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Saturday, May 8, 2021


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Today on Ask the Expert Lyssa High Sits down with Becky Bell from Kenwood and Madison Health and Rehab to talk about visitations at the Facility.

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Lyssa-host: today on ask the expert, i am here at kenwood and madison health and rehab.

And i am sitting here with ms.becky , she's an administrator at madison health and rehab.thank you so much for having us today.

Becky- administrator: thank you for having me.

Lyryone knows ths with short-term rehab and with long-term care, kenwood and madison are top- notch in the richmond area and that's so important for so many reasons, but what's also important is the fact that visitation has been so limited up until now.

I get a lot of questions from people about visitation in skilled nursing facilities.well, how has that affected this facility and what does it look like?

Becky- administrator: so it changes day by day.we're really excited to be opening our facility back up to visitors.

So right now we are able to offer in- person visitation.

We're being a little cautious,following the guidance because we have been very lucky at madison that we've not had a covid outbreak.

Lyssa-host: that's awesome.

Becky- administrator: so that's really rare for facilities in kentucky to be able to say that, but we are taking extra precautions by monitoring and checking everybody in to make sure that they're covid symptom free.

Lyssa-host: uh-huh .

Becky- administrator: we're also doing lots of facetimes, window visits, front porch visits, outdoor visits.

So making sure that everybody keeps in contact.

Lyssa-host: good.

And it's so important and i love hearing that.

And how do folks out there schedule these visits?

Becky- administrator: each facility schedules differently, but at madison, we are asking for everybody to reach out to our social services director, or you can call the building directly.

Lyssa-host: okay.

And when are the regulations going to be changing?

Becky- administrator: we really don't know.

So we're hoping soon that it'll loosen up a little bit more to where we can have full access to our residents, but as soon as we know, we let our families know.

Lyssa-host: fantastic.

And where can people find more information about?

Becky- administrator: so you can reach out to our websites or you can like us and follow us on facebook.

Lyssa-host: wonderful.

Well, becky, thank you so much for all you do, and thank you for being with us today.

Becky- administrator: thank you.

Lyssa-host: hey guys,


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