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Monday, May 16, 2022

At Least 38 Ardmore HS Students In Quarantine

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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At Least 38 Ardmore HS Students In Quarantine
At Least 38 Ardmore HS Students In Quarantine
At Least 38 Ardmore HS Students In Quarantine

This man - call police.

Right now, at least 38 students from ardmore high school are in quarantine and the school confirmed 3 cases of coronavirus.

Our team coverage startes with waay 31's grace campbell.

She asked the principal what the school is doing right and what it can do better.

Look live not shot in the less than two weeks since classes started again here at ardmore high.

Coronavirus already forced a total of more than 100 students into quarantine.

Parents are asking questions about their children's safety.

And today, the principal admitted not all guidelines are being followed when someone tests positive for coronavirus.

Pkg: "i'm probably missing the protocols on making sure i make those.releasin g that information.

That would just be oversight on my part probably as the reason why that call hasn't been going out."

But princiapl glenn bryant did wants parents to know, if their child's exposed to someone with coronavirus.

They definitely get a phone call.

Graphic of numbers on thursday, two students missed the day because they're sick with coronavirus.

Another three are out with symptoms. one staff member is also sick with covid.

Despite the numbers bryant said his school is not adding any new safety protocols.

He told me everyone's already wearing masks, social distancing and staff regularly deep clean the building.

Bryant believes the school year is off to a good start!

"this school opening has gone a whole lot better than i thought it would.

I thought it would.i really thought we wouldn't stay in school" bryant said he actually hopes for new guidelines to cut down on the number of students forced to quarantine.

"we've sent some well kids home and that's painful to send a student who's perfectly healthy, that should be practicing band or practicing football, to send them home because they sat in class two seats over from somebody that has some symptoms that could be covid or could be allergies 2020."

Vo track in ardmore, grace campbell waay 31 news.

Limestone county currently has more than 300 students learning from home after they were exposed to the virus elkmont high school is closed this week after 10 students and 3 faculty members tested positive for coronavirus.

The district said it would re-evaluate that situation at the end of the week.

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