continues he eastern kentucky, buome changese going to want to see the seven day forecast good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

In our top story at 11... kentucky governor andy beshear has tested 'negative' for the coronavirus..

After what he's calling 'a real scare'.

Governor beshear says he and his wife..

Weren't feeling well this morning, and, even had symptoms, that he says..

Could suggest covid-19.

According to the governor..

Out of an abundance of caution, the family went into isolation..

And he canceled events which were scheduled for this afternoon.

The governor says he and his family were then tested for the coronavirus, to protect themselves and those around them.

According to beshear... he learned a couple hours later, that the results were negative.

:07 - :11 "weve tested negative for covid-19 after a real scare."

--butted--- :39 - :58 "just even the short wait that i had to endure gives me newfound empathy for those that are having to wait even just a couple days to get their test returns back, knowing that they may be separated from their family and wondering what their immediate future is going to be."

The governor says he's going to continue to try to lead with empathy..

And he says, he hopes today's scare..

Will make him a better governor, in addressing the virus.


Governer beshear..

Also reported..

562 new cases of covid- 19 today.

According to the governor... eighteen of them..

Were of children, ages five and younger.

That includes an 18-day-old from hardin county, a one-month-old from rowan county... and a 3-month-old from lincoln county.

The governor says there are now at least... 35,793 positive cases of the coronavirus in kentucky.

The positivity currently 5 point 87 percent.

Governor beshear also reported eight new deaths today.

The total number of people who have died from covid-19 in the commonwealth..

Is now..


Ots image:left coronavirus in lexington coronavirus 4.jpg lexington now has more than four- thousand positive cases of the coronavirus.

According to the health department..

There were 49 new cases reported yesterday.

The total positives in the city... is now..


No new deaths were reported..

The health department says..

The toal number of people who have died from the coronavirus in lexington, stands at 47.

Ots image:right another inmate with covid-19 jail 1.jpg another inmate has tested positive for the coronavirus at the fayette county jail.g to thn division of community corrections, there are now 60 inmates and five staff members who have tested positive for covid-19.

According to the jail... the inmate is now in isolation and his housing unit.

Has been placed on quarantine.

At total of 227 inmates and 52 staff members have been tested so far for the virus.

The city of lexington is again..

Expanding its free coronavirus testing program.

According to mayor linda gorton..

The city's free neighborhood testing lab..

Will be outside tates creek high school... this thursday, friday, and saturday, .

And you don't need an appointment testing is also returning next week with an bluegrass community and technical college on newtown pike, through kroger health.

And free drive-up and walk-up testing continues this week at consolidated baptist church on russell cave road and drive through testing continues at southland christian church, on richmond road.

You can find more information about coronavirus testing in lexington..

On our website..

At w-t-v-q dot com weather animation forcht bank sky view here's a live look at the forcht bank skyview with current weather.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

Radio forecasts listen for the abc36 storm team forecasts on these radio stations.

Short weather ots video tape:right coca-cola truck crash <none> lanes have reopened c1 3 after a coca cola truck overturned today, spilling soda across a road in lexington.

L3: abc 36 news white lanes reopen after coca cola truck overturns greendale rd between leestown rd and ... according to police..

The truck was on its side for hours... after it crashed on greendale road... between leestown road and mercer road..

Near the coca cola plant.

Investigators say the driver was coming out of the plant, and tipped over after making too wide of a turn.

Acording officers..

No one was hurt.

A golden alert has been canceled for a man with dementia..

Who had been missing in whitley county.

Full mug:missing man found safe whitley county sheriff's department matthew nichols matthew nichols.jpg <none> <none> <none> according to the sheriff's department..

63-year-old matthew nichols, was found safe in the rockholds area.

As we reported yesteday..

He had been missing since sunday..

After walking away from his home on underwood cemetery road.

An urban county council discussion tonight on renaming a lexington park once used to sell slaves...was once again interrupted by racist trolls.

The county council gave preliminary approval to rename cheapside park...but only after voting to suspend public comment when people who pretended to live in lexington signed up to comment...then shouted slurs.

One person asked why there was a quote "n word" on the council.

This also happened in a june 17th meeting on police discipline.

Lexington police has said it's investigating ...and the city's tech team is trying to find ways to i-d callers on zoom.

A group called 'take back cheapside' has been urging a name change for the park since 2017.

Co-founder debraun thomas says the group wants it to become henry a.

Tandy centennial honor of a freed slave who helped build the old courthouse across from the park.

L3: abc 36 news white voice of: debraun thomas take back cheapside, co-founder "voice of debraunn thomas: renaming of the space is not going to change any of the things that happened there.

It's not going to change the good, the bad, or the ugly things that happened in that space.

But it is one step closer to moving in the direction of healing and reconciliation."

"take back cheapside" also wants fifth third bank to stop sponsoring the park pavilion...which it's under contract for until 2025.

The group says the fraction in the name brings to mind the past when slaves were once recognized as three fifths of a person.

The official vote on renaming the park is expected at the end of the month.

### also at the meeting...the mayor recommended using some of the city's federal cares act money to create a police review board.

The mayor first announced in june she'd create that board...responding to one of protesters' demands.

She said then the board...which would include lexingtonians not connected to police... would review cases the urban county council approved police discipline see if there's room for long term improvement.

Tonight, she recommended $50,000 in cares money to pay for a consultant to create the board properly.

### lexington police wants to expand its body camera program to the entire department.

The urban county council preliminarily approved a federal grant application to help the department buy more equipment.

Police first started using the cameras four years ago after the council approved a $2.6 million...five year contract in 2016.

Now, there's enough equipment for 430 officers...but the department could have up to 633.

The city is asking for $135,250 to buy cameras for all of them.

The council is scheduled to give final approval later this week.

### after the break..

Our next chance for more summer storms. chief meteorologist jason lindesy will have the forecast and also ahead..

The historic, running mate pick..

In the race for the white house.

Over the weekend some people in c1 3 its going to spill right?

Our science guy shows us a way to stop it!

Good morning kentucky... c1 3 lexington rabbi shlomo litvin reacted on facebook and monday says he got a phone call from the group behind the fliers.

Tonight, abc 36's monica harkins talked with both who have very different views of love and hate.

L3: abc 36 news white voice of: ronald murray vice president, 14 first the foundation ### rabbi litvin: "both things are an attempt to intimidate our community."

White power fliers...and a phone call to the rabbi after he spoke out about the fliers message.

It says "blood and soil blood and soil...jews will not replace us...blacks will not replace us...mexicans will not replace us...we stand in defense of the white aryan men and women stand up."

Monica at the bottom of the flyers, you can see there's a number right here so i'm going to go ahead and give it a call and see if anybody picks up.

Hi, this is monica harkins with abc 36 news i was calling because this number is written on the bottom of a white power flyer.

Do i have the correct phone number.?

Yes" i continued the call with ronald murray the vice president of 14 first the foundation.

I asked him if he thought the fliers were hateful.

"murray: that is a byproduct of the abundance of love.

I am a firm believer that wants you to have an abundance of love for them for their culture, where they come from and be so devoted to making the service better, that it automatically appears as though his hatred towards others when it's not hatred.

It's a difference."

Rabbi litvin disagrees.

Rabbi: that this country currently belongs to people who are being replaced by jews, people of color, anything else is ridiculous.

" rabbi litvin countered by putting out fliers in the lexington-area with messages of validation and love....something murray says he heard about and called the rabbi...because the letters reportedly were put in mailboxes.

"murray: this shows where they think that they are in theture e above, everybody else, beyond reproach.

And they're not.

" murray told rabbi litvin he had jewish priviledge.

" i can easily say that my jewish privilege includes not knowing where all my great grandparents were born but knowing where they all died.

As the vast majority of my extended family was wiped out in the holocaust."

Rabbi litvin says instead of focusing on the negative he is refocusing on the positive...chabad of the bluegrass is preparing online education about judiasm that will be available to everyone.

Meanwhile, i asked murray if he's ever met a jewish person.

Murray: oh i've met several.

Monica: are are any of them, considered someone that you've had more than one conversation with?

I've had multiple conversations with many.

Monica:and it's your you haven't had an inkling of compassion or friendship for any of them.?

Murray: no" in lexington, monica harkins, abc 36 news.

Weather reopen weather toss at the desk.

Main weather c1 3 ad-libbing after weather.

Georgetown police... asking for help in the case of woman found c1 3 baseball dugout earlier this year.

Oficers are lookin for anyone who may have known who brittany powell was with..

Before she was found dead on february seventh.

According to bluegrass crime stoppers the 27-year-old was found dead in the baseball dugout at suffoletta memorial park in georgetown.

Investigators say she was last seen alive leaving her home on saratoga court on february 5th.

According to bluegrass crime stoppers the cause of death was determined to be from a drug overdose, but the circumstances remain suspicious.

Ots image:left praying for answers crystal rogers.jpg the mother of missing bardstown mother crystal rogers is speaking out for the first time since the f-b-i took over the five year investigation into her daughter's disappearance.

Abc 36's christy bollinger has more on sherry ballard's new hope she will get answers.

"this has been my dream come true for a long time."

The day sherry ballard's been waiting for finally came last week.

That's when the fbi took over her daughter's case.

"i've begged for this.

I've done everything possible that i could to make them stand up and take attention because i think i need someone of their magnitude to break this case and give me the justice that i need."

Immediately after taking over the case.... the f-b-i searched properties belonging to crystal's ex- boyfriend.... brooks houck... and his family.

Houck has been the main suspect since crystal went missing july 20-15.

Recently... human remains were found near the houck family farm.

Just like in the past when remains were found.... the possibility it could be her daughter's brings her mixed emotions.

"i prayed, it was.

And then i felt ashamed of myself and guilty because i prayed, it was, um, i wanted it to be to have closure."

Now, she thinks with the f-b-i and all of its resources, she can find those answers she's been desperate to get...though she knows it comes at a price for her and crystal's five children.

"it scares me.

Because i've held that together this far.

But i think once someone's arrested.

And i see that for my own as.

Is it really going to hit me hard, everything that's happened and what i've been through.

And what these kids and my whole family have been through."

Even when and if her daughter's case is solved... she'll be left trying to answer this haunting question.

"how do you move on?"

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

It's rough out there.

People are looking for change, for answers.

One answer is at your fingertips, the 2020 census.

Census takers will be visiting households to make sure we are counted.

Because an undercounted community could miss out on billions of funding for schools, healthcare and job assistance each year for the next ten years.

Too much is at stake.

Respond online today.

Shape your future.

Start here at

C1 3 following the governor's recommedation to push back its start date back because of the coronavirus.

According to the districts facebook page..

The district's start date has been moved from august 26 to september 8.

And in-person classes are now scheduled to begin october 12.

Initially the district was going to begin the school year later this month offering virtual learning and in-person instruction, but because of the governor's recommendation, scott county will begin the new year online only.

In politica, news..

It's official.

Presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden has chosen his runningmate and he is making history in the process.

Whitney wild is at the white house with the latest.

### --reporter pkg-as follows-- after months of anticipation joe biden/-d- presumptive democratic nominee/march 15: "i would pick a woman to be my vice president."

Presuptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden has tapped california senator kamala harris as the woman to help him win-- and run-- the white house calling harris a "fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's finest public servants."

The decision is historic.

Harris is the first woman of color to be on a major party ticket.

Harris made waves last year when she jumped into the 2020 presidential race though ultimately failing to gain traction, she briefly led the pack after a strong debate performance... notably, against joe biden sen.

Kamala harris/-d- presumptive vp nominee: "do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america?

Do you agree?"

Joe biden/-d- presumptive presidential nominee: "no, i did not oppose busing in america."

President trump seizing on that moment, previewing some of the attacks to come... president trump: "she said things during the debates during the democrat primary debates that were horrible.

About sleepy joe."

But for many democrats looking for generational change and diversity on the ticket, harris is the key to victory in november keisha lance bottoms/-d- atlanta mayor: "we need this ticket in america.

We need to show to america that our president will value diversity.

And there's no better representative than that than senator harris.

Biden and harris will make their first public appearance together on wednesday in wilmington, delaware at the white house, i'm whitney wild over the past decade...there's no cal has been the driving z3z3yoyo z8z z1616fz yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy c1 3 force for kentucky basketball, but the guy who has almost been just as important...kenny payne.

And now his days at kentucky are over.

Payne has officially accepted a job to be an assistant coach for the new york knicks.

Tom thibodeau just took over as head coach.

Payne is clos to william wesley...or world wide wes..he recently took over as executive vice president for the knicks.

Payne's resume can be seen in the guy's he's coached at kentucky.

He's the big man whisperer.

Anthony davis is up for n-b-a defensive player of the year.

Bam adebayo up for most improved player.

Oh yea...there's also karl anthony towns and demarcus cousins.

Just recently after everyone had written off nick richards...he's named all s-e-c this past season.

It is not official...but reports are cal's close friend and current indiana assistant bruiser flint will be the replacement.

While the big ten and pac 12 will not play football this fall.

The s-e-c presses on.

As it stands now, the s-e-c will play football this fall.

S-e-c commissioner greg sankey was on the dan patrick show where he says if another conference were to cancel or postpone it would simply be one piece of info for a decision...nothing more.

He also expanded on why the s-e-c will c1 3 still play.

Let's go out to the top seed open in nicholasville.

Top-seeded serena williams taking on bernarda pera.

First set...set point...pera up 5 to 4... pera...fires over the forehead shot and she will take the first set.

Rust for serena...or is there an upset brewing?

Second set...serena looking for sent point.

Pera can't handle the return...serena takes the second set 6 to 4.

Match point now for serena.

Pera trying to hang in there....but serena is just too much.

Serena wins the final set 6 to 1... if you guessed were right.

Serena beats pera 2 to 1...she now moves on to the next round.

Who will she play?

It's c1 3 only right...venus williams takes down victoria azarenka in straight sets..6-3, 6- 2.

It will be the williams sisters facing off in the quarterfinals of the top seed open.

That's all for now, i'm bryan kennedy, abc 36 sports scratch-a-4cast here's your kentucky lottery scratch-a-4cast c1 3 the next three days.

Anchors ad-lib goodbyes jimmy kimmel is next.

>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," with guest host, sarah cooper.

Tonight, ben stiller, plus music from holly humberstone.

And now, sarah cooper.

>> hi, i'm sarah cooper and i have an announcement to make.

I am not going to be the next vice president of the united states.

It was down to me and kamala, but joe wanted to go with someone who has experience.

But the good news is, i now have the night free to guest host this show.

If you don't know who i am, that's okay, i don't know who you are either, so we're even.

Basically, i'm the reason your grandpa downloaded tiktok.

But don't blame me.

Blame my nephews ryan and tyler.

If they hadn't shown me tiktok, i never would've started lip-syncing a certain stable genius.

>> because he hasn't taken any

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