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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

ABC36 Teacher Of The Week - Chad Higgins

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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ABC36 Teacher Of The Week - Chad Higgins
ABC36 Teacher Of The Week - Chad Higgins

The need for teachers is increasing as more teachers retire and fewer people look to enter the field.

Chad Higgins is a 4th-grade teacher at yates elementary school, but that wasn't always part of the plan.

He's our teacher of the week!

Believes voting in the state has been going well... and credits the cooperation between democratic governor andy beshear and republican secretary of state michael adams, for helping ease voter concerns about the process.

#### l3: election 2020 white amy mcgrath holds virtual forum meanwhile--- his opponent amy mcgrath voted in georgetown earlier this week..

She spent the day taking part in a virtual forum hosted by kentucky youth advocates.

Mcgrath using the occasion to blast mcconnell for the partisan divide that she says has broken the senate.

Mcgrath also blaming mcconnell for the lack of a new covid 19 stimulus package.

Mcconnell blaming democrats for pushing what he calls a two-and-a- half trillion dollar grab bag.

#### the candidates for the 6th congressional district were also out campaigning.

L3: election 2020 white andy barr tours manufacturing plant.

Talks economy nicholasville republican incumbent andy barr was in nicholasville...whe re he pasin.

Barr talked about his suing ndemic..

M-v-c manufacturing wass...and he wanr relief didate josh hicks discuss plan for hicks plans to vote..and h... taking a tour of the blu's newtown campus.

Hicks...discu says if he wins... he plans to l to pass.

The u-s postneral says ... more tnt missing in kentucky.

They were suended up in eports n investigation is ut there.

### l3: election 2mpster l3: ele.

Jefferson county's board ectione s a contractor renovating this home the ballot through althe inspector generalg iterson county boat for louisvit need that for the voters eitherf the jefferson county board ss, dy/jrd of elections: "the county cleed her ahas happened.

Have you hn back with it, of course, i guess by heday electis workers will p000 absentee balln jefferson county tha the 112 did ballots?

Investigators say they have county board of elections: "it had to be somebody from the post office because that was in their possession, esners that big."

The feds alr was scott reynolds reporting.

The u-s-p-s offics are extremely rare.

However---this is not the first time bal# ots imice in lexington say a man is now che first told you aboug:cn police department;none> <none&ghave arrested carleton taite in connrested in gas statn shooting redding roayear- old a the thortons gas sayso hit by g.

L3: abc 36 updin ite who escaped louisville metro correcti anthony martinez in madison coby county but they lorary on robbes involvinth floor climping thhimself b has a huge holammed into the ngk ..

Say there were twnd he s the time of the crash.

No one left final phase begins <noton..

The last phase of the clays mi m waco to harrodsburg road.

Clayre clays mill widening projes..treo be finished by november 2022ars.

L3: traffic alert nd more abjectq do traffic alert... eastbound lanes on the mountain pnd wolfeky transportation cabinet says repairs will continue on a sinkhole near the tunnel ridge road overpaslanes on the mountain parkway will continue to be diverteally a ervice uite that reads: the camp nelson nati monument was crmation on october 26, 20naged by the national park service and ter that... the national park service will be theound in mammoth cave kentucky mammoth cave in over the last 10 monfosseast six of those species...are new to sdiscovered in areas..where v...and aing to national news -- presideoe biden..

Faced voters instent trd democratb-c.

All thisal elizabeth schulze takes a look trump and biden face voters jug approval of amy has set an october 2f amy coney bark and dee they cation would lock conservative majorie of uns monster, t... of course, the mothman!

We'the folklore the winged creature!o d adlib on fullacy source: small town mons like bat wings, some describe iits eyese mothman legacy source: small town monsters "some people dribe it y season thitid brought to life..

If you couldn't guess by that snippet, we'in time for hall.jpeg seth e director, owner ..

... we've got seth breedlove jon monsters..

Thackground and histe mothman'... for folks who are not qsterd why did you decide to makeoviemg ctr:the mon legacy source: small town monsters e: an1.jpeg gdk fs ime moters mothman2.png gdy source: small

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