Special Report: The death of Steven Scott

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Special Report: The death of Steven Scott
Part two will look more closely into the medical examiner's report.

Trespass among others.

Last month marked three years since a homeless man was killed during a fight in springfield.

Springfield police were quick to make arrests... but to this day... nobody has served a day in jail for the death of steven scott.

In tonight's special report, kezi 9 news reporter jacob roberts digs into the case and the renewed push for justice.

Three years later..

Artie lavender says, "there's been no justice here at all" and artie lavender still wonders about the death of his friend in his own front yard.

Artie lavender says, "i really don't want to leave it alone.

I want to reopen it again" artie was one of the first people to find steven scott, who was 51, lying in the road on d street in springfield.

His friend of ten years, bleeding from the head and unconscious.

Artie says, "his fists still clenched.

I honestly thought he was still alive so i started talk to him.

I got no response so i finally figured out there was something wrong" jacob roberts (possible stand up) "according to police reports & springfield police and paramedics scrambled to the scene and were able to briefly revive steven, but he later died at riverbend hospital.

What would follow were days and weeks of questioning everyone who was at the scene."

Scott mckee says, "so this is where the argument began" former springfield police lieutenant scott mckee remembers says the incident started as an argument in lavender's backyard between scott and this woman?dianne parham.

Scott mckee says, "the initial report is it had something to do with a meth pipe, or cleaning a meth pipe" that argument quickly got heated, and dianne's son dwayne stepped in to defend his mother.

That's when someone from inside the house told them to take the argument to the street.

Scott mckee says, "right here is where they would have walked down between the house" once in the street, steven and dwayne exchanged blows, but then steven went back and grabbed something from the backyard that may have ultimately cost him his life.

Scott mckee says, "steven scott came back out with a golf club and encountered dwayne parham here.

He started swinging the golf club at him" after trying to hit dwayne, the golf club broke in two and dwayne took one end.

He later admitted to police he hit steven with the shaft of the club, leaving steven on the ground.

According to police reports, that's when dwayne's mother came back outside.

Scott mckee says, "she tells her son dwayne to leave and that "i'll take care of this'" so what did exactly did dianne take care of?

Scott mckee says, "the investigators believe dianne came out and hit steven again while he was down" that's backed up by evidence, which shows the golf club had been moved from where dwayne had left it.

And later that night, a friend of dianne's would tell police that dianne told her she thought she killed someone.

Dianne allegedly told the friend that steven scott came at her with a golf club, and that she took the club and hit steven over the head with it.

For prosecutors, it didn't take long to put the pieces together.

Dianne parham was charged with steven's murder just days later.

But as quickly as charges were filed, they were dropped.

Three years later, no one has served a day in prison for steven's murder.

Reporting in springfield,

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