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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Bus Safety Week

Credit: KIMT
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Bus Safety Week
Bus Safety Week
Keeping young learners safe on the road

Over fees he you might not be seeing as many school buses picking up and dropping off kids during the pandemic ?

"* but it's still just as important to be on the look out for the yellow buses.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us live with some reminders during national school bus safety week.


George ?

"* i'm here at first student headquarters in rochester.

While rochester middle and high schools are learning from home ?

"* elementary students are still taking the bus.

And the youngest students are some of the most vulnerable.

When a bus is flashing its red lights and extending its stop arm ?

"* you must come to a complete stop.

Especially in neighborhoods or school zones ?

"* pay attention and look out for buses.

This year's message for national school bus safety week is "red lights the red lights on the top of the bus, when you see those, you have to stop for a school bus.

They are going to be loading or unloading students and thats the most dangerous time last year?

"* there was one fatality in minnesota involving a school bus.

Live in rochester thank you annalise.

The most recent stop arm survey ?

"* confirms what i encountered when i was driving a school bus.

The national association of state directors of pupil transportatio n services tallied more than 95?

"* thousad stop arm violations in just one day.


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