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Friday, May 14, 2021

Outpouring of support for family of crash victims

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Outpouring of support for family of crash victims
Outpouring of support for family of crash victims
Outpouring of support for family of crash victims

There's been an outpouring of support over the weekend for the family of the mom and three kids killed in that car crash friday night.

All over social media people are giving what they can to help the family as they continue to grieve, they wanted to share with us their reaction to the flood of generosity.

Here's kq2's ron johnson with more... <<ron johnson reportingthis weekend the tragic story of a young mom and her three kids losing their lives after a car accident sent shockwaves throughout the community.i've definitely been jerked at my heartstrings[nats] áápassing carááon sunday a small but growing memorial could be seen at the crash site and the incident dominating local conversation on social media.

You know, i could say it a million times but this community, they have brought my heart wrenching.

Cynthia davis is the sister of the mom and aunt to the kids lost in the crash she started a fundraiser online to help pay for the funeral costs of all four crash victims. it's phenomenal!

The outreaching that we've had, and we've had numerous cash donations and thanks to many giving donors her fund has raised over 35,000 as of sunday have so many people in the community, even other states donating to our family to take a little bit of the burden off of our shoulders when we have no other way to pay for anything, it really does help and i don't think people understand how grateful our family isdavis says it's the bright spot that's helped her get through this incredibly dark of right now, the community can rest assured that they will have a great great memorial.

It will be fantastic, from the bottom of my heart, i don't think i could ever give the right words for it.

Davis also wanted to warn those donating about scamming attempts, she said there have already been people online impersonating her asking for gift cards on amazon.

She says if you see that message, report the profile and block the account.


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