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Monday, May 27, 2024

Behind the Scenes of Covid-19 testing

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Behind the Scenes of Covid-19 testing
Behind the Scenes of Covid-19 testing
The Health Dept. takes us behind the scenes at the Alstom testing site.

County health department covid-19 testing site at the alstom plant conducts tests daily.

News 12's joeli poole gives you an inside look at the process.

According to health officials, the hamilton county health department has conducted over 80 thousand covid-19 tests since the pandemic began.

The former alstom plant was utilized in august as a new coronavirus testing site.

With more than 1,400 current coronavirus cases in hamilton county, the alstom testing site remains open for testing- 7 days a week.

Sabrina novak "the pandemic is not over and we really need the community to continue to be tested if they are symptomatic or have had an exposure."

When you arrive at the testing site, you will be greeted by a volunteer who will help you complete the two pages of forms- and that's where the process begins.

Trevor wilson "this is how we contact individuals if they are positive so we can give them a phone call.

It's also how we are able to track where outbreaks are happening, if they do come back positive.

It's also how we are able to get them their test results quickest."

Next you will drive around to have the nasal swab test completed.

Helping out at the site, you might see local nurses, firefighters, students and even the national guard.


Darryl dolen "as national guardsmen it's our goal to stand ready to assist our community, our country and our state in whatever we are called to do.

Though a lot of us didn't think we would be here this long, the mission continues."

Also, involved in this process is the chattanooga area food bank, who says they strategically chose the alstom testing site.

Gibson "many people who are getting tested are going to need to isolate after their test, waiting on the results.

This is a one stop shop for them to be able to get their test and pick up the food they need without having to go out in public afterwards which can be difficult when you are supposed to be isolating."

The alstom testing site plans to remain open for the next 6 months, conducting tests daily.

Joeli poole " for more information, go to wdef dot com.

In hamilton county, joeli poole, news 12 now."


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