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Thursday, May 13, 2021


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And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing welcome to let's chatt.

I'm jess raby..

And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing welcome to let's chatt.

I'm jess raby..

And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing on lifestyle and entertainment.

With jess raby and chip chapman bringing you smart shopping tips, community events and the newest trends.

Now let's chatt!

Today we honor the big adorable goofballs that come in black and white.

It's national panda day!

Goofballs that come in black and white.

Patrick stood over to where you green tomorrow animals and food kick over tabletop items today and will begin with animals as we celebrate and honor the big adorable goofballs that come black and what animals are those pandas course pandas are among the world's most endangered species now how many pandas are actually left only about 2000.

That's worldwide partially because panda reading programs or very very uncommon pandas usually isolate themselves while out in the wild.

Their diet consisting mainly of plants and the like most beers pandas do not hibernate during the winter.

There are some actually there are a number of save the panda organizations online if you wan to find want to get involved and you can find one online only a mouse click.

Also this morning a woman in texas going viral for handling these barehanded no protective gear whatsoever.

This is beekeeper erica thompson, erica is on a mission to save honeybee.

She has posted numerous videos handling thousands of bees, with no protective gear whatsoever in that video, among others, has helped her reach viral status.

She is now using that viral status to spread information about these very necessary pollinator.

She wants everyone to understand.

Honeybees have n desire staying she wants folks to look at bees in a hopefully could involve with protecting the species and again, if you haven't really understood how vital the honeybees are to life, your owners do a little research the answer may surprise you what a little bit of food news this morning.

Pizza hut going back to the classics with somewhat of a modern twist the pizza chain has kicked off new limited-edition boxes to come of the pack ... each box has a qr code to scan that will open an augmented reality game, a pack and right on the box for your smart phone and if you share your score wit pizza hut you could win a custo arcade pac-man game for your burial.

Pretty cool what they can do on a pizza box and thought playing also this morning how big of a stack of pancakes and yours.

About 11 feet tall.

If you haven't check this video out sunday some folk in russia put together this stack of pancakes, barely topping 11 1/2 tall.

It took a much 1500 pancakes to make stack.

He did this to celebrate a holiday that marks the beginning of spring.

Pancakes are an essential part of this holiday festivity over in england well 1100+ pancakes 11 pretty substantial right you're watching let's chat today is tuesday tomorrow patrick staked to be talking with dr. todd dublin, and appeared just a moment.

We also have amy katche joining us talking about say water drink wine with a lot more on the way this half-hour you keep it here a lot about it network had read but what exactly that and what is great about it, the benefit of 5g and emily is still out and i nonusers had a lot more detail.

I find seeing me anything you want 5g internet is actually a be about 10 times faster than the current for the majority or usingdata, and it's going to mae really just a much, much quicker, easier user experience on the end."

Roach says it'll be a huge benefit once it's everywhere.

Roach: "if your internet at home was 10 times faster, would it make a difference for you?

Absolutely it would.

You think about the speed of not only being able to communicate with friends, family, relatives, and especially if they're overseas, 5g enables really that instantaneous communication that really allows things to go flawlessly."

It's not in many cities right now, but that will change.

Roach : "5g is ever evolving, so they're always adding more towers.

It's a rollout.

They start obviously with major metropolitan cities, and then roll out from there to highways and other areas, but you're going to see every day you have 5g towers going up, so every day it's an improvement over yesterday."

As 5g coverage continues to expand over the next few months, roach expects it to be just about everywhere within a year.

So how do you prepare for it now if you're in the market for a new phone?

You want the right tech that's compatible.

Especially if you're spending a lot of money.

Roach : "so when you're looking at a new cell phone, whether it be an apple, samsung, anything like that, make sure that you're looking at the 5g technology.

Not only will you be able to take some advantage of it now, it really sets you up in the future when the technology is really fully in place to be able to take advantage of it, so i think it's a great thing to go ahead and do, and it prevents you from being behind when everything's fully rolled out."

Roach says all new iphones are fully 5g, but with some unlocked phones, you'll still see 4g capabilities.

Roach : "if you get a 5g phone, it is backwards compatible with all of the other carriers, so you're not losing anything, you're really just making sure that you are set up for the future."

Even though 5g technology isn't widespread just yet, apple is already working on 6g tech!

We likely won't see that though for about another 10 years.

I'm emily cassulo, and that's this week's tech byte.

You're watching let's chatt i embrace getting older.


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[music] in today's local business spotlight we're joined again by kim miller with tax collection relief services of course this business provides tax resolution services that you can trust so good morning kim thanks again for joining us thank you jess all right tell me a little bit more about tcr and what you specialize in we specialize in peace of mind for people that are in trouble with the irs we help them negotiate that perfect all right people sometimes may feel ashamed maybe a little bit embarrassed to be behind on their taxes what advice do you have for anyone who's in this situation don't feel ashamed they're not alone there are so many people that for for very various reasons get in trouble with the irs in fact celebrities who have a team of accountants helping them get in trouble with the irs in fact on our website we have uh stories of celebrities that are in trouble with the irs so people should not feel alone perfect all right i want to talk about maybe deadlines are there any deadlines for individuals who need help well there are deadlines but i don't want people to think they can't come and ask for help if they think those deadlines are passed because we can work with those deadlines and come up with a great resolution to their tax liability all right perfect is it ever too late can we ever be in too much trouble well you can but but we know how to help you and we want to take that burden from you so that you don't have to worry about it anymore and give you a plan so that you can um if we do if you do need to pay the irs it's the amount that you can live with and i want to talk about you know once we've worked with you guys you have helped us we are back on our feet in many ways but you still help us moving forward in the future years as well i do i do so we uh we don't want you to get back in the same problems that you were before now that you have a clean slate with the irs things are moving forward you no longer have to worry about them now let's make sure that your current and your filings moving forward okay so tell me what about these scary letters that people might be getting that are associated with your taxes but they're not coming from the irs oh those are so scary they look really real and we get lots of calls about that so you may be getting a letter from those 1-800 national tax firms that are so scary and they use scary letters they use scary words and they'll also promise things that they really can't deliver and they'll try to pressure you into making a decision that isn't in your best interest but we're local you can come see us we'll sit down with you in that free consultation we'll look at your entire situation and help plan what is best for your tax resolution and i want to talk a little bit about new businesses starting out is there help for new businesses who you know are brand new and we love having new businesses come see us because the worst thing is to get started on the wrong foot so when a new business comes in we help them organize in the best manner available to them especially as it relates to filing with the irs should they be a partnership should be their sole proprietorship whatever needs to be and then we also set them up so they know how to keep their books and also how to look for tax deductions that are best beneficial to them but also that consultation is free so we want to make sure you're on the right track perfect of course so and of course we talked about this earlier but it's businesses families individuals you're able to help everyone absolutely absolutely all right kim what's the best way for us to get started with you whether we're a business a family or an individual well anyone who comes to see us the first consultation is free so please call us or you can visit our website all right thanks i know we're going to talk to you again in the next month or so but that's it for today's local business spotlight [music] all ... g it's just glad to have you back with us as we continue on, let's chat.

It is tuesday.

We are here to spend a few minutes elder from dr. tom dublin from chi will dr. devlin good morning.

Good to see you.

Good morning chip.

Great to see you.

Thank for having you guys are doing tremendous things as it pertains to stroke research and treatment at chi memorial befor the launch of the heart of what we're here to talk to to give us a little bit of a sneak preview about some of the good news that we are going to hear hopefully coming from you at chi memorial over the coming ... well, i appreciate you asking m that i think the bottom one is you know chattanooga community here has really together at last years and we've been a major, major wars in forging new treatments for stroke.

I mean we've really been integral to all the development of new technologies, clock grabbing devices themselves are artificial intelligence and i'm just irritated that is going to continue in a very major way and actually zero growth in that so this is a high-tech city.

This is a this is a city with a tremendous heart and commitment to the health of our community and what were doing over at chi memorial is really going to do that.

I think you your lot and things that were to happen, even bigger presence on the national and international leve, so they are certainly lucky to have you leading the pack when it comes to this.

Obviously dr. dublin, a world without stroke specialist so i move ahead.

You have been spending a lot of tim in coven wards.

I understand that you've also been making up real progress on exactly what happens is for us: patients or concern.

Neurological side effects after the covert viruses past the yeah i think this is this is a very important topic that everybody needs to know about no one i have counties like everybody else is been see or severely affected.with cobit we have about 41,000 cases of cobit that we've had over this last year.

Your hamilton do we learn a tremendous amount about how to treat this or mortality rates are going down.

Our numbers ask her going down great but were still learning a lot, particularly a chipper learning about how people recover from cobit, one of the things that we know in the key thing to remember is the vast majority of people that get covert recover just fine right and down.

However, on at some point in time during the course the illness.

About 80% of peopl actually have some neurologic symptoms as part of their cobit illness.

We also know that in some cases, as people recover.

Some people get what are called long-haul symptoms, where they have symptoms that last a long time.

And while the symptoms are largely related to malaise.

He in about a third of those cases they actually have persistent neurologic symptoms ... and this is important because the symptoms can be very warm and is a member of us can give us if you have love absolutely at a little and you clinic popping up all of the united states now at mount sinai of ne york.

Optically, northwestern is a clinic in northwestern chicago.

The chest focuses on the neurologic and the key thing is that from these clinics that are popped up that are doing research, we've learned that in some of these long-haul patient that have persistent symptoms, the number one symptom 45% of people is muscle aches is my out in about 37% of patients they have persistent headache ... there is a there is a phenomeno called rainfall which have sin in happens at about 30% of long- haul cobit patients as they recover where they're just not thinking clearly about a third of these patients have dizzines and balance.

They just don't feel right under the and we know that both are persistent change in smell or loss of smell and loss of taste are quite common as well, and 50% of patients.

Now the good news here chip is the researchers suggested that this is not due to the virus and invading the brain.

It's really a part of this is that make inflammatory response wher the body has enabled a inflammatory response in immune response to the virus and is part of that immune response with the production of differen proteins were called cytokines that these actually can irritate the brain irritate the nurse.

It is not viral and action in the brain the majority symptoms heidi treacy sent so i think the key thing to remember is there are a sums serious neurologic side effects of a program which can occur, and we've been seein those there in less than 1% of the population do we see stroke we see seizures in the seattle rating action and we were worried.

Certainly in a good position to treat those patient as well.

But the key thing to remember is that with the symptoms. the people have.

It's largely symptomatic treatment.

There is no primary treatment.

There is no medicine.

There is no vitamin that actually removes the symptoms what people need t know that i want the audience t know is first of all is a lot of people in coven are communing vast majority people event very well with this number one numbe two persistent neurologic symptoms are common in those symptoms may last weeks to months, but they are getting go away and you're good to be fine now.

The key things to remember are there are some times when we want to take a look specifically if you have severe memory problems with everyone.

It makes it is no strokes.

We want to makes it is no bleeding in the brain because kobe does create the situation which increases the risk of bleeding and the risk to take leave stroke so if you have significant memory.

If you have significant persistent headache, particularly if it's associated with weakness or numbness on one side of the body.

If you have visual changes, these are the things that suggest that there may be something more serious going on.

Dr. know that the water works best when you want to reject your primary care wor and have to leave it there and the doors are doing regards to this stroke research as well.

Thanks jim jackson you want to find out more about dr. doug boyd audit chi will about stick when they're sick, they get comfortable anywhere and spread germs everywhere.

Nothing kills more viruses, including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray.


What it takes to protect.

Called save water.

Why are a good number of years you purposely talk about it from am katcher amy, good morning, a great theatrical to see you as well.

I save water.

Drink wine.

Tell us what it is exactly what a great read.

I enjoy and share the outside, the new annual they want to drink wine to get out learn more about our local watershed and to raise money for my waterway organization taking water in your region else's same water.

Drink wine going to be different this year because right.

We had a great part of the last several years and was delighted to partner with the bar nursery crabtree farm hope it will help doors.

We also think basf had a very well be that you get joy you and me why do i great craft beer your beer rather than wine drinker by galois around@watershed well maybe i celebrating barrel entering garden not connie gardner talk about the show and join in on march i told more about how you spend the money that you raise this year's save water required and hopefully will be a lot worse at money yet waterway.

He danced for environmental really all about empowering people here in this area, especially to learn more about their waters and their wires.

We stream teams for red bank element will not be actually hard to create three different but i don't years the bank and what kind we make and make sure that it didn't need to will and protected that we can make sure that i want to clean three bank robber classroom when and how to go during school or even on a row whether or not water wetlands, whether such rate.

Tracing back that we do here in actually getting water.

The river and clean interesting.

We had water drink to cut the shower unit lrc sure a lot of people take for granted that the waters around here are clean, pure and pristine, always have been always will be able to bless you.

I take advantage of this opportunity arose like a newer part waters can be severely polluted an organization is all about you.

I you can learn you well and i give scott sprague out on this one.

We talk about her attending $50 a night of th event or an early felt early even when you being outside, probably 200 people and to the highest business of the early m or guard.

They pay you.

You can't even always your way and by year and all and you can also make a financial contribution.

If you're able to attend the vests will be amy katcher to th sea.

Thanks a much tell mike hello and you and i will write again more as amy is said just check out the website to go to my waterway stock worth my waterway's board and you can also find them on my waterway will do it for this