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Sunday, May 22, 2022

WCBI News at 10 - 08/29/20

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WCBI News at 10 - 08/29/20
WCBI News at 10 - 08/29/20
WCBI News at 10 - 08/29/20

Thank you for joining us, i'm stephanie poole.

éé the mississippi state department of health reports 735 new cases of covid-19 with14 new deaths.éé there are 24 new cases among long term care facilities within the state.

éé the total number of cases are more than 82-thousand with more than 2- thousand deaths.

éé it's presumed that more than thousand 62- thousand mississippians have recovered from the virus.

éé the lowndes county wic distribution center will remain open through september 30th.

éé mississippi state department of health special supplemental nutrition program for wic placed a note on the door of the food center stating that it would close yesterday.

éé the landlord has agreed to extend the lease which will allow participants to continue picking up wic essentials in columbus.

éé we've been following the updates in the process of selecting a new state flag design.éé the commission narrowed it to two designs.éé courtney ann jackson speaks with the designers of the "new magnolia flag".

éé the new magnolia flag draws from different sources.

Ackerman, mississippi native and resident rocky vaughan is a graphic designer who first started dreaming up a new flag design seven years ago.

Several versions later---there have been some constants.

"it's odd taking credit when there's other inputs in it but i will claim the core ingredients.

I will do that."

His submissions switched the vertical lines he'd been using to horizontal after hearing from the flag expert.

Still... "they've kept the core and i'm pleased to have my name in it.

So, let's hope a mississippian can take it home."

As for the symbolism... "i didn't want to overthink this thing.

I didn't want to overthink it all.

I didn't want to do homework.

I didn't want to spend nights in the library.

I didn't want to do anything.

I don't need help or research to symbolize the magnolia state.

It's already there, right?"

Another designer, sue anna joe is on the list---a greenwood native now living in san francisco.

"i felt like it was my civic duty to contribute because i still love my home state and the people there.

And i wanted to give back something to the place where i grew up."

She, too, knew the symbol she felt represented "home".

"there is the magnolia bloom that's in the middle.

That is my original artwork that i drew on the computer.

In my original design, it's also in the center of the flag but there are some different elements around it."

Kara giles is the other designer.

She's one of the artists brought in by the commission and worked on several designs, both tweaks to submissions and original designs.

She tells us she's proud and humbled to be part of this process.

The public poll is up on the mississippi department of archives and history site now.

éé the commission will select the design to appear on november's ballot next wednesday.éé first look mississippi power is remembering the 15-year anniversary of hurricane katrina.éé the damage along the mississippi gulf cost left thousands of people in the dark and without a place to call home.éé the men and women who helped get the lights back on are sharing their stories.

éé " you know we know how to get the lights back on.

We always have been good at that.

But as time progressed even just in the first few days it was evident that that would be just a piece of what we would have to do to recover from that kind of a storm.

" you can watch the full video on mississippi power's facebook page.

éé president trump is visiting the hardest hit parts of louisiana and texas today in the aftermath of hurricane laura.éé cbs news correspondent michael george has more from new york.éé president trump touched down in lake charles, louisiana, saturday, two days after hurricane laura ravaged coastal parts of the state and neighboring texas.

The president walked through a neighborhood to survey the immense damage laura left behind.

He visited a local food and water distribution center&and then headed to a nearby firehouse for a briefing.

''our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones.'' hundreds of thousands in the region remain without power or water.

''fema has delivered 2.6 million liters of water and 1.4 million meals, and that's a lot of meals.'' the category four storm's 150 mile an hour winds and heavy rain toppled trees and damaged buildings as far north as central arkansas.

''we have some serious, serious catastropic damage that took place because of this storm.'' now residents are trying to assess... and make sense of... their losses.

Craig barker/ la resident ''this used to be the back of the house.

This is probably not going to be home anymore.'' ''i walked outside this morning and just stood and looked at everything and there was a rainbow and i thought, it's going to be ok, it's going to be ok.'' customs officers went door to door looking for survivors.

More than a dozen people in the region died during and after the storm.

More than half of those were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from the unsafe operation of power generators.

Michael george/cbs news.

Hurricane laura also killed nearly two dozen people in haiti and the dominican republic before slamming into the u.s.éé folks in amory come together to raise money for the families of two monroe county sheriff's deputies.

éé that story after the break.

éé folks in amory come together to raise money for the families of two monroe county sheriff's deputies involved in a fatal accident last month.éé wcbi's chad groening was there.éé an antique car show in amory was held to benefit the families of the two monroe county deputies who were hit by a driver during a safety checkpoint the night of july 25th.

Deputy dylan pickle died of his injuries, while deputy zack wilbanks is recovering.

Cody hutson was the event organizer.

"officers and deputies and front line workers and all those people give so much to the community and i just figured it was kind of a way to just give back to them and their familes and help them out during this time of need because if it wasn't for them you know going out every day and protecting us where would we be?"

Monroe county sheriff kevin cook has been impressed with the way the community has come together to support the families.

"and we just appreciate you know people just doing what's on their hearts to do, to give back and to help out and each person has a different way of doing that a different hobby or something that they're interested in and to use it for good, we just appreciate them being willing to do that."

Wilbanks has been overwhelmed by the response, as he continues to recover from his injuries.

"i appreciate our community coming out for a good cause still and everybody coming together."

"we've just been blessed over and over and over by our community the support we've had has just been unbelievable really in light of everything we've been through."

Chad groening, wcbi news, amory.

Actor chadwick boseman, star of actor chadwick boseman, star of the groundbreaking blockbuster "black panther," has died.éé in addition to playing the comic book hero, boseman portrayed a series of real-life african-american icons.éé boseman taking on many of these roles while privately fighting colon cancer.éé chris martinez reports.éé script: he rose to superstardom in ''black panther,'' chadwick boseman played 20th century legends like jackie robinson and james brown.

Boseman died after a four year battle with colon cancer, according to a statement calling him '' a true fighter'', and saying he continued to work while undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy.

The statement said he died at his los angeles home with his wife and family by his side.

Black panther production company marvel studios tweeted: ''our hearts are broken and our thoughts are with chadwick boseman's family.

Your legacy will live on forever.

Rest in peace.'' when the film was released in 2018, boseman was asked what it means for him to be the black panther.

''it's taken on its own meaning right now.

So i'm seeing that it's a cultural experience being the black panther.'

The film became one of the biggest box office hits of all-time& earning more than one- point-three billion dollars worldwide it was also a cultural milestone - a global blockbuster with a nearly all-black cast, and black director.

Audiences had never seen anything like it.

A year earlier, boseman dismissed the idea that football player colin kaepernick's taking a knee during the national anthem was unpatriotic.

''we're in a period of time where people have to decide what is patriotism.

"until black men are not brutalized in the street and treated unfairly, i'm going to acknowledge that it's not doing that.'' the south carolina born actor's breakout role was in ''42'', playing jackie robinson, who broke the color barrier in major league baseball.

Boseman died the same day major league baseball celebrated jackie robinson day.

Chadwick boseman was 43.

For cbs this morning saturday, chris martinez los angeles.

Summary: batches of rain and storms will remain possible over the next 2 days.

Locally heavy rain and gusty winds could occur with any storm.

Lower rain chances settle in for the middle of the coming work week but some rain may still occur.

Slightly cooler and drier air may return by the first part of labor day weekend.

Saturday night: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. some locally strong storms with gusty winds are possible.

Lows in the mid to low 70s.

Sunday: partly to mostly cloudy.

A 60-70% chance of rain and storms during the day.

Muggy highs in the upper 80s to around 90.

More storms possible sunday afternoon sunday night: a few showers and storms are possible.

Lows in the mid to low 70s.

Monday: warm & humid with more scattered showers and storms in the region.

The chance of rain is 60%.

Highs in the upper 80s to around 90.

Tuesday-friday: a 30-40% chance of rain and storms each day.

Otherwise partly cloudy and warm with highs mainly in the lower 90s.

Lows in the 70s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app the tide hit the field again as they continue fall camp.....more from nick saban next in the tide hit the field again as they continue fall camp.....more from nick saban next in sports.

We're just one month away from the start of sec football as mississippi state prepares for its showdown with lsu.

Earlier this week, players decided to boycott practice at unity park in starkville.

The bulldogs were the 4th f-b-s team to protest to bring awareness to police brutality.

Head coach mike leach said in his press conference today that he supported their decision and wants the team to continue to use their platform as athletes to set an example.

"we support our guys and definitely want to have open dialogue with them on any issue.

I think that provided an opportunity to do that.

I think also players need to recognize what an opportunity and platform they have when they play.

They're examples.

Just like them and the guys ahead of them, young people and fans all admire them and respect them, so i think the very best platform is playing and seeing people rally together from all different walks of life."

Alabama held its first scrimmage of the fall today in bryant denny stadium.

This was just the 8th practice team practice for the tide and 3rd in pads so still a lot of work to do as they prepare for the season.

Head coach nick saban says he's excited for the players that football is around the corner giving his players a chance to make a name for themselves.

Saban also mentioned he can sense that the players now see what once seemed unlikely is almost here.

"i think there's been sort of a transition psychologically for players, coaches and everyone else because it has been a long time and it's not been normal.

There has been a lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen next.

You kind of get in the mode that we're practicing to practice which is a little bit different than practicing to play games and practicing to play great competition.

I think we've been trying to get the players to transition into that.

You want to have short term goals and long term goals too.

In terms of these games are coming up, lets be sure we're ready to play."

Here in columbus, the muw owls have postponed fall sports.

The university released a statement saying "owls athletics has decided to postpone competition for the 2020 season for all fall sports."

That includes men's and women's cross country, tennis, golf, soccer and volleyball.

However, athletes are still allowed to practice and train.

After the break..we have baseball action....braves and phillies...cubs and reds...stay tuned!

0-5 : the phillies hosting the braves earlier this afternoon 5-20 bottom 1... bryce harper hits a sacrifice fly to left scoring andrew mccutchen, 1-0 phillies 20-35 bottom 5th... rhys hoskins hits a 3-run homerun to center, 4-0 phillies 35-46 top 6th...braves trying to rally..johan camargo hits a solo homerun to right, 4-1 phillies 46-1:08 top 9th... nick markakis lines one to first but hoskins makes the diving catch to end the game, 4-1 phillies 0-4 chicago cubs 0-4 chicago cubs take on the cincinnati reds... 4-14 top 2nd...the cubs take the lead when jason heyward grounds into a forceout scoring kyle schwarber , 1-0 cubs 14-26 top 3rd...anthony rizzo what the baseball do to you man??

Hr to right field, 2-0 cubs 26-36 bot on corners, 2 outs...tucker barnhart lines out to right field to end the inning 36-48 bot 5th...reds threaten when they load the bases in the 5th...but freddy galvis grounds out to end the inning.

Cubs escape danger again.

48-57 bot 6th...yu darvish strikesout barnhart .

97 mph straight gas!!

To end the inning.

57-1:17 bot 7th...jesse winkler grounds one; nico herner barehands it to javier baez at 2nd for the out; 1:17-1:26 bot 7th...jeremy jefress strikes out eugenio suarez to end the game ááááfinal score: 3-0 chicago cubsáááá have a final look at weather.

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