Cabbies on 'starvation wages' as passengers stay home
Cabbies on 'starvation wages' as passengers stay home

More than 3,500 black cabs have been taken off London’s streets since June asdrivers struggle to earn a living during the coronavirus pandemic, newresearch reveals.

Sherbert London has hired a car park to help it store 400unoccupied cabs - two-thirds of its fleet.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’Association (LTDA) believes only one-in-five cabbies are still driving theirvehicles.

General secretary Steve McNamara said they are earning “starvationwages” around a quarter of normal levels.

Drivers are doing “desperate things”such as selling their taxis for well below market value and taking alternativejobs on zero-hour contracts to “get through the next few months”, heexplained.