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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

village 337 petitions

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village 337 petitions
village 337 petitions
village 337 petitions

Local activist organizations are held a conference tonight recalling officials in st.

Mary after the death of quawan charles news 15 patsy douglas went to the conference at gethsemane community center and has more on this story ... sot - no justice, no peace ... vo - local organizations like village 337 teamed up with the new black panther party and local citizens to launch recall petitions after the death of quawan charles.

The family and community are still seeking answers as the investigation continues kalif cormier, one of the kalif cormierkalif cormiersays theyre doing recall petitions for several local officials .

Sot -" i's important for us to come and let it be known that our minds cant be changed , actually our purpose is to change your mind , is to help you be on of the people that are here fighting with us and to not have it to where there is anyone who is trying to justify or silence those who are looking to uh seek justice" vo - now the organizations say that the baldwin chief of police harry smit's absence has led to direct neglect of the town and disappearance and death of quawan charles..

The group tells me that they will continue to fight for justice during the time ..sot - 3 "regardless of what you may here of what may have happen , why these decision were made , just know that , when it comes to quawan charles , no matter what occurred , it was handled improperly , that is the same thing that has been happening with all the cases that we are seeing "vo - they also discussed petitions against acadia parish jails for mishandling of health issues and safety concerns for inmates president of village 337, devon norman says that minimal efforts have been made to correct issues over the recent months..sot - "there has not been any transparency, which is the biggest reason why 337 has been created and why it has been solidified is because there is not enough transparency in the state of louisiana .."vo - we did speak with sheriff k-p gibson who seemed surprised and not worried about the organizations making a recall petition against him.

We are still waiting to hear back from police harry smith ..

In lafayette patsy douglas news 15 thanks, patsy.

The village 337 and the new black panther party have continuously partnered in proactively fighting against social injustices.

They also tell news 15 that they are actively pursuing justice for trayford pellerin at

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