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Monday, April 19, 2021

Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Kim White continues her conversation with Chip Part 2

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Kim White continues her conversation with Chip Part 2
Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Kim White continues her conversation with Chip Part 2

Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Kim White continues her conversation with Chip Part 2

It's just chat this morning which i the mayoral candidate jim white, kim x again for joining us talk to going to the break.

Most residential development to expand beyond that business yes lab letters we must important things that we need to be doing especially coming out, but how can we ask to hit the ground running recruiting business but also supporting our small and medium- size businesses.

We plan on putting adenopathy while business of work is not on the third for city hall but really is out in the community, helping support those businesses that have been struggling especially daring, but a lot of them have struggled their way out business yes you sleep while so many businesses that had been really and then piece of the china story.

You have an idea of how to bring some of those business.

I think i want.

We need identif what resources are available.

There is him a lot of our resources from resin binds the ministration that you need to make sure we do quite quickly.

We need to go out and make sure that the city is easier to do business with the people i want to grow a business or start a business really can do that right now there some which are attacked but i have to go for a short s is grants i think is really more getting out and having this conversation and what we can date as a city ministration to help without naming administrations.

In year past, there has been sort of a mindset if you will.

If your business level is not here ... going to bother tried anybody at city hall for you.

I think that i worked for me and they are a problem administration to reach out for busily going to reach out and i'll look at what's happened again aaron, but i think with henry, inc.

A lot of things before calvin small and medium-size businesses we hired.

I felt like they'd been left ou and we only give incentives willing to things for the large employers and other great that we have large employers but again that the madman of our city, a small and medium-size businesses that can be our interest threating throughout her city or streets threaded throughout the streets and byways pothole roads, not just roads that need to be totally redone.

Some of these were done have they to begin with.

Now what should plan to tackle the desolate administrations that b the some fixing potholes in my ministrations focused on paving and really looking at long-term solution.

So when you put more funds in it.

But again is to be a big infrastructure mail that comes out of washington were to make sure we advocate our fair share and will have a plan to actually tackle some of those tough writers like cammarata an david rudd and i have a whole list of people and calmly about i been out there looking at those right away had not really prepared a city the right kind of growth and read a point that it's become critical.

The unit is ready get money from the federal government help us with some and that i would ask you about bike lanes.

This whole likely while good, it has its place.

There are some roads by claims that because another 24 hours.

You would not see a single like is it conceivable some of those could be repaved and read purpose for automobile traffic.

I think that we got is common sense.

They arrived ther some roads.

There is no way i would ever run a vice with it.

I think too much emphasis on that walk michael city is really, really, and for sure, but it's got to be in the right place.

I know that the bike lanes on broad street.

I said i'm like t have a parade, a tear of the carb that was when this was an executor prop and so i think we got a wreath that is when the city administration.

We gotta say, sometimes weeks we make mistakes and we didn't just pic something.

I think that's when we should've fixed several year ago.

One thing we talked about a little bit earlier is energizing only to be that some times would take to revitalize some works, some of them are doing great other areas.

It seems like they just need a little what now i agree kids since i announced i trust that my time is in neighborhoods where things that really compel me to run for mayor is i saw so many neighborhoods that the left out of the equation.

So really goes into the neighborhood and is not dying to get input about what's needed i some neighborhood it's apart consummate the formal housing and some his job so i think we look at how we actually planned community at not top-down.

I'm not an indian mayor that comes in and tells neighborhoods what they name will give resources t help with that is that so i think his opportunity and every single neighborhood were back with more which editing


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