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Saturday, March 6, 2021

10-16 Football 2 Night

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10-16 Football 2 Night
10-16 Football 2 Night
10-16 Football 2 Night

Thanks for joining us hometown this morning at 5:00...tomorrow.

On football 2 night..

It's week 8 of football in missouri... and it's the showdown..

Maryville savannah... while a top-10 showdown in top-ranked north andrew hosting worth in a grand river conference tonight for maur hill..looking to get back on track after sitting out all this and much more coming up on football 2 football 2 night..

I'm chris roush and we have an action packed show for you tonight... and adam orduna..

We're now less than two weeks away from the postseason..

Lots of teams trying to move up the district standings before the playoffs begin...that right chris plenty of action tonight..also we are not on after 11:30 which makes me happy..but some really good games across the area to get talk about..

Let's get started tonight... with a midland empire conference showdown... in savannah tonight... it's the highway 71 showdown..

Savannah hosting maryville..

=== the spoofhounds winners in 9 of the last 11 meetings..

Savannah's last win coming october 7, 2011...=== start late in the second quarter..

Maryville up 19-6... 4th down play..

Connor drake..

Keeps it on the sneak..

Keeps the hounds drive going...=== maryville offense able to move the ball in the first half..

Ending up with plays like this connor weiss... follows his blocks..

And outruns the defenders..

Touchdown spoofhounds..

Pat good..

26-6 maryville..=== savannah gets the ball back with three and a half to play in the half... ethan dudeck..

At qb..

Under pressure..

Takes a shot here on the sack... he goes down on the play...=== so savannah turning to junior matt collier..

Finds his senior back evan yount... he gets savannah down into maryville territory...=== little later and time winding down in the half..

Collier looking for the back end zone fade..

Dayton howard goes up..

Looks to have it... but brady farnan breaks it up... maryville's defense keep savannah out of the endzone..

So it's a field goal attemp with about 30 seconds left in the second...=== jayden arn..

To attemp the field goal..

Holds down..

Kick up..

And it pushes through the upright..

It's 26-9 maryville at the half..

And the spoofhounds keep it going in the second half though..

Winning this one 39-17... to help breakdown the highway 71 showdown tonight up in savannah... maryville forum sports editor jon dykstra..

And jon... down to kansas city we go..

Lafayette on the road taking on st.

Pius... the fighting irish... won the last two meetings... but the warriors undefeated in 2020...===we will go to the first score of the game..the warriors have the ball on the irush goalline...and it's a quarterback sneak by jack mosh..he scores..

And pius has the early 6-0 after a missed extra point..======on the kick off return for lafayette... derrick may with a good run..

But the ball comes loose..and pius recovers...======irish fans not liking the start..and know those are the mistakes that cannot happen on the road..=====on the ensuing drive for the warriors..mosh tosses it deep down the field...and it's intercepted by xavier nichols and the irish are feeling good after that...=======unfortunately lafayette wasnt able to convert that into points..and to start the second quarter...pius would drive down..and they would hand it to robbie sharp who scores... ====irish head coach eric mcdowell looking for a response from his team..and thats what he gets..check out this sneaky play from the irish...miles henderson comes from behind quarterback jaron saunders..and takes the snap..

And he plows in..lafayette scores but it wouldnt be enough tonight they lose a close one 16-14 how about the benton cardinals..

Looking to bounce back from a loss to cameron a week ago..

Hosting a cameron team, who beat lafayette last week...=== the dragons won last year's matchup..

Benton winners in 6 of the last 10... === here we go..

Second quarter..

Cameron driving..

Up 7-0..

Ty campbell..

Rolls out to his right..

Finds bryson speer who finds some space to run to get down into the redzone...=== few plays later..

Dragons knocking on the door... ty speer..

Low snap..

Able to pick it up..

Walks into the endzone..

Pat good..

Cameron jumping out to a 14-0 advantage..=== the cardinals trying to get something going here later in the second quarter..

But find themselves in a fourth down situation..=== but they pull out the fake... direct to garrison dydell..

Trying to find the edge..

And ty speer sends meets him and lays the hit... my goodness...=== so cameron gets the ball back..

Because the fourth down play comes up short..

But the cardinals defense putting some pressure and getting the sack...=== dragons respond though... campbell to bryson speer..

And he's gone..

Touchdown cameron..

The dragons go on to win this one 42-0... and over in chillicothe tonight..

The hornest hosting kansas city east... chillicothe getting their firt win of the season 33-14 chillicothe goes on the road next friday in week 9 to take on benton in the regular season finale... don't go anywhere as football 2 night..

Just getting started...when we come back..

Central back in action after being off last week..

Can they get things going against staley?

While a change in teams won't derail the #1 team in class 1 mid-buchanan..

The dragons finding a new team just hours before kickoff..

Highlights from faucett coming up next... welcome football 2 night..

The central indians 1-5 on the season..

They didn't get their game in last week against smithville because of injuries and quarantine concerns... but things looking better this week... over at noyes field... central hosting staley who has controlled the series as of late the falcons quickly took control of tonight's game... late in the first half, the indians were down 28-0... central's defense fought to keep the staley's running game quiet, but the falcons recorded 216 rushing yards === but, falcon's quarterback jehr fowler showed off his arm tonight with 236 passing yards... under pressure, fowler able to throw on the run to wide receiver zack osbahr for another touchdown... ====== later, with time running out in the half... central quarterback stone wetlaufer trying to make something... and he finds wide receiver wills johnston for a central first down... unfortunately it wasn't enough...central was shutout tonight, 48-0 it's been a tough year for st.

Joseph christian... the lions co-op with northland christian dealing with lower participation numbers..

So injuries a major concern and cause a loss of games..

But back at it tonight... the lions playing their first home game since week 1... back on august 28 against maysville..

This week hosting st.

Mary's academy crusaders=== crusaders with the ball -- and benedict drew with the quarterback sneak for the first score of the night... crusaders up 8-0=== dontae burch in shotgun for the lions -- looking to pass but is forced to run..

He goes to the outside but cuts back to the middle before being brought down...=== later in the first crusaders up 15-0 -- drew takes the snap, looking for an open receiver, he throws deep to james cancelada -- he avoids to lions and gets into the endzone... the p-a-t would be no good crusaders up 21-0=== lions needing to get something going -- birch throws a dump pass to #45 -- for a short gain...=== early in the 2nd drew throws behind him to roman palmeri -- he runs out to the right looking downfield to pass and he connects with cancelada....=== crusaders win this 67-14 some grc 11-man scores to pass along...south harrison takng on princeton..princeton getting the win tonight 28-6..

And polo playing's milan with a big win 49-3... the rest of the grand river conference schedule tonight... maysville and putnam county going at it..maysville with the shutout 22-0...and big match up with galltin and trenton..gallatn flexing their muscles winning big 54-14... #1 mid-buchanan started today scheduled to play plattsburg in a kci game..

But by noon, that game no more..

The tigers unavailable to play..

So the dragons calling audible..

Scrambling to find an opponent..

And they did..

Just not a team from missouri... #1 dragons finding out their new opponent atchison county out of kansas just hours before kick..

Mid-buchanan entering the night 7-0 on the season...=== early first..

Dragons in control of the tempo and this one already..

Javan noyes..

The give to tj runyan... pushes him from about yard out..

Pat good..

7-0 dragons..=== keep in mind..

Mid buchana found out their opponent at 1 this afternoon... === later in the first..

Dragons back on offense..


Hands off to runyan..

He finds a hole up the middle..

Picking up a good chunk and keeps things moving...=== and then..

Just a bit later... the give to kaden anderson..

Around the edge..

Angles for the pylon..

Touchdown dragons..


Mid-buchanan rolls... in this one..

63-7... the dragons... 8-0 on the season with tonight's win against plattsburg... the voice of the dragons dave riggert sliding in to join us... and dave..

What about the showdown between east buchanan and lawson tonight... lawson gets the upset win 13-12 over east buch and down in dearborn..

North platte hosting lathrop..

Mules winning 43-27... and in hamilton..

The hornets welcoming west platte in another kci game... hornets winning 49-14... don't go anywhere... plenty more to come tonight..

Including kansas district play..

But first..

Some of the best in 8-man football after the break..

A top-10 showdown in rosendale..

Cardinals hosting worth county... highlights coming up... and the bishop leblond golden eagles riding a two-game winning streak... can the golden eagles keep it going?

Highlights on the other side of the football... some years you see a few teams separate themselves from the pack early... this year though..

A lot of good teams, in fact, this might be the deepest year of 8-man football in recent memory... starting up in rosendale tonight..

#1 north andrew hosting #10 worth county tonight... grand river conference showdown..

The series split at 5-5 in the last 10 meetings... north andrew winning last season 86-46...=== cardinals start with the ball... on third down and about five on around midfield..

Hayden ecker picks up enough..

But yards hard to come by in the early going for the cardinals..=== still on the opening drive..

Carson thomas under center..

Fakes the handoff..

Looking down the field..

For clayton linville..

A little underthrown..

But the reach by jackson runde..

To go up and make the interception..

Tigers with the ball...==== and turns the cardinals turnover into points... aydan gladstone..

Out of the gun... moves to his right... feels someone closing in..

Heaves it down the field..

And guess who..

It's runde..

Halls it in..

For the touchdown..

2point conversion good... 8-0 worth county..

Tigers in control in the first quarter... === early second quarter..

Still 8-0..

Thomas rolling..




But it's picked off... by gladstone..

Jumps the route..

Tigers can't turn it into points..

This one ends up being a back and forth battle of two good teams..

With north andrew coming back..

Winning this one..


Holding the tigers to just six points after the first... pattonsburg in non-conference play tonight taking on st paul lutheran... 144 points combined in this game..and its pattonsburg that comes out on top winning 94-50..

Heading up to stanberry now..

Another top-10 showdown..

#4 stanberry hosting #7 east atchison..

The wolves won last year's meeting...=== second quarter..

Bulldogs driving... austin schewbach..

Sacked by the wolves..

But stanberry leads 14-12 at the break...=== in the second half... special teams play a big part for stanberry with plays like this... check out this punt.... collin sager..

Gets off this beauty..

Down to the five yard line...=== move ahead though..

Stanberry driving..

Schewbach to the endzone..

But it's picked off..

Tremendous play by the wolves defender to come down with it...=== but stanberry..

Ranked fourth in the state for a reason schewbach makes it 20-12 here... and holds off east atchison 20-18... how about albany going to king city.... and ethan mercer..

He's going 61-yards to the house..

Albany kicks off the scoring in this one..

=== warriors just 2-4 on the year..

But three of those by four points or less...=== but king city answers..

Parker muff..

He takes this one 50-yards..

This kid is a playmaker for the wildkats... === this one of those grind it out kind of games..

Albany though getting the upper hand early..

And hanging on and improving to 3-4 on the year with a 56-36 win... so, devin albertson, our 8- man football reporter and analyst... you usually go to one game, but you decided to venture off to a few games tonight..

Albany at king city and stanberry hosting east atchison... let's start with the top-10 meeting... let's continue on and check in on bishop leblond..

The golden eagles riding a two-game winning streak..

And winners of three of their last four... this week hosting the county rams=== in the first -- eagles with the ball -- reggie love gets the handoff and bounces to the outside... he dives for the endzone but comes up just short...=== the very next play -- love gets the hand off again -- and finds the endzone this time... eagles up - 6-0 === now we move to the 2nd -- county with the ball -- gavin veatch drops back to pass and connects with noah newland...=== veatch in shotgun -- he rolls looking for the short pass -- but it's picked off by love... he breaks a tackle before he is forced out of bounds...=== eagles in punt formation.... but its a fake... luke metcalf runs out to the right side and he will go all the way into the endzone for a touchdown... eagles up 18-0=== leblond would go on to win this one 37-24 down in rushville..

Dekalb tigers hosting #9 mound city tonight..

Both teams coming off week 7 losses...=== the tigers able to strike early in the first... dekalb quarterback drake miller tosses to zander matson for the first touchdown of the game...====== but the panthers were ready to strike back... during their next possession...====== mound city quarterback tony osburn... able to ke the handoff and run along the sideline for a touchdown... ====== later, mound city's caedon messer able to sack miller and force the tigers to punt...===== just before the end of the first quarter... osburn able to connect with gage salsbury in the endzone for another touchdown...the pathers beat the tigers 40-12... second-ranked southwest livingston..

On the road tonight..

Taking on northwest nodaway... and our east ridge car wash team of the week..southwest livingston getting the win 76-26 south holt/nodaway-holt off this week with a bye after rock port unable to play... other games..

Stewartsville/os born..

The wildcards... up in barnard taking on platte valley... óóóó while #3 drexel on the road at jasper... just when you think we can't have anymore for you..

We do..

More football and more highlights..

After the break..

Maur hill back on the field after having to sit out last week..

Can the ravens continue their early season success?

And the cyclones at home tonight..

Can riverside come out with a win?

Highlights coming up on football 2 night... find themselves in a tough district..

In fact..

All but two teams with at least four wins... tonight, riverside getting one of the better teams in the district... let's go over to wathena..

Riverside hosting 4-2 nemaha central, who's undfeated in class 2a district 4...=== thunder up late in the 2nd zac kramer takes the snap looking to pass but runs out to his right... he runs up the sideline breaking not 1 not 2 not 3 but four tackles before being brought down at the 5...=== now kramer hands it off to sam mcwilliams who goes up and over a defender and into the endzone for a touchdown... thunder lead 42-0=== back from half-time riverside with ball trying to get something going -- kobe davis sends a man in motion -- takes the snap drops back looking deep and finds byrd who makes the grab over two defenders...=== but it would not be enough cyclones fall 48- 8 atchison..

2-4 on the year and in class 4a east... taking on class 5a pittsbur tonight on the road... pittsburg beats atchison 22-9 mentioned earlier maur hill back tonight..

And the 5-0 ravens on the road at st.

Marys, who sits 0-3 in district play..

And 1-5 overall...===to get things started-on the first drive, senior running back andrew schwinn carried the ravens down to the redzone, and to finish off the drive, he take it into the endzone to put the first points up on the board.

===now for the bears long as the ravens defence forces them to punt it after a 3 and out.

=== ravens turn again play from the 26 yard line throws a laser to senior tight end shane sachse who takes it all the way to the house!

A 74 yard touchdown put maur hill up 15 to 0.===the bears do answer on the next drive to make it a score game maur hill has a lot of fight in them.

What looks like an interception korbilick (kor-ba-lick) for the ravens does come up with the catch!

To finish out the drive andrew schwinn lays out his whole body to get into the endzone by a matter of inches.the ravens go into the half up 23 to change of score in the third.

But the ravens go onto win it 37 schwinn continues his streak of 3 touchdowns in every game so far.

Maur hill continues their season next friday next at home to face riverside.

Out on 36 west..

Class 1a district 2... troy taking on 4-2 jefferson county north..=== jefferson county north with the ball --- karson worthing gets the handoff and runs around the right side and into the endzone for the first score of the game the 2 point conversion is good -- jefferson county north up 8-0 === trojans in possession -- cam anderson takes the snap-- rolls out of the pocket and looking deep for the wide open boden benitz for a big gain=== the trojans would have to settle for a field goal on this drive... troy down 8-3 === jefferson county north would go on to defeat the trojans 52-3 don't go anywhere..

We'll announce our anderson auto group play of the week from last friday's and you voted..

Here is the anderson auto group play of the week..

Coming from the maryville spoofhounds win against lincoln prep last friday night..

Fantastic play..

Thank you for voting... and next week's contest begins monday at 5 through friday at noon..

On our website at that'll do it for another fantastic night of high school football... adam final thoughts... thanks again for staying up with us... catch football 2 night


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