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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Protesters demonstrate outside of the Eugene city manager's house

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Protesters demonstrate outside of the Eugene city manager's house
Protesters demonstrate outside of the Eugene city manager's house
Stop the Death on the Streets organized Monday night's demonstration.

The 40s.

New tonight at 11 rallied in south eugene outside the city manager house demanding she do something to help the homeless population.

' kezi nine news reporter connor mccarthy was with the protesters tonight and shares with us their demands.

A coffin--- dressed in flowers and candles sits outside of city manager sarah medary house.

A symbol for the lives lost in the homeless community just this year.

Erin:?we want the people in power to be taking their rolls seriously?

Erin community member who works with stop the death in the streets says a year of going to public hearing& writing letters councilors just isn enough any more.

Erin:?wee seen small changes, but considering the crisis we are facing in terms of housing and dangerous conditions people are living in and with death on the streets, the changes have been minimal.

The group says 26 people have died this year on the streets in eugene.

A number gathered from different social services.

Erin:?their decisions and their priorities and the way the move resources and the speed they move resources, impacts whether people live or die?

A line of cars wrapped around fulvue road and mary lane horns and grabbing the attention of neighbors.?i don feel like it appropriate to come through a neighborhood in the middle of the night with horns blaring and honking and terrifying families and children?

Grace says she respects the right to protestut she doesn agree with it coming to her street with families and kids.?i think there is an appropriate time and place for people to protest and that needs to occur outside of the city manager office and its very disruptive because i think that approach undermines the message?

Stop death eugene left five demands at the coffin.

Those include decriminializing homelessness& create emergency shelter options transitional housing.?in our demands it asks for public parks to be open, public owned fields, parking lots, stadiums and other areas where people can live."

Erin says now is even more improtant to help the unhoused


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