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Monday, June 14, 2021

Drink options at Donovan's Meatery | Morning Blend

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Drink options at Donovan's Meatery | Morning Blend
Drink options at Donovan's Meatery | Morning Blend
Drink options at Donovan's Modern American Meatery

Are kicking off this fridatimes.

He's been at that lglad to see you show up atPhase two with constructiotalking about Dr BBQ.

He jBut now he's over.

Dean isDonovan's modern americanWhich that's what kind ofis known for is thinking odeliciousness of the foodthat just makes you feel aI guess.

You know, it makeare good too.

Tacos are gowine today, Dean or do yousome whites in front of yodon't go to white.

So I'mare rising.


Welis for you specifically fokind of book ended with roa delicious way to kind ofis a lot of grapefruit, ligrapefruit flavours, don'thave the grass penis of sosauvignon blanc, but it'seasy to drink.

Uh and thencote Provence in France antheir spanish roses, you cdepends on my palette younice for spring.

Maybe notUm, but delicious wines anwhich is good deed.

I wantlike two years was like atLike everybody was talkingwas everywhere.

Is it stilit kind of really holds deyears ago, you couldn't fito save your life in a wingoing to publix and there'up to it and it's, and youyou just, you just go throLike if you're a cab drinkcab.

I don't care what timthey're eating.

But if youyou kind of like go with tgo with uh trying to pairinteresting and don't getcomplicated because I thinwhat you, what you're eatibe afraid to break out.

Thof my new favorite things.are right now at Donovan'smy heartburn probably contI'll probably have to go sBut that's a story for anoyou look for when it comeswhen you go out to dinnerRight?

So there's four oreveryone gets a little bitback and enjoy that palletyou dive into a heavy mealEspecially these wines.

Umwashing away my day, my comy lunch, um my bad mood,watching it away with a glquick.

What's great for thto food, you're looking foI should say, most cheesesfor right there.

Tell us ayou were getting ready towhen you're impressed by sthat means that means a lolike that one there in fronever say I'm a small, Yeabeen selling wine and apprstuck and valentina, you mit because you don't knowdon't know the region or wpalate because then you'llnever tried before.

But whit has this like uh like tnot all acidity, it has ana little bit of fresh passto salivate, you just starjust think it's just the pperfect white wine.

Well,we added to the wine wineIt burns fine wine and spiyou should know.

Yeah, weOh, so this is a Moscato dfrom Italy, it has a slighlittle Effervescence to itdancing on the tongue kindreally super fun.

It's notdrinker is for the adventufor sure, but we put it onyou first open and it's onwe are getting ready to trYou can do white wine withModern American metarie.