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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

6pm News-11032020

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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6pm News-11032020
6pm News-11032020
6pm News-11032020

May not know the results of the presidential election tonight.

And we'll take you live to the polling sites to see the turnout for this historic election.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm emily cassulo.

And i'm danielle moss.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

We mayknow the election results for hamilton county by tonight news 12's bekah birdsall has more local election officials are optimistic about having hamilton county election results revealed by tuesday night.

Here is the latest with the hamilton county election commission.

The hamilton county election commission is hoping to have the results from the county in by tonight.

Polls opened in hamilton county at 8 am tuesday the results from the county in by tonight.

Polls opened in hamilton county at 8 am tuesday morning.

That's also when mail in ballots started being counted.

"with a board of possibly fourty indiviuals here, we are processing those ballots, they will go until they are complete, we hope to have that done by 8 pm tonight but just all depends on the speed of the process of all the ballots that came in."

The interim administrator for hamilton county elections says early voting results will be combined with today's votes later tuesday evening, then officially posted.

Today, the election commission hosted a drive through voting system for residents who have or experiencing symptoms of covid-19.

A long line of cars showed up at the commission site to cast their votes safely.

"it's actually my first year voting, so it's definitely a new experience, and i don't think its like what it would be in regular circumstances, but i definitely feel like we need to come out and, you know they have steps in place it seems like that are protecting people and we just need to have our voice heard."

"voting to support the country and bring it to a state that's going to be fantastic."

"how long have you been waiting in this line?"

"uh, about an hour."

"and it's worth it?"

"oh, every bit."

Voting ends at 8 pm tonight.

Results for the hamilton county election can be found through our website w-d-e-f dot com.

Reporting in hamilton county, bekah birdsall, news 12 now.

The state of tennessee cannot deny voters who have covid-19.

The designated site for those voters is at the hamilton county election commission..

News 12's angela moryan joins us live there with more.

Angela, what's it like there right now?




Go eat now.

Voters still have several races to decide today, including the 510 minutes to get to the line you concorde now liking boardwalk their wait times an hour and a half to two hours around lunchtime for people to go in the you said pretty easy election to ... my thought would be actually a figure of the waiting line longer know what the law more lines but it is cut in and out process is no waiting to me with them in.

I you are going ... there's some other people who went out and heading eat now receiving it that there were a number of people campaigning for their candidates right heads of the parking lot you concorde and the people driving down the greater road however everything it come down your any stream that will come in for some of the regularly covering tonight are the presidential race between president donald tribe and former vp joe biden but mor locally to wiseman meet in the house of representatives the grad has been having contact me in a race between todd gardenhire and glenn scruggs th latest on all of those races that we continue to cover in coverage for you night can answer more and now matters still have several races by including the us republican go haggerty and democrat marquita bradshaw haggerty has been endorsed by president, he traveled across the state yet they campaigning with you edito mark blackburn he likes where he stands before election day feeling very good about positio for election day here but i'm not taking anything for red i'm getting a working hard for every single quote that i can or the ... haggerty's opponent marquita bradshaw was in chattanooga ove the weekend she environmental to the method has been endorsed by senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren you think she's going to shock the volunteer state is thinking you wouldn't the first one the primary most people did you know that but that she didn't have a chance with that she a definitely one then the beginning when she won the primary moved into the general there are still a lot o people who said you know what she went up but i think that her efforts the strongest of field game that this state i have seen from a progressive in modern times is on the to the in the battleground state and once again people coming up on the day after election day to use the rise with marquita bradshaw being with you are vying for republican planet are lamar alexander c with the king reelection secretary of state trey hardy discusses voting accuracy during a virtual news conference today thousands and read live in the latest went there currently i'm here at the bethlehem center and the crowd has picked up a little bit i'm assuming that is passed that he our right now but it has picked up probably because of rush hou is welded to the beginning of work not know as far as result goes targets as early voting numbers will be released around the 30 eastern precincts are closed remember that even though even if you're at it recent following the closing time tuesday can still get your vote in counties have also been counting absentee ballots throughout the day absentee ballots have arrived as late as the day as well so photos bells are being counted at this time here is what sectors they hard don't mind everything i you leave the re-creating latest we should be good say to the knife you're late is a date election, ridge and results for 11 to and read from the thinking the match went 20/20 have been a very stressful year in the coronavirus pandemic to severe corneal damage and now a very closely contested election with voting concluding tonight use of nouns brian armstrong find out how people are getting the stressful time ... 2020 minutes for clear all statement and i can't wait for you several people we spoke to today call 2021 of the most stressful years of their lives according to the american psychological association's mos recent stress survey nearly 80% of american adults the coronavirus pandemic has added significant stress on their lives and everything you are shopping i get to carry the on top of the virus is also election day nearly 70% of people say the present election has added a new level of stress regardless of which side you're and it's because of our stress for either us or the term supporters marriage and family therapist greg fisher says with how divided the election has and he doesn't see the political stress going away completely an this really is no law feels is the pandemic causing people to lose contact with one another has contributed to stress levels on there is something yo might dna will increase physica connection you is just a handshake and a person person o is now i can push but still you universal conversation making sure you're being all vulnerabl internet on his open these things can serve brian armstrong news 12 now the high turnout of letters is also expected in the states today are anticipating long lines and make them believe that be a swing state and secondly needs while starting for an engine to outline for the latest dorothy mallette is the location and it takes cc county this morning th case and the rossville civic center we didn't start seeing a line i just after five is my line jordan has been seen.

Turnout numbers and not the writing for such a major election in addition to the provincial race in georgia will elect any races on the ballot encounter of alec and david wer doing democrat john on soft vanity in a special election yo can including democrat rev.

Raffaella or not incumbent republican kelly left her and we beginning to collins both races are being viewed by some as time stops something mean origin shift from a longtime red data to a state dealt in the political signs for another canal injure ... anything election that stacy's with his two i can't i like to read 1% so georgia seems to be a democratic direction after the past 20 years of living very strongly in a republican direction so you know it's sort of talk everybody a little bit off guard georgia is back in play with the democrats have a chance to win because for the previous 18 1820 years it's been george's been a pretty red state it's now maybe at most a light pink state ... democrats will produce seedling elected in the 90s and early two mountains was the last time i democrat how do wrestlers live in the county to the sherman 12 now you is 1220 really quiet out there weatherwise clear skies and he still some traffic out about the .153 in our epb fibrotic is whether cam network temperatures really start to cool down as of now it 59 the wind is calm so that's good news the a committee low so temperatures will fall off pretty fast out there 49 murphy 54 dayton 59 here but a lot of is artie into the lower middle fifth these and will continue to get chilly in a hurry out there so if you can be out and about maybe doing a last-minute votin over the next five minutes or so take along the jacket as will be in the 40s after they off nine at 10 o'clock hour here's look at your sports and forecas are getting better though through the midweek after chill start warmer for your wednesday best time 3 to 5 and don't forget to check out our news 12 now and for all of your electio results news weather traffic an sports i have to do a search news 12 now and download on electrified pushing health offices in texas rescued a strain in the math is somehow a ebv is the will you want to 35 this morning it was a windy start chilean rusty out there as we got the final beautiful afternoon normally or in 57 so as a tableau normal but what are 24 hour temperature change yes some milder air start and press on in from the west as notice over parts of northwest tennessee even in kentucky paducah 160 warmer and some of that warm continue to pass on in as we head into the next couple of days look at our satellite radar how lookout white it is always from the rockies through the gym of the gulf coast to the north east so for election day hey no complaints weatherwise.

And in northern maine but those folks are kinda used to that kind of stuff that he had into the mont of november current surface map high-pressure double barrel one over the piney woods of east texas another one right on top of us giving us just a gorgeous afternoon as i have lots of sunshine as temperatures are closer to cool down a local future can show these readings falling off into the upper 30s to near 40 into the upper 30s t near 45 not as cold as the last couple nights in the breeze of the light and will have some scared frost around the edges but tomorrow afternoon another great-looking day hike imagers back into the upper 60s more chamber of commerce whether as we head into the midweek as will be around 69 here after chile starts sunny and pleasant for the afternoon and lots of sunshine so i price a future cast continues that winning streak over the next two or three days although we'll see a few more miles after another cool start thursday now be passing on through it really no a bad they'll be dry and pleasant and our long-range core cash is lots of sunshine and pleasant weather for friday right foot all weather for friday night and heading in the weekend dry and pleasantly warm hike imagers well into the 70s both saturday and sunday so that'll be well above normal showers return late tuesday and wednesday with our next filesystem but until then weatherwise is can be very quie around here so there's that extended future gases as those passing clouds will pushoff to the e.

Giving way to lots of sunshine for your friday gettin ready for a much-needed weekend i temperatures probably bumping 70 to 72 before cooling down to those clouds will head onto the ease giving way to a partly to mostly sunny sky for sired a fe more clouds sunday was ill try as notice that moisture will be on the increase as we head into i may be a monday and tuesday i you showers will try to move in from the south and east and see tropical troubles we had added and pushed on shore to central america today but it may kick back out to the caribbean and threaten cuban florida later on so that something will keep her eyes on both this next front to push onto the west that not until about tuesday night and wednesday so all in all next few days looking good will detail more coming up in just in from the pv fibrotic is whether center hears at seven-day forecast beautiful again tomorrow lots of cobalt blue sk 69 upper 60s again a few passing clouds thursday but friday saturday and sunday dry and pleasant and look for highs into the 70s stay with us will have more news 12 six coming up afte to save a stranded beaver!

Officers were called over to the lake off westmont earlier this morning with reports of a trapped beaver, and sure enough there he was!

After trying to net him, trying to coerce him off his blue float, and many other methods, officers finally created a plan to balance a wooden plank on top of a pool float.

Somehow that wohttp: it was a tense few moments as he lumbered up the rickety, wobbling ramp back into the other lake where he will enjoy his beaver life.

Former chattanooga moc isaiah mack has a new n-f-l home.

Here's rick nyman with sports.

Plus, gators coach dan mullen raves about the dawgs defense.

And the vols look to end their three game losing streak as they head to arkansas.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Florida has one of the top offenses in the s-e-c, averaging 42 points a game.

But how will it stack up against georgia's defense on saturday?

The dawgs lead the league in scoring defense and sacks.

Gators coach dan mullen says the bulldogs "d" is as good as advertised.

Mullen:"they have talent at every level of the defense.

They can put big guys in the game and stop the run.

They can put pass rushers in the game to get pressure.

They cover and play man coverage.

They can confuse or try to confuse with different looks and a lot of different zones.

And it's not one thing that makes them a great football team.

It's every layer of it that makes them a really good defensive football team."

After the titans cut defensive lineman isaiah mack on monday, they were hoping to re-sign him to their practice squad today.

But mack didn't clear waivers.

The new england patriots jumped on the former chattanooga moc and signed him to their 53 man roster.

The patriots needed some depth on their defensive line.

Mack played six games for the titans in a reserve role this year, where he collected six tackles and one quarterback hit.

The titans by the way waived veteran defensive back johnathan joseph, and linebacker vic beasley.

After winning their first two games of the year, tennessee has dropped their last three games to go 2-3 at the halfway point of the season.

Time for the vols to dig in and make a solid stretch run to finish out the year, starting saturday against arkansas.

Remember when tennessee led georgia at the half?

It's been a train wreck since then, and the vols have got to figure out a way to get back on track.

Gray:"we've got to learn how to finish games.

We've got to play 60 minutes every single game."

Smith:"this game is not based on sympathy.

No one is going to feel bad for you.

No one is going to feel sorry for you.

You have to come to work every day and be prepared every day.

At the end of the day, when that clock hits, and it's time to go on that field, it's business time."

The vols were in the same boat last year with a 2-5 record before they ripped off six straight wins to end the year.

Gray:"you know we've been in this spot before.

We know the recipe to make that end game or in season transition.

I think there's a lot we can look at from last season."

To'o:"we've been down and out before.

We've been counted out before.

We know what it takes to get back.

We know what it takes to be at our lowest point.

Coach pruitt harps on this all the time.

We're going to find a way.

No matter what it is.

No matter how we're looking.

How we're doing.

We're going to find a way to come out with the results that we want."

Coach pruitt says the turn around formula is simple.

Protect the dang ball.

Pruitt:"the three games we're in the red in turnover margin we've lost.

The two games that we're in the positive area we've won.

That's kind of that way all across the conference."

Maybe the bye week came at a good time for tennessee since they're facing an arkansas team they rarely see.

Smith:"at the end of the day eveyone in the sec is pretty similar.

You're going to have the insane athletes at positions, especially on the defensive line.

You're always going to have that freak of the week.

You're always going to have a guy that you have to be prepared for."

Here's a final look at our forecast...


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