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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Wed LAF Closed Captions

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Wed LAF Closed Captions
Wed LAF Closed Captions
Wed LAF Closed Captions

C1 [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] rough four days for the family of a young mother and her three children -- all killed in a car crash last but the family says, continued community support helps them in many ways... mother and her three children, kq2's ron johnson talked with that family weekend.

Now in-studio with more about how they're doing.

Community support is helping them in many ways.

Bob, as you can imagine this has been a tough week for that family, after the terrible accident this weekend, but if there's been one bright spot in all of this, it's family after the terrible overwhelming support they if there's been one bright spot like the growing memorial which overwhelming support they site along pear street, the family told me today that support is growing as well, they say a fundraiser started to help dollars we spoke with them about how all as well.

A fundraiser to help pay for them tget through this rough time.

We spoke with them about how all that we do helping them get through this tough time.

I'm sorry about know, you know, just walking up family's thought and prayers, we just wanted to about your loss.

That, and i'm just like wow you know this you're in our family's thoughts and prayers.


Nted to i just take it in for a minute how gratful they continue to be for that community is strong.

Reporter: the family says services are set for tomorrow starting at noon at the grace evangelical church tonight at 6, in the stdio ron johnson kq2 news omor we'll have more from the family tonight at 6:00.

In the "spring-like" category, but it is a "cool" spring day outside today... are warmer temperatures on their way?

Let's find out spring-like category but a cool bracciano.

Mike... are warmer temperatures on the way?

Morning as temperatures will fall into the lower 30s.

Tomorrow highs in the upper 50s a ely, skies.

A few clouds will move bac in fact, tomorrow morning we night as st advisory for the area.

Will move back into the area on friday, afternoon and evening keeping temperatures in the lower 50s.

A few chilly side.

Still not too bad.

Morning before moving out of the area.

Su dry and mild day with temperatures remaining in the upper 50s.


With highs back in the low to mid 60s before a cold front mov wind at 14.

Pressure is falling.

Into the 50s on tuesday.

Families that lost loved we're expecting temperatures to get down to right about 32 degrees and notice just to the north and west of us there's a freeze warning that's in effect until 8 a.m.

That includes andrew gentry, horton and the counties to the north of us.

They'll be dealing with the colder air and we're going to be are now eligible rain moving in.

Funeral hat in a few minutes.

Thank you, mike.

Apply to fema's "funeral due to covid-19 are eligible to aid is available -- up to funeral expenses.

Funeral for day, families apply to fema's funeral assistance program.

Multiple family members may receive up to $35-thousand dollars.

The aid is part of the $1.9-trillion dollar family members may receive up to $35,000.

With more than half a million americans dying from covid -- including 180 in buchanan package that was recently passed.

Say the need is great.

(sot )"for a lot of families where everyone was fine, covid hit and then those complications ended in a way that is great.

A lot of families where everybody was fine, covid hit families an e complications ended in a way that no one could all know a lot of this really is going to give families an opportunity to help to qualify for funeral reimbursement, fema says families must have paid for a unexpectedly.

After january 20th last year... fema is taking only by phone, and not online -- you can call (844) 684-6333 .

To apply.

Funeral home says it will help interested the process.tive the push for a newly-renovated krug park amphitheater in st.

Joseph continues... leading advocates for the project are now speaking public to win their vote.

Renovating the ampitheater to draw-in crowd of about 40-thousand people has picked- up in recent months.


Renovating the amphitheater on-board with the project.

Leading advocate, al purcell, says, a new ampitheater months.

Since then, the city council has (sot: al purcell, leading advocate for krug park ampitheater "so the potential in our amphitheater could change the something here that starts people starting in the late spring through the early fall on a coming into this particular community and of money and the impact it will have on this particular ultimately, the public will vote on a bond to pass the project.

The cost of the bond and when voted on, is yet to be finalized.

The "sound of speed" air show is returning to project.

Memorial f the bond appearance for the first time in more than twenty years.

The last time the air show was held > the thunderbirds are making an appearance for the first time this year's show has a few changes -- due to covi masks are required, along with social distancing.

Must take yet another step to attend.

Social distancing.

Airport gm: "it's a free air show for everybody to come and att way we can see how many people everybody to come and attend, number of ve to go onl get a ticket.

That way we can see how many people we have.

More for you tonight on kq2 event, and what spectators should expect.

Missouri state highway patrol put this out on twitter today -- showing a vehicle fle expect.

Overnight this vid the missouri state highway with the patrol's helicopter -- operation with st.

Joseph police monday night.

Officers were targeting suspects fleeing from police during traffic stops.

In all, troopers stopped 118 vehicles, and made 20 arrests officers were targeting suspects fleeing from police during traffic stops.

M-r-n-a covid-19 vaccines -- like vehicles and made 20 arrests against e operation.

According to dr. peter marks -- the f-d-a's center for biologics evaluation and vaccination likely protect research indicates m-r-n-a 10 months.

Provide protection for director.

Marks says he thinks the protection will actually last a probably provide protection for six months.


Researchers need to watch fo drops-off more quickly for older and immuno- needed.


Marks to watch will require boosters.

F moderna announced its vaccine is 90-percent immunocompromised people.

Recently provided simila require boosters.

Oderna announced its easy tomorrow... for most of us this year -- april 15th is not tax findings about its version.

Your calculator can rest easy deadline -- for the most part -- until may gives individual filers, tax preparers, and the i-r-s -- a chance to look at any changes that might affect this filings.

The delay has two exceptions.

Estimated taxes -- like many small business owners -- must still make their usual payment by tomorrow.

And february's winter storms -- who live in texas, oklahoma, must still make their usual ayment by tomorrow and come back, the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer, derek chauvin, puts a spotlight on law enforceme taxes.

Training, when when we come back, the murder counterparts take the stand to test police officer derek chauvin from the courtroom.

Now to the latest in the minneapolis police officer, derek chauvin -- charged in the death of george floyd... his defense attorneys called medical experts to the c1 and h : now to the latest in the minneapolis police officer derek the latest: ged in the death of george floyd.

<<abc's reena lled experts to the stand to try to from a medical expert called by derek chauvin's team as they try to prov and heart issues.

Forensic time, pathologist david fowler testifying chauvin's knee and that he had a sudden heart incident while officers restrained him.

Drug use.

Heart and drugs contribute to the cause of death?

David heart incident while officers restrained him.

To mr. floyd having a sudden cardiac arrest in my he also suggested icant exhaust pipe where floyd was pinned down may have contributed to his death.

The prosecution then pressing fo whether or not mr. floyd, at the time that he was death.

Subdued on ion pressing fowle -- are you able to tell this above the limit or level that was set parts per million?"

Sot - ing david flowler: "no, no testing was done."

The defense tuesday zeroing in on that drug use--calling on shawanda hill-- reporter: the defense began presenting their case on began--saying he fell asleep in the parked vehicle before officers arrived.

Sot - shawan friend i said "floyd, the -- the police is here.

It's about the $20 bill, it wasn't real."

I kept saying "baby, they're also attempting to convince actions were justified.

Use of force expert saying chauvin's knee on floyd's neck was sot - barry brodd, police practices and defense use of force consultant that's it doesn't hurt.

He then backtracked examined by prosecutors.

Sot - barry brodd, police practices and defense use of force consultant shown in this picture, that could be a use of force.

Once the defense wraps up their case, both sides will present closing statements.

And the jury could get the case week.

Reena roy abc news new york.

And the jury could get the case at five... president bid withdrawing all u-s for his plan's details.

<<areas of frost are possible thursday morning as tempe temperatures will remain below average with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s under mo clouds will move back into the area thursday night as temperatures dip down into the mid 30s.

I'll have a (sot) check out this video of an exploding meteor flying through the sky over south florida and the bahamas captured on a home security camera while it zoomed through the earth's through the skies over florida the ahamas it was captured on home video cameras as it zoomed through the atmosphere.

Meteor then b the atlantic coast.

That is pretty amazing.

<<the high-over-low block has weakened some i hope it doesn't rain -- i'm glad that's not a daily thing.

Mike: no, that would not be good.

We do have rain that's expected -- bob: water.

Mike: yes.

Although there could be snow in western kansas and parts of colorado from the same storm system.

Bob: kind of an interesting set-up we have.

No snow for us.

Tomorrow morning will be very cold, about 32 degrees.

That's freezing.

Mike: guess what the low was this morning, bob.

Bob: i'm going to guess 32.

That's a pretty good guess.

Mike: there you go.

56 the high.

Over the canadian mar igh and across north america as an upper-level ridge builds northeastward into british columbia.

T jamming up the shortwave trough/upper low progression over temperatures again are going to located in the upper midwest, mid-30's.

Moving into the great basin.

Models pattern breaking down thursday and this will allow for the waves over the us to start moving to the east.

So it will be the great basin system that will g jet and bring the area our next chance for rainfall.

Deep and 49 in lincoln and 45 in north developing late seeing cool temperatures and rainy conditions spreading eastward through the day.

Rain amounts with this sytem should range from up to an inch in our sout around a tenth of an inch in our northeast.

Cooler than normal conditions will persist into at least the middle part of keep temperatures on the cool side with several embedded shortwaves and their associated fronts reinforce the cooler weather.

Those clouds that move in by the president biden so we'll be in the mid-50's for highs.

No precipitation expected.

Look at this big area of frost advisory.

This is a freeze warning just to the north of us.

As we zoom in, you can see the frost advisory that goes until 8 a.m.

Tomorrow morning.

But just to the north of us, they're under a freeze warning.

That includes johnson county, gentry and into atchison county.

That's where the very cold air is going to go.

To the south, there's showers and thunderstorms down there.

Little disturbance well away from us.

So again we're not expecting any kind of precipitation until we get into the friday.

Temperature right now, 54.

Dew point of 27 and a northwest wind at 14 miles per hour.

So tonight the clouds move away.

And we end up with a very cold start to the day.

Tonight, 32.

Tomorrow we'll be at 58 under mostly sunny skies.

More clouds move in by the evening hours.

And then the extended forecast, we've got a couple of impact days on friday and saturday with chances for rain.

Sunday, 58.

Monday, 65.

Another chance for some rain on tuesday, but that's another impact day, something that we'll kind of watch.

Nothing severe.

We'll just watch for the rain chances to move in.

Bob: we'll have enough ending the nation's longest that war, and plans to withdraw all remaining mike: tomorrow morning, yes.

September... he said in a the fourth american president ng troop presence in afghanistan.



I will not pass this fifth" -- unquote.

Abc's maryalice parks has more from washington: <<abc's maryalice parks reports: 5th."

Offering a solemn salute, paying his american soldiers lost in us wars in iraq at arlington national cemetery.

Over the last nearly 20 years more than 2300 american troops killed in afghanistan the president's coming after he announced from the white house that all remaining us troops would be went to afghanistan because of a horrific attack that happened 20 years ago.

That cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021.

Be halted in the fall.

There in to afghanistan 20 years.

It cannot explain why we should uniform born after the september 11th attacks.

In the decades since the fighting began more than 40,000 afghan civilians have $825 billion.

The biden fighting administration against the u-s homeland have changed.

The president saying the u-s will keep providing humanitarian assistance and support peace billion.

And t president says the u.s. will keep providing humanitarian sot we cannot support talks between the government of expanding our facilitated by the united nations.

To create the ideal conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a military presence in afghanistan, hoping to create ideal conditions for the saying a withdrawal ting different result.

Taliban cheney: we know that ans the taliban has not in fact lived up to any of the commitments win for the taliban.

During the previous pullback is reckless, dangerous that this kind of a pullback is reckless.

It's dangerous.

It puts american security at risk.

Opportunity for terrorists, to be able to establish safe havens again.

Admiral william mcraven who led the team that killed osama bin laden addressing the families who lost loved ones during an mcraven sot: "regardless of how the war ends, their sacrifice has not been diminished one bit."

President biden said he spoke with former the decision.

We know he also spoke with the afghanistan, who said in a statement today that he decision.

Respects the decision and president of afghanistan who ensure a smooth transition.

He respects the decision and washington.h the we're helping area animals one step at a time... up next, find washington.

Animal shelter" áan story.

We're helping area animals one step a thanks for local friends at the animal shelter and get some great bob: welcome back.


Joseph's friends of the animal shelter is participating in the nationwide run, walk for the paws 5k and it's coming up soon.

And here to talk about it is the president from the animal shelter.

I'm talking to a higher up.

We're going to get some very good information about the event coming up.

I understand it's going to be saturday.

How many times have you done this in the past?

This is our seventh annual race.

So seven years in a row this race has been going on.

Bob: okay.

So you're calling it a race.

Is that what it really is or is it something where people are just trying to raise money and go the distance?

It's a bit of both.

We have some competitive runners that truly care about beating their times every time they compete in the competition.

We have the ability to see times by show me running company will be there.

And we also have folks who really just want to come out and support us and just walk leisurely with their dogs.

So it's wonderful that we have that range of options for people.

Bob: that would explain why you have an awards ceremony coming up at 10:00 on saturday.

The actual event begins at about 8:00 or so with some pre-5k activities?


At 8:00, you can start moseying through the booths.

We have some local businesses and organizations that are supportive of us one way or another.

We have them set up out at the event as well.

We also have our registration booths there for folks that want to wait until the last-minute to register, as well as the ability to pick up your swag bags and t-shirts for those who haven't done that yet.

Bob: okay.

I'll get back to registration here in a moment.

First, i want to talk about something else you mentioned, and that you're allowed to take a dog with you on the 5k?


That makes us one of the more unique races in st.


Most races will allow you to bring a dog but it's not exactly encouraged and ours is, of course, encouraged and we really love to see all the dogs come out.

Bob: yeah, i bet.

We just ask that your dogs are updated on their rabies vaccinations and they're friendly with other dogs because there's typically 100 dogs at the race.

Bob: so this is a money event.

Where does the money go?

The money for the race is going for our new shelter campaign.

I know you've heard about that a lot, but we are still fundraising towards the new animal shelter.

So this is all going towards our wags to riches animal shelter campaign.

Bob: i love that name.

It's clever.

Let's talk about that day and registration again.

You want people to register in advance but they don't have to.

What goes on with that?

Where do you want people to go to register?

They can register up through the morning of the race actually online at for paws and if you want to wait and see, you know, what the weather is going to be like the morning of, you can register at the race area itself across from the bode ice arena and the large parking lot across the street from there are at 2500 southwest parkway.

Bob: is that also where the event is going to begin?


That's where the race starts and that's where all of our booths are lined up.

Bob: fantastic.

Now afterwards, after the ceremony, you've got the awards and that begins at about 10:00.

When does the actual run/walk begin?

The run begins at 9:00.

But it typically takes the fast runners within 30 minutes or so to be done.

Some of the walkers it takes up to an hour, a little bit longer to get through it all.

Bob: okay.

So it's right at the bode arena area and that's where you go on saturday.

And it is this coming saturday, so not much more time to get ready for a 5k.


It's this saturday.

Remember to be there before 9:00 to get all of your race goodies.

Bob: gotcha.

Thank you for being with us.

Good luck on saturday.

I hope you raise a lot of money.

Thank you so much.

We appreciate it.

Bob: thanks.

We'll be back with more "live at 5", we've got a frost advisory tonight.

Tomorrow, 58, not too bad for your thursday.

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