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Friday, January 22, 2021

Breonna Taylor countersuit 10.30.20

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Breonna Taylor countersuit 10.30.20
Breonna Taylor countersuit 10.30.20

Sgt Jon Mattingly is suing the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor for emotional damages.

Taylor's death... is countersuing taylor's boyfriend.

Full mug:filing countersuit breonna taylor case sgt.

Jon mattingly sgt.

John mattingly.jpg <none> <none> <none> the courier journal reports...sergeant jon mattingly is suing kenneth walker for battery and assault... and emotional distress.

The journal reports walker sued l-m-p-d this summer....claiming he had the right to fire shots under kentucky's stand your ground law...which allows homeowners to use reasonable force to protect themselves against an intruder.

Mattingly's attorney says his client has a right to sue... because walker's bullet hit mattingly when police executed a no-knock search warrant... shooting and killing breonna march.

State representative attica scott has been actively protesting the grand jury's charges in the taylor case and says mattingly's countersuit is absurd...because of the "stand your ground" protections.


State rep, attica scott: please stop doing this, please let our community heal.

This isn't healing.

This is more hurt and harm."

According to the courier journal...mattingly is seeking a jury trial, damages, and attorney fees.

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