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Friday, March 5, 2021

COVID continued

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COVID continued
COVID continued
COVID continued

When it moves onshore coming up on the full forecast.

>> leah: covid-19 cases they are rising nationwide.

We have learned polling stations cannot turn people away though if they have the coronavirus.

The cdc says people with covid can still vote in person.

Poll workers are preparing for the scenario.

They say there's a perfectly safe way to keep people infected away from other voters.

>> voter it the vote curbside.

There's nothing in the law that would also prevent a person with any sort of illness or any sort of communicable disease from going inside their polling place to vote.

>> leah: the cdc does remind everyone involved to follow safety guidelines.

Includes having a face covering and standing 6 feet apart at least.

Anyone that needs a ride to vote can get one from carta.

Carta is offering services fare free to voters today.

All you have to do is show the i voted sticker to the driver.

>> jon: 30,000 absentee ballots yet to be returned according to the south carolina commission.

Important to know absentee ballots must be returned to your registration office by 7:00 tonight.

You cannot turn in your ballot at normal polling location today.

If you are in charleston county head to the elections office 4367 headquarters road.

In berkeley county the address to drop off six belt drive in moncks corner.

Dorchester county head to 201 johnston street in st.

George or elections warehouse at 235 deming way in summerville.

>>> today certainly his toric and unique election day.

Rate now joined by college of charleston professor science expert dr. gibbs knots who i thought i would be talking to at some point.

Good morning.

Great to see you.

Let's get into it.

We will start with the presidency.

Charleston county went for hillary last time.

Seems to be a big republican wave at least building in the state, of course.

>> i think joe biden is favorite in charleston county but expect it to be a trump state.

Anything can happen.

That's why we have elections.

Every statewide elected official is republican so that's certainly is advantage for republicans when we look statewide.

>> jon: polls, of course, long yesterday.

They have been for absentee voting as well.

Tell us about voter turnout.

Do you think people are energized for this election, more than 2016?

>> it is incredible.

I expect records.

Something like three-quarters of the people last time that already cast ballots, so kudos to people standing in line for election working for making it happen.

Go to normal polling place and maybe the lines won't be as bad because people already cast ballot through mail-in or absentee but all signs point to historic turnout and a lot of people have been waiting to vote in 2020 so i'm looking forward to seeing the final numbers tonight.

>> jon: gibbs we talk to democratic chairman colleen and she is confident it will turn purple.

Let's talk about jaime harrison and lindsey graham and how it will turn out.

>> if you would have told me a democrat would be giving lindsey graham a run for his money i would say you would be crazy.

It is a challenge to win statewide for democrats.

If anybody can do it jaime harrison can do it given the amount of money and amount of momentum he has but still a state that i think republican has the advantage.

I say it lanes republican.

May be as to-up but i think the advantage is for lindsey graham.

>> leah: with cunningham and mace, obviously that race getting a lot of attention as well.

Both of them sounding optimistic.

What do you feel is going to happen there?

He does have advantage but doesn't mean it could take for granted.

>> leans democrat.

This is a seat where donald trump won the district if, first congressional district, 13 percentage points just four years ago.

There are more republicans in the first congressional district than democrats.

Joe cunningham is an incumbent, running really good campaign.

People tend to like him.

I give the slight edge to him but again, that's also a really close one.

Definitely want to keep your eye on tonight.

>> leah: mr. knots, i have someone asking a question.

Camie roper, she wants to know more about the referendums because those can affect the taxes.

Break down in layman terms. she is saying they are hard to understand and be able to understand.

I'm sure she is not the only one asking this.

>> it is a great question.

Supporting lea -- low income hog and housing costs continue to go through the roof and really doing on lower and middle income people so sets aside some money to be able to do low income housing.

That's one that's on the ballot and also ballot about supporting the local schools and construction project, so your taxes would go up slightly.

But for many people they feel like schools and housing can't get two issues that would make impact on the community more than those two.

Definitely on the internet.

>> leah: for clarification, the taxes go up if you vote yes or no?

>> i think if you vote yes.

If you support them, they go up.

Check for sure.

I filled out my mail-in ballot about three weeks ago so haven't looked at that recently.

Yes is support for the program but increases in taxes to support those programs. >> jon: voting to extend the 1 cent sales tax.

Gibbs, i have heard a lot of projections in the last three weeks.

We are talking about three or four key states across the nation.

I know you got your maps up and playing with the numbers just like all the pundits do.

What states are you watching tonight so you can get some kind of clue about who is going to take the presidency.

>> so michigan and wisconsin look to be pretty safely in biden camp.

Trump won those last time.

Midwest pennsylvania i think all eyes point to pennsylvania.

If biden will win pennsylvania i think that's a bad sign for trump.

I'm look to see what happens in north carolina, what happens in florida and texas.

Texas i would have thought would have been out of reach for the democrats.

There's been tons of voting.

So keep your eye on texas.

If texas is state for biden to win it would be game over.

>> jon: and georgia.

All eyes on georgia as well.

>> as well.

>> jon: gibbs, while we have you here, transition of power, a lot has been made up and what happens with unrest in the country and election.

Do you think this thing maze out or do you -- plays out or go back to supreme court back in 2000.

>> i think better sense in 12 to 14 hours.

Texas, north carolina if those go blue it will be pretty evident and peaceful transition of power.

If we have, you know -- if pennsylvania -- i know there will be a little delay in counting mail-in votes.

Pennsylvania, if things drag out, if the courts get involved, if lawyers get involved it could get ugly.

That's what i'm worried about.

There's a big nuclear winner and don't get bogged down in litigation talking about whether this blot counts or that ballot counts and signature match and that's not exactly the way to go.

Given how tense things are in our country right now that would be very difficult to survive.

So i'm hoping that we have some clear direction from the american people today.



>>> this traffic authority report is sponsored by joye law firm.

>> jon: west ashley to mount pleasant on 17 traveling down the interstate summerville to downtown take you 31 minutes.

Right now not bad west ashley to mount pleasant quick 27 minute commute.



>>> video sparking conversation online.

See why sumter black chamber of commerce want someone to step down.


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