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Saturday, June 19, 2021

'Hart' and soul of the Grizzlies

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'Hart' and soul of the Grizzlies
'Hart' and soul of the Grizzlies
Peyton Hart has been with Rochester since day one.

Meant to him ?

"* next./// the rochester grizzlies have made a name for themselves in the short three years of the team's existance.



"*m?* three sports director ?

"* kaleb gillock ?

"* joins us with the story of one player who has played a major role in that success./// (?







"* peyton hart has been with the program since day one... but it's time for him to take that next step in his career.

Last week ?

"* he announced his commitment to wisconsin?

"* stout, but says it wouldn't have been possible without ambient noise and cheers obviously very, very key to my development over the past three years here and then we've been very successful and i was very happy to be part of a new program as well and not a lot of people get to say they've been part of those before.

Hart has found the back of the net 49 times in a grizzlies uniform.

Cheers he is now the team's all?

"*time leader in games played ?

"* assists and points.

Head coach ?

"* chris ratzloff says it's nt just his talent that has had a major impact on the program.

You get the right guys and if they stick around for a little while they help the younger guys learn you know and that's very important with the culture.

They learn better from their peers than they do from us so i think it's very important for him to be a leader for us for the alst two years and for him to be here for three.

Hart has commited to take his game to the next level and play college hockey at wisconsin?

"* stout.

It's awesome.

Honestly i don't really have the words to express it, it's just a lot of hard work that my teammates, family, friends, coaches the past few years have invested in me.

It's been great having him here but you know the goal or our level and our team especially is to move guys on whether it's after one year, two years ?

"* whatever it takes you know?

So i think that's an accomplishmen t for both peyton and the organization.

We just wish him the best and he's going to do great things in college.

I think it will be an (?






Grizzlies are home tonight against


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