‘Another split in Congress imminent?’: Watch Sanjay Jha’s response
‘Another split in Congress imminent?’: Watch Sanjay Jha’s response

The rift within the Congress party is now out in the open.

The letter written by 23 prominent party leaders to Sonia Gandhi, calling for an overhaul of the party structure, was dismissed during the Congress Working Committee meeting on Monday.

Instead, the party continued to maintain status-quo and retained Sonia Gandhi as interim party chief.

The CWC meeting did have some fiery moments where those who sought changes, and were in a minority in the meeting, were referred to as BJP agents by Gandhi family loyalists.

Additionally, the resolution also asked all party leaders to raise issues at party forums and not approach the media to air their grievances.

So, the big question remains, is the Congress party headed for a split?

Will the young guard, who want an overhaul in the party and fresh elections for all party positions, be sidelined by the old guard and Gandhi family loyalists?

Is a split in the Congress imminent?

Suspended Congress leader Sanjay Jha responds to these questions during an exclusive interaction with Hindustan Times’ Aditi Prasad.