WCBI NEWS at 6 - 10/12/20

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WCBI NEWS at 6 - 10/12/20
WCBI NEWS at 6 - 10/12/20

Everyone... a deadly louisville shooting investigation takes an unusual turn.

It seems the man killed was trying to help his friend.

Markevius jordan was shot in the early morning hours of september 26th, on mill street, in louisville.

Joseph crawford told police that he struggled with an unknown, masked robber and a gun fired.

Then a bullet hit jordan.

Mississippi bureau of investigation polygraph examiners interviewed crawford and determined that story never happened.

Detectives say they believe married couple joseph and keyune crawford made up the story.

Louisville police say they did find out that joseph crawford was having suicidal thoughts and the victim, markevius jordan, tried to take the gun away from crawford.

Joseph crawford admitted to throwing a 9 mm handgun in a madison county creek.

That gun was later found by state troopers.

Chief sean holdiness is meeting with the district attorney this week to discuss charges the crawford's will face.

The shooting remains under investigation.

It's been a busy 24 hours for west point police.

That's after three shootings early sunday morning.

Wcbi's bobby martinez talks with police chief avery cook who says officers continue to search for the gunman.

And also has a message to the people of west point... "it has gotten out of hand..

One shooting is enough."

Three shootings took place in a span of five hours..

Sot - avery cook - police chief - west point pd "we are on top of it and an investigation is going and we will make an arrest.

It was around 2:40 early sunday morning.

When police say a home was riddled with bullets on meadowbrook circle..

Then roughly four hours later..

The same scenario - but this time on high street.

Police say no injuries were reported in these two shootings..

"and it was here on grove street the final shooting of a long morning for police.

Where police say several shots were fired into a home.

Striking one victim.

That victim, is currently in stable condition according to police.

And chief avery cook wants the public to know, these shootings are all related but there is no need to panic."

Sot - avery cook - police chief - west point pd "the safety of west point is still in good hands, still in good shape.

We do want to let everybody know that this is three different incidents but they all are related.

There's no one that's going around terrorizing west point and just shooting up places.

All three shootings were connected in some way and we are investigating that now and we should be making it an arrest hopefully soon."

After talking to witnesses and collecting evidence, cook says the investigation is progressing.

Sot - avery cook - police chief - west point pd "we have some people of interest.

We have brought in person of interest and talk to him.

And we got some more that we are looking for that we are going to speak with those also."

Cook says three shootings in one day is rare in west point..

He credits his department for always being prepared.

Sot - avery cook - police chief - west point pd "that's what we do.

We are trained to do that, our officers are trained.

We can't be everywhere at the same time, but we try to patrol the city and like i said for west point, that is unusual but the officers they stay ready."

And anyone with any information is asked to contact west point police or the golden triangle crime stoppers..

Reporting in west point... bobby martinez wcbi news.

Two folks in oxford get a scary awakening after allegedly finding a man inside their homes.

Now, 19-year-old tyler murphy of ridgeland is charged with two counts of burglary-home invasion.

Oxford police say officers were called to the 2700 block of south lamar boulevard about 6:30 sunday morning about a man inside a home.

While looking for the suspect, a second call came from nearby about a man inside that caller's house.

Investigators say murphy matched the description given by the callers and was arrested after a short chase.

Murphy remains in jail.

First look stinger first look summary: quiet weather is on tap for the rest of the work week and upcoming weekend.

The only fly in the ointment is a cold front late thursday that could spark a few isolated showers.

Much cooler friday & saturday.

Monday night: an the mississippi emergency management agency releases preliminary hurricane delta damage reports.

Those early reports are coming in from southwest mississippi.

Adams county, where natchez is located, is reporting damage to 27 homes.

Three of those houses were destroyed.

One business had major damage.

Claiborne county had six home impacted.

Jefferson, lincoln, and wilkinson counties also reported damage from delta's winds and rain.

The national weather service says the category 2 hurricane also spun off an ef-0 tornado in franklin county.

Intro some electric cooperatives are helping restore power in southwest mississippi.

The damage in louisiana is heavy after hurricane delta brought high winds and heavy flooding... --- just seven weeks after hurricane laura slammed the region.

David begnaud is in lake charles with a look at the damage... pkg this is creole, louisiana, on the gulf coast, where hurricane delta made landfall friday night with 100 miles per hour winds.

40 miles north of here is the city of lake charles.

Southwest louisiana is known for its oil refineries but surrounding the refineries as far as the eye can see is that sea of blue, blue tarps covering damaged homes that were hit by laura seven weeks ago and then by delta friday night.

Db- five people in that one camper.

Bl- and three dogs.

Db- wow.

This is where the labove family is living.

Brailee says her family moved out of their home after hurricane laura tore off most of the roof seven weeks ago.

Then friday evening the blue tarps covering the roof were ripped away during hurricane delta which allowed rainwater to pour in.

Even this building they got to temporarily house their belongings was flipped over by delta.

Brailee says her family lost their homes to hurricanes when she was five and eight years old.

She's now 19.

This is the first time we've come back to something that we can actually fix.


Tracy joseph had no major damage during hurricane laura seven weeks ago.

She took in 5 family members left homeless by it.

Then last weekend they evacuated to houston for hurricane delta.

When they got back, they walked in to find this.

Half the ceiling is gone.

David begnaud, cbs news, in lake charles, louisiana.

Wcbi swoosh more than 58 thousand absentee ballots have been received in mississippi.

The secretary of state's office says more than 91 thousand absentee ballots have been requested.

Of that number, 86 thousand 609 have been sent.

All absentee ballot requests are made through the voter's local circuit clerk's office and sent out through that same office.

The in-person absentee deadline is october 31st.

All mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by election day, which is tuesday, november 3, and received within five business days of the election.

Off top mississippi senate district 15 candidates prepare for a run- off.

Voters will go to the polls tomorrow to decide between candidates bart williams and joyce meek yates.

Williams owns security solutions in starkville.

Yates is from eupora and is the former director for the wellness program at mississippi state university.

We spoke with both candidates today about what they would bring to the table if elected... both had similar responses.

"i don't know about jackson as much as i do about district 15.

Looking here at district 15, the things that people seem to be passionate about, education of course, how do we make it better?

How do we take the resources we've got and utilize them more effectively?

How do we get more resources for education?"é "i want to see industrial and agricultural growth.

I want to talk to teachers about what we can do to help the quality of education improve... they're working so hard now with covid and all the things, but they're doing great."

Senate district 15 senate district 15 includes parts of oktibbeha, webster, choctaw and montgomery counties.

Polls are open tomorrow from 7 a.m.

To 7 p.m.

Top here's a reminder that polls will be open at 7 am tomorrow for the two runoffs in our area.

Those races are for, as you just heard, state senate district 15 and house district 37.

Senate district 15 covers portions of montgomery, webster, choctaw, oktibbeha counties.

House district 37 covers portions of lowndes, oktibbeha, and clay counties.

Lynn wright and david chism are in that runoff.

Polls close at 7 pm.

Stinger coming up next, see how one family spent their quarantine learning about their the mississippi the mississippi state department of health is reporting 296 new covid-19 cases and no deaths.

600 people are hospitalized throughout the state with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. 136 of those patients are in i.c.u.

And 59 are on a ventilator.

State health officials report 25-39-year-olds have had the most virus infections of any age group in the state.

Females and african-americans have had the most cases in those demographics.

More than 94 thousand people in the state are presumed recovered from the virus.

The pandemic has given many americans a new perspective on life.

For some people, that's led to discovering family they never knew.

Chris martinez reports.

Philip harasek - seen here with his wife and child - always knew he was adopted... but never looked for his birth family until his son came home with a school project.

"it was a map and it was color your origins or where your family's from and i had to tell him, 'you know, i'm really not sure' so that kind of sparked my interest and then when the covid hit we had so much time to do this stuff."

The 35-year-old took an ancestry d-n-a test and quickly discovered a connection.

"the first thing i saw was a mother and an aunt and my aunt reached out to me immediately."

"cheering" this summer, he was able to hug his aunt, who only lives a couple hours away.

He hasn't met his mother yet but they've spoken a few times by phone.

"that was awesome, it was great."

Philip isn't the only one looking for family during the pandemic..... ancestry dot com saw a 37 percent increase in new subscribers from march to july.

"01:45 they want to fill that void."

Jay rosenzweig is the founder of birth parent finder dot com... and says the pandemic is causing people to think about their mortality... and giving many adoptees a sense of urgency.

In the past few months, he's seen a big boost in clients wanting to find their birth families.

03:04 "our numbers have almost doubled, not quite but they've almost doubled."

Phil also met some cousins and discovered a brother... who he plans to visit eventually.

"that was a crazy feeling, that was nuts, it's like 35 years of being clueless and all the sudden within 10 seconds here's everything."

After never knowing his heritage phil discovered he's puerto rican.

He's hoping to take a trip there one day with his new found family.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Stinger weather open summary: quiet weather is on tap for the rest of the work week and upcoming weekend.

The only fly in the ointment is a cold front late thursday that could spark a few isolated showers.

Much cooler friday & saturday.

Monday night: an early evening shower is possible then turning clear and quiet.

Lows in the low 50s.

Winds nw 4-10 mph.

Tuesday: bright sunshine and seasonably mild.

Highs in the mid 70s.

Winds n 5-15 mph.

Tuesday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the mid 40s.

Light winds.

Wednesday: sunny skies and warmer.

Highs in the low 80s.

Light southerly breezes.

Thursday: partly cloudy and warm.

Highs in the low 80s.

Additional clouds late in the day with a 20% chance of showers during the evening.

Friday: some morning clouds and the chance of a stray shower or two.

Turning sunny, breezy, and cool.

Highs in the low to mid 60s.

Weather will be great for high school football but jackets will be needed.

Saturday: bright sunshine.

A chilly start with morning temperatures possibly in the upper 30s.

Afternoon highs in the upper 60s.

Sunday: partly cloudy.

Highs in the mid 70s.

Follow summary: quiet weather is on tap for the rest of the work week and upcoming weekend.

The only fly in the ointment is a cold front late thursday that could spark a few isolated showers.

Much cooler friday & saturday.

Monday night: an early evening shower is possible stinger mississippi state football struggling offensively... next in sports mike leach on potential starting lineup changes..

Spx open two weeks ago it seemed the bulldogs were on top of the world after defeating the defending champion l-s-u tigers... the past two weeks... mississippi state's offense has averaged only eight points per contest coming off a night they'd like to forget in lexington... falling to the wildcats 24- 2... it's the first time ever a mike leach led team didn't score a touchdown in a game kind of hard to score a touchdown when you're picked off six times..

Leach says no job on offense is solidified "we're going to have competition at nearly every position out there because we need to get the most cohesive group.

Just as far as being competitive at every position, it's what we need to do.

I think we need to take care of the football better for sure.

As i said in the last press conference, i don't think we're protecting well.

I don't think we're seeing the field well.

I don't think we're catching well or running routes very well."

To call saturday's matchup in oxford between ole miss and alabama a shootout... would be an understatement... the rebels and crimson tide scored a combined 111 points... which made it the highest scoring non- overtime game in sec history... after the game albama head coach nick saban made a comment saying quote "it seemed like everything we did they had an answer for it, i don't know if they had our signals or what"... ole miss' 48 points was the most points number two alabama allowed to an unranked opponent in the ap era... and lane kiffin addressed saban's comments , .

First of all i never even paid attention to signals.

I didn't even know they were there.

This is also a new coordinator.

I love coach and have a ton of respect for him but if you understand tempo, a signal wouldn't help us.

We call the play basically before the last play is even over.

Before they even mark the ball, we call our play.

They're scrambling to get their guys lined up and it wouldn't do them any good.

But the time someone were to relay that to us we are already snapping the ball another week of endzone is in the books filled with big wins, upsets and highlight plays!

Lets take a look at our wcbi endzone top 5 plays of week 6!

#5 from our game of the week....itawamba versus shannon....indians of the week....itawamba versus shannon....indians tae chandler breaks off a 45 yard run down the sidelines...dives in #5 from our game of the week....itawamba versus shannon....indians tae chandler breaks off a 45 yard run down the sidelines...dives in for 6!!

Indians get the win 12-6 #4 choctaw county versus houston.

Charger's tylan carter scrambles and finds justin jenkins in the back of the endzone for the td!!

Chargers go onto to get the win 59-36 #3 back to our game of the week....this time shannon's defense with the big play.....raiders get the sack and force a fumble....luther foster with the scoop and score td for the d #2 hamilton taking on tcps....noah foster recovers the kickoff and does the rest!!!

55 yard return td..eagles fly high and win 52-27 #1 in west alabama...sulligent versus winston county....jordan mastin gets the jet sweep, hits the outside and puts on the burners!!!

75 yard td run for the blue devils.... and those are your top 5 plays.

When we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news at six.

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