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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Shasta County hospitals say it’s prepared to handle coronavirus surge

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Shasta County hospitals say it’s prepared to handle coronavirus surge
Shasta County hospitals say it’s prepared to handle coronavirus surge

Shasta County saw more than 300 coronavirus cases on Tuesday.

The county reported 43 people in the hospital, which is just eight down from Monday.

Hospitalized in shasta county tonight..

Thats actually down 8 from yesterday, good evening im alan marsden.

And im debbie cobb.

Action news now reporter 'ana torrea' is live in redding.

Ana how are hospitals keeping up with the number of patients??

Both mercy medical and shasta regional here behind me say they are ready and prepared.

Trt:15 lisa pendergast lives in anderson we're a small town, medical care is tough here anyway.

A lot of people here don't think it's real.

Well people are dying and people are in the hospital.

Whether you think the test work or not and the test are accurate, people are sick and people are in the hospital the health department tells action news now the county has a total of 51 icu beds.

18 at shasta regional and 33 at mercy.

43 of those beds are filled but only 6 of them are coronavirus patients.

Take sot* trt:08 lisa pendergast lives in anderson the numbers are more but im optimistic that they'll be able to handle the influx in the hospitals but not everyone is as positive as lisa pendergast.

Take sot* trt:07 elizabethe morales lives in redding cause i am concerned and my husband does work outside and i tell him go and cleanup first because i don't want to catch it ana stand up* trt ana torrea atorreanews both shasta regional medical center and mercy medical center say, while the increase in coronavirus cases is a concern.

Both hospitals say, that they are ready and prepared for any potential surges.

In a statement to action news now, shasta regional medical center says in part " we remain prepared for any potential surge.

Our icu beds are adequate and our hospital overall is well- positioned to care for our community."

Take sot* trt:11 elizabethe morales lives in redding how many months has this been going on, since march?

The end of march?

So they should be but im sure they need all the help they can get from the public as well.


Mercy medical center says it can convert additional rooms and even entire units, to negative pressure rooms to handle more covid-19 patients.

Reporting live in redding, ana torrea, action news now from november 14th to the 20th..

Shasta county health reports a thousand people tested*positive for covid-19.



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