India’s growing education divide

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India’s growing education divide

India’s growing education divide

In India, some schools have begun to partially reopen after months of closure.

But for most of the country’s 320 million students, education has remained severely impacted since the lockdown began.

While urban areas recorded an exponential increase in e-learning, the smaller towns and villages struggled to continue education in any form.

Nearly 75 percent of children found themselves on the wrong side of the digital education divide, with no internet access.

In rural parts of the country, the situation turned worse, with many children forced into income-generating labour and even early marriage.

So, how can India bridge the widening gap in education?

Is e-learning for schools here to stay?

And what can the government do to offer better infrastructure and learning services?In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we discuss the stark learning gap amongst the world’s youngest population.Presenter: Devina GuptaContributors: Atishi, senior leader, legislator, Aam Aadmi Party; Zishaan Hayath, founder, CEO, Toppr; Kruti Bharucha, founder, CEO, Peepul India

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