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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Indoor basketball games could be super spreader, state health leaders say

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Indoor basketball games could be super spreader, state health leaders say
Indoor basketball games could be super spreader, state health leaders say

State health leaders are saying basketball games held indoors could be a super spreader of the coronavirus.

Is extremely important to the people here in okolona.

The boys high school team is usually very competetive being crowned the class 1a state champions just two years ago.

This year they feel they have another shot at the title however the dangers of coronavirus might be standing in their way.


Mississippi infectious desease specalist thomas dobbs said this when asked if it was safe to play basketball during the pandemic... "one person gave it to 22 people at one hockey game.

I think yes, i think that it's quite likely that its going to be more dangerous."

State medical leaders feel because of the sport being played inside, basketall can be dangerous for many reasons.

One concern, fans.

But okolona high's boys basketball head coach arteria clifford feels fans are important to the game.

"it's kind of scary, i think i had that thought.

I think our players feed off of the crowd but i know that's a possibility so we're just trying to stay as safe as possible."

And junior shooting gaurd tony hunter agrees.

"the game would be boring because the fans make the game, really."

However with their safety on the line some players are concerned.

"i have some guys that practice in thier masks and even play in it."

But coach clifford says to avoid the loss of fans at games and the season as a whole they are taking every precaution possible.

"we're required to wipe the balls down, we try our best to keep them six feet apart if they are not participating in the drill at that time."

He added he requires all players to wear masks before entering the gym, leaving the gym, and inside of the locker rooms. "i love basketball so i'm glad we're able to play, i'm just ready for all of this to be over with though."

With hunter and his team winning the state title his freshman year, he's hoping the coronavirus does not keep him from possbly winning it again this year."

"we're supposed to make a deep playoff run if not we're supposed to win the championship this year.

Coach clifford said the game is not just important to him and his team but to everyone in the community.

He hopes they are able to get through the season safely.

Reporting live in chickasaw county erin wilson wtva 9 news two of alabama's top doctors now


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