Crumbs movie
Crumbs movie

Crumbs movie trailer HD - Plot synopsis: The first feature film by director Miguel Llansó (Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway), Crumbs is a surreal, romantic, post-apocalyptic adventure set against a backdrop of Afrofuturism – a recurrent theme in Llansó’s work.

In a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the various wars that tear our civilization apart have left humanity on the verge of extinction.

The wreckage of a rusty spacecraft looming in the sky serves as a stark reminder of those terrible years and living proof of the current decline.

Against this hostile backdrop, Candy (Daniel Tadesse Gagano, Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway) and his beloved Savat (Selam Tesfaye) try to survive, holed up in an abandoned bowling alley.

As this long-dormant world returns to life, Candy embarks on a desperate quest to board the spacecraft before it’s too late.

During his epic journey, he will cross paths with a myriad of colorful characters, each more unusual than the last… Supported by some breathtaking shots of Ethiopian scenery, in a world where mass-produced items are celebrated as rare artifacts and symbols of a nearly forgotten pop generation are glorified, Crumbs is characteristic of the unique and audacious style of director Miguel Llansó and will leave you yearning for more!