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Sunday, January 17, 2021

UPS, FedEx push to meet record holiday rush during pandemic

Credit: KEZI
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UPS, FedEx push to meet record holiday rush during pandemic
UPS, FedEx push to meet record holiday rush during pandemic

With the holiday rush comes an extra level of protocols and steps to keep both carriers and community members safe.

Already considered high risk.

With more packages than ever, the covid pandemic is also hitting delivery drivers hard this holiday season.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy shows us how companies are preparing for the boom--while still keeping safety a priority.

Millions of americans have decided to shop for the holidays all from the comfort and safety of their own home -- which means package delivery companies have had to call in backup to keep up!

But at this point in the pandemic, the rules have become even tighter to keep both carriers and receivers safe.

Victoria: "the post office has been fantastic and the delivery drivers."

For example, ups has made it very clear that employees are told to*not show up to work if they are sick--as the virus continues to spread rapidly.

Cleaning within their facilities and all equipment has been increased significantly.

And every employee must wear a face covering on the job.

They'll be bringing on over 100,000 seasonal workers.

Bridge: for ups, you no longer have to sign for packages that used to require a signature.

This is just one step being taken to keep safety as a priority but the*demand is only growing for those orders people are counting on to arrive in time.

Fed-ex has also increased their safety measures and said they project shipping volumes will be up 22 percent--breaking records.

One eugene resident said her partner has been with fed-ex for over 30 years.

Phoner amy: "she had about 103 stops one day.

That's what they normally do christmas week.

That was a week before thanksgiving."

She says there are some ways you can lend them a helping hand.

Phoner amy: " everything hits at once because not only is it a lot of packages but it gets dark so early, and the weather is cold and rainy."

Christmas decorations often cover wreaths on houses, making it difficult for carriers to find the house.

Also, making a clear path to the door and leaving your porch lights on helps as well reporting in eugene kennedy dendy kezi 9 news.


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